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“I Can’t Find My Way Home”

This is a story about a lost calico kitten ,with beautiful colors,brown,orange and a hint of black.  She couldn’t be no more than eight months old.. Her name is Simple, that is what her two little friends call her anyway. She was happy living there,with the family.

Where is my friends at?

Where is my friends at?

Then one day when the two children,Larry and Susie went outside to play. Simple went out to play with them. They all were having a good time,when Simple seen another cat. She decided to go over and check this new friend out.He said his name was George,and he is new in the neighborhood.

“My name is Simple,and I was playing in the backyard with my two little friends. But I got bored after a while,and I noticed you sitting in the grass,in the next yard”.

“Do you want to play”?  Simple asked George

“Sure ” try and catch me.” said George

Then, they started having a good time together. Chasing each other up and down the sidewalks, across the grass in the park.and up and down the streets. Until they both got tired,then laid down in the grass and rested for a while.

When it started to get dark,Simple said to George, “I have to get back to my two friends.” See you tomorrow.”

Simple didn’t know how to get back home,she went up and down the streets.  But she couldn’t find her way back,she was scared. Simple already dodged a big black dog,running down the street.

“Where are my two friends”? thought Simple

What Simple didn’t know was,her family had to pack their belongings up. Because the moving truck was coming the next day. Simple’s two little friends,and their parents,were moving where their father had a new job,in another state. The parents told the children,they would get them both another kitten. Because their kitten had run away.

Just as she cross the street,she seen her friend George,and told him she couldn’t find her way back home.

“Don’t worry Simple, why don’t you come over where,I’ve been sleeping. I’ll take you their,it’s under a table in a back yard. ,and we’ll be safe.”

“Goody Goody!” said Simple. “I’ll feel safe with you George.”

“Lets get some sleep,and I’ll help you tomorrow, look for your house.”

“Okay,George!   Show me where you live.”

The next morning,when Simple woke-up,George said, “Simple you must be hungry,lets go and find something to eat.”

“Can’t we wait until we get to our house,they always leave food  out for me.”

“Okay if that is what you want to do.”

“Alright Simple!” Lets try and find your house.”

Off they went together, up and down the streets,up and down the alleys,but Simple couldn’t find her house. They both did this for a couple of weeks,and they still couldn’t find the house. Then one day,they came across where Simple lived. They both walked in the backyard,and noticed the backdoor was open. George and Simple walked in,and nobody was their. The house was empty.

“Simple,I don’t think they live here any more.”

Simple started to cry,”What am I going to do now? Why didn’t they take me with them?”

George said,”They probably thought you ran away.”

George is keeping an out-look,while Simple sleeps.

George is keeping an eye -out on Simple,while she sleeps.

“Come back with me Simple,I’ll never leave you.”said George

Simple said,”I don’t know where to go now,this is the saddest day of my life.”

“I’ll take care of you Simple,you’ll be very happy.”

Then they both strolled out of the yard. George found something for him and Simple to eat. Then Simple and George took a little cat-nap.

As the months passed,George and Simple had a good relationship. George showed Simple,all the ways to survive outside. She began to enjoy her new found freedom,in the great outdoors.

After some time,Simon was born.

Simple and George said,  ” Boy is he a hand-full.”

I hope they have food here!

I hope they have food here!

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