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Mary Lou

Mary Lou Gibbs age twenty,and her boyfriend Ned Tuft age 20,both graduated from the same high school.  Which was  called Mallow high school in the city of Theron,in Pennsylvania.

They have grown up together as kids. They  started going together in Middle school,wherever Mary Lou was, Ned wasn’t far behind. Ned and his gal could pass for brother and sister. They both had black hair,medium height and pleasantry plump. Their features were almost a like. The only differences was  Ned had brown eyes,and Mary Lou’s eyes were bluest of the sea.

They both talked often about getting marry after high school. Ned told Mary Lou if we both go to college,then they would both marry afterwards……………which they both agreed.

Marylou went to the local community college,majoring in economics. Ned major in electrical engineering, at Penn State.

Ned would come back to  Theron on the week-ends.

During the week Mary Lou and Ned would keep up on each others accomplishments.

On one special occasion, Ned didn’t come home for the week-end. There was a huge birthday party for Ned’s room mate, Jim.

Ned ask Mary Lou if she wanted to go,and she replied. “No thank you! I don’t even know your friends at Penn State.”

“Okay Mary Lou,  don’t say later I didn’t ask.”

Little did Mary Lou know, that weekend, Ned got drunk at that party. He was dancing with the ladies and having a good time. Later that night, Ned left the party with a friend.

As they were leaving ,Ned said to Jim, Sandy and I are going to finish the party  else where.

Of course,  Ned never mention to Mary Lou the next week-end about him getting drunk at the party and leaving.

Everything was going fine for about four months until Sandy called him on his cell phone.  Ned was in  the state of shock after hanging up.

When Jim walked into the dorm, he said,”What’s a matter with you? You look like you just seen a ghost.”

“Jim, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Sandy just called me and told me she was expecting. What am I’m going to tell Mary Lou? We are suppose to be getting married after graduation.”

“Just tell her the truth!”sighed Jim

Several week-ends went by and Ned didn’t go home. Mary Lou kept calling,but Ned didn’t answer.

Finally in the middle of the week,when Ned decided to call Mary Lou. After him having a couple of drinks,he felt braving.

When he called her,he slowly told her what happen the night of the party,and the results,when Sandy called him months later.

Mary Lou was stun……

“Everything is off Ned!   Don’t you ever talk to me again.” then she slammed the phone down .


“Family Waves” (28)

Around 11:45p.m. The police car pull up in front of Joni’s house.

All three girls were looking out the window, when they seen a car pull up. Jonie got out of the car and went into the house. The girls couldn’t wait to hear what happen to Joni. Once Joni came inside,she sat down and started to tell them all what happened.
I got a call from a friend ,her name is Sandy. She was telling me on the train where we both met. That her boyfriend was abusing her. She wanted to get away from him, but she was afraid. And I told her if she ever needed my help anytime call me, then I gave her my cell number.
Sandy called around seven-thirty tonight,and ask me to meet her in front of the pizza parlor. She asked me to wait for her,because she is trying to get rid of him.
Anyway,I went to the pizza parlor and waited quite a while for her and she never came.

So I got tired of waiting, it was getting darker and colder. I called her on her cell phone but the answer machine came on.
I left a message and told her I was walking home. Because it was too cold to wait any longer.
Then I started walking home, and this car pull in front of me while I was crossing the street. The man in the car asked me for directions . When I started to walk closer to him, he sprayed mace in my face —– I was stunned. I couldn’t see that well ,but I started running,to get away from him. I ran to the nearest business that I seen was opened, and they called the police for me.She also said the police checked the area and they didn’t see a car like she described. Which was a mid-size blue car.

“Family Waves” (25)

Joni waited for a half hour and Sandy was no-show yet .She called Morgan on her cell and told her where she was.

Morgan said, ”I thought you were upstairs…..actually thought you were coming down in the basement to meet my friends. They are ready to leave, we all had a good time. A few dressed up for Halloween.

Joni said, “I’m going to wait ten more minutes, if Sandy doesn’t show up I’ll be home.
Make sure Kristin and Linda stay in the house. Tell your friends also to be careful going home because it is really dark outside, some of the street lights are out. “I will” Morgan answered,” after everyone leaves,we’ll going to clean up.”

Linda had already started to clean up. She had a big trash bag filled with empty soda bottles and other trash. Kristin and Morgan were talking about the guy in their math class, his name is Ned. “He is really cute” Kristin said, “I’m surprise he came to our party because he seems very shy in class.”
“I know” answered Morgan, “He didn’t seem very shy tonight, he was asking all the girls to dance with him.
Yes! “He asked me to dance with him ,“answered Kristin. “ Me also” said Morgan.
“He is such a good dancer, he sure fooled me.” “ Me also! “ Kristin said.

Linda was listening to their conversations, she said, “Well he didn’t ask me!.
“I can’t wait to have my own party. I had a good time,but I would have felt better with my own friends.”

Morgan and Kristin continued talking about the party.They were yakking about who Rocks and who doesn’t, while they both were cleaning up. They didn’t notice Linda when she went out the basement door with a trash bag that was filled.

“Family Waves ” (24)

Nobody heard Joni go out. She had a call from a friend ,that was very important.

Her name was Sandy, and she had a fight with her boyfriend,and needed Joni’s help.

Sandy ask her to meet her down the street at the pizza shop. Sandy said that she’ll be standing in front,if not, just wait for me. I’m making this call from the ladies room. Jeff called me, and asked me to meet him in the bar at my old place of employment,which is called, Barrow.
Barrow’s, isn’t far from the pizza shop. He said he wanted us to talk and straighten things out. So I told him I would meet him there. I thought maybe after this he would leave me alone.

Boy was I wrong, again !

I don’t think, I was there, more than ten minutes. When Jeff started yelling and screaming at me.
After I told him…..He was mistaken….. I definitely wasn’t going to go back with him. We could just stay friends.
If we weren’t in public, he would of hit me again, like he did before.

I said,”Why don’t I call the police?”

I’m gonna try and get away from him. Please wait for me. Jonie, I’m so scared.
Before she hung up,she made me promise, that I wouldn’t call the police.
Sandy said,it would only make things worst.
I wanted to call the police,but I promised Sandy,I wouldn’t.

Joni hurried and got dress, she didn’t know Sandy that long, but she sounded like she was in real trouble. I promised that I would help her if I could.
Joni was the type to try and help anyone who needed help.

She didn’t have time to tell Morgan she was going out, besides the party was loud with music and people having a good time. I’ll be back before she even knows, I’m going.

Joni walked down to the Pizza shop which was about two and a half blocks,from her house.

“Family Waves” (15)

{Troubled Sandy}

She said, “she was tired of him. I left my old job to get away from him.

We both met, while we were going to night school.He was studying to get his BS degree, I was studying to polish up on my computer skills.”

“His name is Jeff, and he and I hit it off great,at first.He would come over to my apartment,we would study together.Then one thing lead to another.”

“Jeff moved in with me, about two months after we met. Everything went fine for a while.

Then he started questioning me about, where I was going.

How long I was going to be. Also asked me if I was seeing anyone.”

“When I told him it was none of his business, he struck me in the face.

I was totally shocked. He apologized later, and I thought it was just a once thing.

But boy was I wrong. ! Just a week later he did it again. I told him to get out, I’m done with him.

I didn’t ever want to see him again.

Jeff packed his belongings up.   Before he left, he told her, we aren’t finished yet.

He slam the door behind him…… Sandy  thought she was finished with him for good..

Jeff calls me at work, he calls me on my cell phone.He doesn’t care what time it is.

He is always calling me and accusing me of having a girlfriend or boyfriend. He is always calling and telling me he is watching me, so I better watch my back.

“I’m really scared, Joni ! “  “ I remember Jeff telling me he used to be a heavy drinker. He said he had to quit, because he was always picking a fight with someone.”

“When it was all over he was put in jail and heavily fined. I bet he is drinking again!!”

“Family Waves” (14)

(Met a New Friend)

Joni, went upstairs to her room to think. Joni didn’t tell anyone, but she has been getting crazy cell calls,where the caller doesn’t say anything.

Sometimes the caller,will just hang up,when she ask “who is this?”

This nonsense has been going on for about three weeks.

Joni has been feeling like someone is following her, where-ever she may go.

Joni is 23 years old,with shoulder length blond hair, big green eyes,slender with average height.Joni has a out going personality , all her friends, just love her.
Her problem is, her friends don’t live close to her.
She’ll catch the train in the city where she works,and meet up with them after work. Sometimes, they go to a local club,and chat and have a great time,or stop some where to eat,and just chat.

Her friends don’t like the idea of her catching the train to late, when she decides to go home
Once in a while one of her closest girlfriends Mary, will wait until she gets on the train. I’m losing my mind Joni tells Mary. I only get these calls when I’m alone.

It seems right after I get off the train, or I’m half way home.
I get scared, because I feel like some one is following me.I don’t want to tell my mother and father, to worry them.
I’m sure not telling Morgan.She wouldn’t be able to go to sleep at night.

If this continues,I’ll have to tell the police,or try and have the phone company trace the number
Someone is watching me, and I can’t figure out, who, for what reason,such secrecy.

I have this friend Sandy, . I met her on the train platform about two months ago. When I was coming home from work one night.
Sandy was waiting for the same train I was. We started to chat, and she said that this was her first day at her new job.
Sandy, is tall, and slender, with sad green eyes. Long straight black hair,she wears it about three inches from her shoulders.
One week after we met, we were both waiting for the train. It was raining , and she just teared up.

“What’s a matter, Sandy?” She told me about her ex boyfriend abusing her.


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