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“Family Waves” (15)

{Troubled Sandy}

She said, “she was tired of him. I left my old job to get away from him.

We both met, while we were going to night school.He was studying to get his BS degree, I was studying to polish up on my computer skills.”

“His name is Jeff, and he and I hit it off great,at first.He would come over to my apartment,we would study together.Then one thing lead to another.”

“Jeff moved in with me, about two months after we met. Everything went fine for a while.

Then he started questioning me about, where I was going.

How long I was going to be. Also asked me if I was seeing anyone.”

“When I told him it was none of his business, he struck me in the face.

I was totally shocked. He apologized later, and I thought it was just a once thing.

But boy was I wrong. ! Just a week later he did it again. I told him to get out, I’m done with him.

I didn’t ever want to see him again.

Jeff packed his belongings up.   Before he left, he told her, we aren’t finished yet.

He slam the door behind him…… Sandy  thought she was finished with him for good..

Jeff calls me at work, he calls me on my cell phone.He doesn’t care what time it is.

He is always calling me and accusing me of having a girlfriend or boyfriend. He is always calling and telling me he is watching me, so I better watch my back.

“I’m really scared, Joni ! “  “ I remember Jeff telling me he used to be a heavy drinker. He said he had to quit, because he was always picking a fight with someone.”

“When it was all over he was put in jail and heavily fined. I bet he is drinking again!!”


“Family Waves” (14)

(Met a New Friend)

Joni, went upstairs to her room to think. Joni didn’t tell anyone, but she has been getting crazy cell calls,where the caller doesn’t say anything.

Sometimes the caller,will just hang up,when she ask “who is this?”

This nonsense has been going on for about three weeks.

Joni has been feeling like someone is following her, where-ever she may go.

Joni is 23 years old,with shoulder length blond hair, big green eyes,slender with average height.Joni has a out going personality , all her friends, just love her.
Her problem is, her friends don’t live close to her.
She’ll catch the train in the city where she works,and meet up with them after work. Sometimes, they go to a local club,and chat and have a great time,or stop some where to eat,and just chat.

Her friends don’t like the idea of her catching the train to late, when she decides to go home
Once in a while one of her closest girlfriends Mary, will wait until she gets on the train. I’m losing my mind Joni tells Mary. I only get these calls when I’m alone.

It seems right after I get off the train, or I’m half way home.
I get scared, because I feel like some one is following me.I don’t want to tell my mother and father, to worry them.
I’m sure not telling Morgan.She wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night.

If this continues,I’ll have to tell the police,or try and have the phone company trace the number
Someone is watching me, and I can’t figure out, who, for what reason,such secrecy.

I have this friend Sandy, . I met her on the train platform about two months ago. When I was coming home from work one night.
Sandy was waiting for the same train I was. We started to chat, and she said that this was her first day at her new job.
Sandy, is tall, and slender, with sad green eyes. Long straight black hair,she wears it about three inches from her shoulders.
One week after we met, we were both waiting for the train. It was raining , and she just teared up.

“What’s a matter, Sandy?” She told me about her ex boyfriend abusing her.


“Family Waves” Kristin’s Scheme (13)

I just got off the phone with Morgan, before it was even hung up.

Linda started   “I’m telling mom you lied to her,if you don’t tell me what is going on.”

“ O.K  ! ” . Kristin said,  “ If you want to ruin everything, I guess I’ll have to let you in on the secret.

“You always have your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Linda answered ,  “Morgan knows your secret,and I’m your sister,so I should know also.

O.K. Linda, here it is, you better not tell mom, or I’ll never let you in on a secret again,promise?

Linda said , “promise! “  Kristin went on and told Linda about the Halloween party that they were having at Morgan’s house.

We are planning it for Halloween night, because we don’t go out for Halloween any more.

Instead of us giving candy out,we can have fun and have some of our friends over,for a little party

.I asked mom, if we can sleep-over at Morgan’s house that night,she said yes as long as Morgan’s parents are going to be home.

“I lied and said they will be.”

But the only people, will be home, is Morgan and her sister Joni.

Morgan has to talk her sister into letting her have a party,and not telling their parents about it.

Because they won’t let them have a party if their not home. Now this is our secret.

“Yes!” answered Linda, “ This is gonna be awesome,but can I ask one of my friends to the party?

“Linda  no ! “  “If you ask a friend to come to the party,then she’ll tell more friends about the party. This is suppose to be a fun and secret party.

Besides you know and like most of my friends, anyway.” .

“Next , party, I’m going to invite some of my friends .”  “ Alright !  “said Kristin.

A couple of day’s later, Morgan had the opportunity to ask her sister Joni, who is older than her, and her only sibling.

If she would let her and Kristin have some friends over for a little Halloween party.

Joni answered, “Lets wait until mom comes home from the market,then we”ll ask her. Because I’m supposed to keep an eye on you while mom and dad is away for two weeks.”

“ You  know mom won’t let us while their away,” said Kristin

”.I’ll think about Kristin, I  have things on my mind right now”.

“Family Waves” The Big Question (12)

Marlo said , ”I’ll send a server over”. They both thanked her.

Before they sat down Hope said she better go to the ladies room.” Henry ask, “what do you want to drink in case the server came over.?”

Hope answered,” since it’s my birthday I’ll have a red wine.”

(Henry thought) Now I can get the ring ready to surprise her. Just as he started to take

the ring out of his inside pocket of his sport coat. Rose, one of the servers,came over ,

asked ,” what they wanted to drink,and if they wanted an appetizer? She placed the

menus on the table. Rose said ,”I don’t know why I bother to bring the menus,because you both usually already know what you want.”

Please,bring us both a glass of red wine,and the stuffed mushrooms.Just as Rose

started to leave Hope came back to the table,and said hello to Rose.

Henry looked at Hope,and said, ”you look very beautiful tonight.” You have that birthday glow.

.He lean over the table and gave her a big kiss .At that time Rose came back with the drinks and appetizer. She said ,”isn’t that just cute?”

Hope blushed! “That was the first time ,I ’ve ever seen her do that.(Henry thought)”Soo cute!”

Rose wanted to know if they were ready to order their meal. Hope and Henry said “,could you please come back in ten minutes?”

Rose said sure, I’ll leave you love birds alone for ten minutes.

Henry said , ”we better decide what we want to eat before Rose comes back.,(Hope agreed. )

You decide because it is your birthday” Henry said

“I’ll have a combination broil seafood platter ,with the works”, answered Hope..

“Wow!! “” That sounds great”said Henry.

I think I’ll order the same thing. “

.As they were finishing their appetizer, Rose came back and took their order.

(Henry thought) “ Now is the perfect time to ask Hope”.

So he said to Hope,” close your eyes, because I have a surprise for you.”

(She closed her eyes,)

Henry took the box out from his coat pocket. “He told her she better not be looking.”

She just laughed !

I’m not ,but you better hurry!

He turned his back and removed the ring, from the box.He turned back around with the ring in his hand.

Now open your eyes. ! Hope open her eyes.

Henry said, “ Hope will you marry me?”

Her eyes lite up, she was astonished. She had tears in her eyes,she couldn’t believe hit.

He finally proposed!

Hope was trying to compose herself.

They both stood up and she said , “Of Course I’ll Marry You”.

Then, Henry, put the ring on her.finger.

The ring glowed ,like the glow she had in her eyes.

They both embraced and the people in the Restaurant, started, applauding.

“They must of over heard the proposal.” Hope said laughing .

They both sat back down ,as Rose, served their food..

Before Rose left, she congratulated them both.

Gave both of them a hug, and scurried off.

While they were eating, he also told her the good news of his acceptance.
From the renowned hospital in California.

They both had quite a bit, to celebrate about.

Next they had planning to do. But that could wait till later.

“Family Waves” Good News (11)

Henry was sending a lot of resumes out.

He liked where he worked.

But he thought it was time to move on to something better.

He received a lot of replies.

Henry, liked the offer in California, the best. The problem was, he had to move in the state.

He thought about Hope, and if she had a problem moving there..

(He thought) I want to ask Hope to marry me, now is the best time. We both can start a new life together there.

I’ll tell Hope about the good news,when I take her out to dinner for her birthday. I hope I can keep it to myself, because her birthday isn’t for two weeks.

I was going to ask her to marry me on her birthday anyway, now I can also tell her about my acceptance at the hospital in California.

Henry came home and told his father and I, about his acceptance at the hospital in California. We were both happy for him, but we didn’t like the idea of him moving so far
I asked, “Is Hope going with you?” Henry replied, “I’ll take care of that when the time comes.

Two weeks seemed so long getting here,I almost told Hope a couple of times,but caught myself.
I went to pickup Hope at her parents house.

After I picked Hope up, we went to our favorite restaurant .
To enjoy and share the good news.
Hope thinks it’s just for her birthday.

I hope she accepts, I never thought of that before ( Henry thought’s)

They finally arrived at their favorite restaurant, which is called “Marlo’s Friendly Family Restaurant”.

When they walked in, both could smell, the combination,of delicious food cooking. And the aroma, of someone baking a apple pie.

The owner Marlo, greeted them both personally, and ask them if they wanted to sit at their special table?

Marlo was just teasing, because Hope, didn’t know Henry, already made reservations.

“ Of course we do! Hope replied, what a crazy question ?”

All three of them laughed.

“Family Waves” Soul Mates (10)

They both were laughing, as they were walking over to the table. Henry
introduced himself,and Hope introduced herself.
“She said that this was the first time,that she seen this place so busy,”
Henry agreed with her.
She also said,she didn’t usually have lunch with someone that she didn’t know. But you seemed so nice and considerate. Hope laughed and said” besides their wasn’t another seat in the house”.

Boy! Henry was glad! He thought,” maybe I wouldn’t have gotten a opportunity to meet her. She seems like a very nice person,and would like to have another lunch date with her.
Maybe he could get to know her better,he liked her a lot.
They finished eating, and chatting, both were ready to get back to work.

Henry stood up and ask Hope ,if he could have her cell phone number?
Also, if she wanted to have lunch together again.
They both shared their numbers,said goodbye. Hope was in heaven, she was very happy,and very lucky to meet Henry.

This was Hope’s lucky day!
When she went back to work,after lunch. Hope was telling her co-workers about the fellow that she met at lunch.
His name is Henry,and he is doing his internship here at U.P. What a handsome,and nice guy he is,and how they had such a fun time together.
She said she was so comfortable with him,that she feels like she has known him forever.
Hope was so much in the air,she forgot to tell them,he wanted to have lunch together again soon.
When she calm down she told them about the lunch date.

The next day, Hope bumped into Henry again at lunch, they were both glad to see each other.They both got their food and found a place to sit.
They chatted about many different things, music, things that they did,and things that they would like to do.Most of the things they talked about,they seem to both like.
They were having such a good time,that they forgot what time it was.
Hope said to Henry,”I better get back to work.I didn’t realize what time it was.” Henry got up from his chair,and said,”I have to get back to work also. How about us finishing this conversation over dinner with me Friday?” Hope said sure, and they both decided on a time,and she gave Henry her address.

That was four years ago. They both connected right away.
They,haven’t had a day go by, that they didn’t include each other.
You can say,they must have found their, soul mate.

“Family Waves” ” Henry and Hope ” (9)

Henry is a med.student, he is 32yo, 5’9”,with dark brown hair,and brown eyes. He wears his hair short, but sometimes, he will shave his head,especially in the summer.He has a lot going for him, he will take it to the limit.

Henry has been doing his internship at University of Penn Hospital.
He absolutely loves his job.He enjoys helping people,and trying to make them feel comfortable,the best that he can,because the patients all have different ailments.

Hope is Henry’s girlfriend, she also works at U.P.H.

She is working in the dental department,for children.
She loves working with children, she says, “they are so funny sometimes, but at the same time they can be like little adults.”
Hope is 31yo, she is just a year younger than Henry.
She is 5’8” with long brown hair,she likes to wear her hair in a ponytail.
Henry and Hope met in the hospital, they were both working at the time.
A matter of fact,it was in the cafeteria,where they both got their lunch sometimes.
But neither one of they could find a place to sit.
Henry notice this young lady was having the same problem,because the cafeteria was so crowded.He started looking all around,and he seen a little table way in the back.
He thought,this is the right time to meet this beautiful young lady.
So he went over to her,she was still standing in the middle of the cafeteria looking for a seat.
Henry ask her if she wanted to join him ?
” There is a little table,way in the back. They are the only seats left in here.”
She hesitated for a moment…….she wasn’t used to someone being so considerated to her. But she thought “ I can’t seem to find a seat” anyway he is nice looking, why not”.
Then she answered ” yes! only because ,there are no other seats”.
Henry told her, “well we better get moving before someone else gets it first.”

“Family Waves” Time for me to go home (8)

The three weeks passed by fast,mom called Tuesday and she said that she would be home by the week-end.
I couldn’t wait to tell my family. I know my aunt’s two daughters were probably already scheming their adventure.They both couldn’t wait to get their freedom again.

Bright and early Saturday morning.
Mom pulled in the driveway,she had her car loaded down with all her belonging. I went out to help her with all her things.
But before I went out, I called the girls,and told them mom was home.
I gave her a big hug,and told her we missed her.
Mom was glad to see everyone, she was tired from the long ride from Maryland,so she went upstairs to her room to lie down.

Later that day,I made supper for everyone.
Mom came down stairs to eat,and she looked well rested,she said she had a nice time over at her sisters house.But it was great to be home.
I told her that I would be going home tomorrow,so I would have to go upstairs and pack.
Charlie would be picking me up when I called him.I have a lot of things that have to be done,including trying to get myself a job.

The next morning,I called Charlie and ask him to come and pick me up at mom’s. Because I was ready to come home.
Everything seem to be back to normal here.
It was time for me to get on with my life.

My husband came by late in the afternoon.
He came in the house and talked with mom and my sisters for a while.
Later he helped me to load his car with all my personal things. We said our goodbye’s and off we went.

On the way home,Charlie was telling me about the show he was watching last night. I know it had to be the history channel.Because he was telling me about
how light bulbs are made . Charlie said “It seems like anything you are curious about.
” How something is made”
You should watch this show each week.“How it is Made” there is something different each week.

“Family Waves ” Kristin is up to No -Good ! (7)

When we open the front door,the phone was ringing.

Mom was on the phone she wanted to know if everything is alright.
I told her the girls and I went to the mall. I bought a new sweater,and the girls each brought a pair of earrings.
Mom said she is doing a lot of catching up with her sister. Her nieces seemed to be doing o.k.
“Kristin and Linda don’t like it,but they have been doing some of the chores around here. Mom said,I’ll call you later,or get back with me if you want to”.

Aunt Doris called after she seen her doctor.
The doctor told her in about three weeks she would have her cast taken off.
My aunt told the doctor that she couldn’t wait.
Her daughters couldn’t wait either, until their mother went back to work.
They had plans of their own.
Their Aunt Ruth, watches every step they make.
“It is very boring ,said Kristin,she won’t let us do anything.”
Linda agreed with her sister. “At least when mom is working, we can call our friends and chat.
We can plan our own day, and not have to worry about Aunt Ruth ,changing our plans.”

Mom said, “that Kristin looks like your Aunt Loretta, when she was sixteen.
Aunt Loretta is one of Mom’s sisters,(whom we never met).
She has long dark brown hair, she seems to change the style often.
Because every time I see her, different pictures, she is wearing a different style.
Linda,who is fourteen resembles her late dad, tall and slender with light brown hair.

Linda doesn’t know it yet, but her big sister, has devised a scheme.

Kristin had already text her girlfriend Morgan, told her about the plan she had in mind.
Kristin told Morgan, “that school will be starting back soon,and maybe we can plan ahead to have a Halloween party.”

Three weeks later my aunt had her cast removed.

Everyone was happy,Mom could finally go home, my aunt could go back to work,and both of the girls,had the watchdog off of them.

Keeping my followers informed

First of all, I would like to thank, all of my readers.

I’m going to continue my posting, of “Family Waves.”

After, next week, I’ll be posting a different short story,on different days. I hope you,enjoy, my stories.

As much, as I love to write them.

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