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The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (3)

When we notice mom and dad,started arguing. Then it seemed,like it was all the time. We over heard dad,tell mom.”Well you wanted more kids,not me!”

Not long after that,dad packed his bags. I think mom helped him.He moved out,and he didn’t come back.

Months later,we heard that he moved to Ohio,with his girlfriend. The buzz was about,she was having a baby.

My mother was left with taking care of us four children.To this day,I don’t know, how she managed to raise all four of us by herself. It really had to be hard, for her.But she managed,to do it all by herself,and I’m proud of her.

We all had a good days and our bad days.The great things that we had, was a lot of love.Also a roof over our heads.and a good hot meal,everyday.

Five years passed,and mom and dad,got a divorce.All of us kids were sad,we didn’t know what divorce meant.But we knew,all the good times,we had as a family was over.No more summer trips,no more sitting down at the kitchen table.Having a meal together,every night,as a whole family

This just left a void,in all of our hearts.Mom didn’t mention it at all,but we knew she felt it also.

Months later,she told all of us. That it wasn’t our fault, that your father left. Just always remember,that he loves you all. Mom must of felt,that we all blamed ourselves,for him leaving.

My oldest brother Chadwick,was taking it very hard.He didn’t say anything,he kept everything to himself.Him and our dad,were very close,they use to do a lot of things together.Before you knew it,Chadwick, was acting out.He gave mom a hard time,because he didn’t want to go to school. Mom threaten him,if he didn’t go to school.She was going to put him in a school,for boys that don’t listen to their parents.I knew and Chadwick knew,she wouldn’t do it. Because he was the first born,and her favorite.

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