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“Maryann’s Visit”

My sister Maryann,is on the bus,going back to Colorado. She has a long way to go 44 hours.  I don’t think,I could sit that long.

My sister isn’t home yet,and I miss her. I’m sure everyone in the family will miss her. It’s been twenty-nine years since we all seen her.  Of course we kept in touch with her on the phone. But it isn’t the same as seeing her in person. She is still funny with all her jokes,and sayings,and still beautiful.

My sister has been planning this vacation for quite some time. She said it took a long time to prepare for this,but was well worth it.

My husband Charlie and I invited her to stay with us for two weeks,which she did.

Everyone of my siblings,and most family members, took their turns to spend time with her. Sharing things and going different places that Maryann would enjoy.

She got to visit family members,just to enjoy the company,and swap different stories from the past.

Maryann’s things to do,  which she accomplished all.

She said,she would be happy,just sitting in the back yard. Just drinking coffee and chatting about the old times.

Which we did, but she fell in love with my enclosed first porch. Yes,that is where we did our chatting about the old times,and of course drinking our favorite drink,which is  coffee.


Yes I’m going to miss my sister, the laughing, the chats, our walks, and her just being near. My youngest sister Rosie,will surly agreed with me.

Me and my sister Maryann.

Me and my sister Maryann.

“It’s my Life We’re Talking About”

Everybody needs a vacation,thought Brianna Justly.  I have a lot of thinking to do, it depends on the rest of my life.

Dustin Antin is twenty-three years old,with light brown hair that he wears short. He is 5’9″, and a little heavy. He graduated from Warlord high school, in Pucks Pa., a while ago like  his girlfriend Brianna.

Dustin has  had   several different jobs, that he didn’t like, since graduating,so he just quits. He is still living home with is parents,and his younger brother and sister.

“What the heck!”   he muttered. “I have all the time in the world to find a job.”

Brianna and Dustin started going out together about a year ago. Just about the time her mother and father were getting a divorce.

They both have been friends since school and they both have the same likes.   “Well almost”

Brianna wants to make something out of her life,she has been working and trying to save money,to go to night school,to become a nurse.

Five days a week she works at a nursing home,  sometimes six,   trying to save her money to get ahead. Nevertheless, something always comes up with Dustin,and he needs a little help.

He tells her he’ll help her out when he gets a job.

Dustin has always liked Brianna. He likes her long straight blonde hair, blue eyes,and her slender body. Maybe she weighs 90 lbs,thought Dustin, maybe some day I’ll marry her.

That’s what happened,Dustin ask Brianna to marry him. That started the fireworks.

Brianna question him right away.” You don’t even have a job, your living home with your parents and loving it. I love you Dustin, but I can’t live that way.”

“I’ll change Brianna, I love you.”

“Let me think about this,because I’m talking about my life.”

Dustin grew angry, “I’ll give you a week to think about it,and the answer better be yes.”

“We’ll see Dustin,we’ll see.

After Brianna went home,it didn’t take her long to think about it.

If Dustin is threatening me now.  What will happen if  I decide to marry him,and, I do something he doesn’t like.

She muttered to herself,  “I’m glad he brought out his bad side now.”

The next morning  when she awoke, Brianna  told her mother,what happen between her and Dustin. That her decision was to take a long vacation, maybe she wouldn’t be coming back. Her bags were all ready pack,then she loaded her car,and kissed her mother good-by. Her first stop was at her bank,she withdrew all her money,and was on her merry way,to start her new life.


It was a nice sunny day in July. The birds were singing in the trees,and you could hear children laughing and having fun. They were at a little park behind their house,where all the children played in the summer. Schools been out for about a month,and they were all just enjoying themselves.

Sara and Jamie were buddies. They have know each other since they were toddlers. The girls could pass for sisters. They both had long black hair, but Jamie had brown eyes,and Sara had green eyes. Both were the same height and lean. The girls were both nine years old,and always played together.

One afternoon,they both went home to eat lunch,they weren’t hungry. They each knew if they didn’t go home to eat,they wouldn’t be allowed back out.  So off they went to Jamie’s house,because everyday they each took turns going to each others  house for lunch.

On this one particular afternoon, on the way home,a little dog that was black and brown with big white spots,ran up to both of them. The dog seemed happy to see them. He was just wagging his tail,like he knew them. Both girls petted him,and said to the dog,we’ll see you later,we have to go home.

The little dog followed them home,and when they came back out to play,he was still there. He was sitting in front of the door,and seen them both coming . He stood up and started wagging his tail. Jamie went back in her house and brought out a piece of meat for the dog. He gobbled it up like he didn’t eat in a while.

This went on for about a week, Sara told her mom that he must not have a home. Sara’s mom  said,” Who ever he belongs to,they seem to have taken care of him. He must be lost.”

“Can I keep him Mom?” said Sara

“I’ll put an ad in the paper,under lost animals. He can stay until his owner picks him up.”

Jamie was happy for Sara. Jamie already had a dog of her own, she name him Scotty.

“Maybe if you keep him, we can take Scotty and the lost dog with us to the park.”

“He isn’t a lost dog, I’ll name him “Ditzy”………… he really is a lost dog,but I hope I can keep him”,said Sara with tears in her eyes.

Weeks went by and no one answered  the ad.  Then  one day the phone rang. The man on the line said,”The dog you described,sounds like my dad’s dog, Mutt. My dad passed away a month ago,and Mutt disappeared. I can’t take him home with me.”

“My daughter Sara, has been taking care of him. She would love to keep him.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” My dad loved that dog,and I would hate to take him to the S.P.C.A.

Well that is settled,I hope your daughter takes good care of Mutt. Good Bye!”

After he hung up, Sara and Ditzy walked  in the door. I told her the good news.

Sara picked up Ditzy and said,”Your staying,your my dog.” Sara gave him a big hug,and he couldn’t stop kissing her face.

Afterwards,she took Ditzy over to Jamie’s house to tell her the good news.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (44)

Ben replied,”This place looks fine to me.Besides,we’re not going to stay inside all the time. We’re going to go out and enjoy ourselves.
Remember,this is our vacation time.”

“Your right Ben!” “Can you remember the last time we went,on a vacation by ourselves?”

It’s been quite a while,but you have to admit. When Tamara was with us,we all had a great time.”

“Actually your right!” They were really great times with Tamara,we all enjoyed ourselves. Do you want to get ourselves a bike,and ride around the town?”

“I don’t think,I’m up to that today. How about tomorrow morning?
We can get something to eat, after we’re finished unpacking. Then we can take a walk on the boardwalk.”

“That sounds like a plan to me, I didn’t realize,it’s almost six o’clock.”

After Ben and I ate dinner, at one of the eateries there. We both strolled down to the boardwalk. Their were a lot of people, doing the same thing, as us.
Just enjoying the sights and the nice cool breeze.

Ben and I couldn’t believe that our vacation was almost over. We already went to see, the “Wild horses”,in their natural habitat.
We climb the “Currituck Beach Lighthouse.”
Most days we played miniature golf,we both enjoyed playing.
We also rode the bikes,and of-course,Ben wanted to race me. I did beat him once,but it was fun.
We also had a romantic,candle light dinner,mostly every night,that we will remember for a long time.

We’re leaving to go back home tomorrow. The packing is almost done.
Before we leave,we’re going to stop by, “The Corella Wild Horse Museum”,and then, have a last candlelight dinner together.

Ben and I, woke early on the day of departure. We already had everything packed. After breakfast,we walked to the end of the hotel’s pier.

Ben said,”This is another beautiful morning,to take some pictures.”

So that is what we did,then we went back to our hotel room. Called a taxi,to take us to the airport.
Within a few hours,we were back home.
But I know,we both wished we were still at “The Outer Banks” because it was so peaceful for us both.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (43)

Ben and I decided we were going to take a flight to the Outer Banks. This would give us more time, to start our plans sooner. We planned on seeing a lot.I made reservations for the both of us, at the Hotel in Corolla. Our plans are to go bike riding,on the bike trails. There is supposed to be many of them. Besides one of the amenities,are free use of their bikes. Ben and I haven’t rode bikes in a long time. I hope in the process,we don’t fall off our bikes,that’s no fun.Seriously we plan also to see the unique wild horses. I’ve heard so many beautiful stories,about these horses. How they run wild,and graze in their natural habitat. This should be very amazing to see. Ben wants to especially,go and tour the Currituck beach lighthouse,and the Corolla Wild Horse Museum.
Several days later,Ben I boarded the plane,for The Outer Banks. We were both excited,to finally be doing something,we wanted to do. We didn’t have to answer to no-one.
It didn’t take very long to get there. Maybe an hour and a half. After we received our luggage,we hired a taxi.The driver asked us where we were headed.
”The Corolla Light Hotel”, Ben answered
The driver said, “I think you made a good choice.I hear about that hotel a lot. People are always complimenting,about how nice the place is. It seems to be a very popular hotel.”
After we both were dropped off at the hotel. We went to the main desk,and checked in. When we entered our room,it looked very cozy. The bedroom was huge,there was a little section,with a microwave,and a table for two.The bathroom was also nice,it was decorated,like the bedroom with blue,tan,and white,florals.
I said to Ben,”this hotel room is a lot nicer,than I thought.”

“Family Waves” Ashley and Chloe (2)

When Ashley and Chloe were only six and four years old. Dad said he had enough, he packed his clothes,and I believe Mom helped him to pack. After he left we never heard anything from him again.

For a while , my sister’s, and I where melancholy. We thought, we had done something wrong. But Mom, made it clear. It wasn’t about us, it was, all about him. She also specified, he does love us all. That we should all remember that.

It’s 11:30 p.m, on Friday night, I will have to remind Chloe and Ashley its time to close up shop and get ready for bed. They probably won’t be happy about that,but they will have to get over it.They both know we have to get up early, Saturday morning,because we have to return their books. So they can choose another book to read for the week.

The next morning, I woke up early. I usually here the birds singing outside. Before I even get up out of bed. When I got up , looked out side of my window, it was still raining outside. I’m glad the girls don’t have school today.

On Saturday’s since mom went to aunt Doris’s house. I have been taking them to the library after we eat breakfast. So they can return their book that they took out the Saturday before. Since I’ve been here, they both read a book in one week.They both love to read,Ashley wants to be a school teacher when she grows up.Chloe wants to be a lot of things,she’ll probably will change her mind a dozen times

I go into the bathroom,to take a shower. Before I , go down stairs, and make breakfast, for all of us.
Mom’s has her bathroom, draped in blue. Except for the shower curtain. It has a white background, with muti colored butterflies.

As I get dressed, in by brown slacks,with a crème colored top. I hear a knock on the bathroom door. It’s Chole,she’s yelling, “ Let me in,I need to go bad!!”

I finish up, and let Chole in. I say, “ When you are done, washing, and dressing. Wake your sister up, so she can get washed, and dressed, before breakfast.” Chole replies, “ You make me do everything! ”

After breakfast, I was going to drive them to the library. But both the girls insist, that we walk, the two blocks,to the library. “ Ashley uttered, “ We aren’t going to melt,we can use our umbrella’s.” So off we went,when we arrived at the library. The librarian, Mrs. Minn’s, greeted us.
When we finished, finding a book,for our own reading. Mrs. Minn’s, stamped our books, and we headed home , the rain was almost, ended.

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