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Who Would of Thought That ?

One summer evening, in the little town of Weals. Betty was sitting on her back porch reading.

She put her book down, and waited for the noise to stop.

The dogs,a couple of houses down, were barking consistently.

They have been barking,ever since their next-door neighbors moved,last week.

Their owner seems to have to bring them into the house to quite them.

Betty is short,with curly white hair. Her husband passed away five and a half years ago.

Her grown children, have moved on with their own lives, out of Pennsylvania.

That said, Betty has been living quietly by herself with Susie, her cat.

As Betty picked up her thriller book, that she was reading.

She thought she heard a cat meowing.

Betty looked under her side table next to her.

“Look at you Susie, you’re in la,la, land.”

“I must be hearing things,this book must be getting to me.”

thought Betty, as she smiled at the cat.

The next night,she went back out on her porch, to read.

Susie jumped on Betty’s lap, like she did as a kitten.

Susie has big grey spots, all over her white body.

On the tip of her tail, she has a brown spot.

Betty and her late husband,fell in love with Susie,right away, twelve years ago, at the S.P.C.A.

The dogs started barking again, it seemed louder than usual.

The two dogs,looked like they were barking at the back door next to the yard.

I wonder if there is someone in the empty house,Betty thought.

That’s just a crazy thought,but who knows,crazy things goes on,she said to herself.

After about two hours of reading, Betty put her book down.

“Let’s go in the house and go to bed, Susie.”

Betty stretched and Susie followed.

The following morning, Betty made a cup of coffee,trying to wake up.

She walked out on her back porch,as a dog from the next yard was barking,at the window, in the empty house.

The brown dog,from the neighbor near by, must have gotten out from his yard.

Something must be wrong in the house. Betty said to herself.

“I’m going to call the police, and see what is going on.” she said out loud.

Betty called the police and explained what’s happening.

The fellow on the phone said, he would send an officer over.

Betty gave the fellow on the phone,the address of the empty house,and thanked him,before she hung up.

Betty waited on her porch,until she seen the police car pull up,about an hour later.

Betty walked over to the house, where the police just got out of their car.

Stella, the neighbor next door from the empty house came out of her house.

“What’s going on?” yelled Stella

“This lady called us,she thinks someone is in the empty house.”replied the officer.

“I know my dogs have been barking,since the people moved out,a week or so ago.”

“They’re really, aren’t barkers.” sigh Stella

Before the police stepped on the front porch. This brown dog,ran to the front door of the empty house, and was sniffing under the door.

“Who dog is this? said the officer

“One of my dogs, Flo. She must have gotten out of the yard somehow.” replied Stella.

“Everybody stand back,we’re going to have to break the door down. We tried to get in touch with the owner of the house. ”

“The woman who answered the phone,said she hasn’t seen Mr. Ply for three months, since he moved out.”

” Help me open this.” one officer said to the other officer.

When the door was finally opened.

“Everyone stay on the sidewalk,until we check this place out.”

Flo darted inside the house.

When the officers went into the kitchen, they seen Flo licking the face of a brown puppy,about maybe five months old.

Curled up next to the puppy, was a kitten, all white.

They both seem okay, nevertheless, they were hungry,and needed water.

The animals were carried out to the police, Flo stayed behind the police wagging her tail.

“The puppy is one of Flo’s. How dare those people leave these animals behind.” sighed Stella

Betty said, Can I take the kitten home with me?

“No you can’t.” replied the officer

“They have to be checked out by the vet.

You can call the S.P.C.A., next week,to see if they’re ready for adoption.

A week later, Betty and Stella, went out to the S.P.C.A, and Betty adopted the white kitten. Stella of course, adopted the puppy.

When Stella took the puppy home, Flo was happy to see her puppy again.

Betty already told Susie, that she was bringing a surprise back.

When Susie seen the white kitten,she started purring,and started washing the kitten. You could tell the kitten was contented also,by the way she was curled up next to Susie, sleeping.


Nixie, was sitting at her kitchen table,drinking her second cup of coffee. She’s been up since three o’clock this morning. This isn’t natural for her. Nixie is more accustomed to hitting the snooze button a couple of times,before getting out of bed.

But this morning was different.

Two years ago, she moved from her hometown, in Locust, North Carolina—– to her present home in Normalcy, Pennsylvania. Since than, Nixie, has been having the same dream—that she’s been having for the last three months. Someone stalking her, and her running away.

When her phone rang. She rose from her chair,and answer it.

“Hello” no answer. She repeated it. no answer. Then she slammed the phone down.

“Dam it!” she said out loud. “Who could be calling me 6:30 in the morning,then not saying anything?

“Oh well,I better get dressed for work,and catch the train.”

Nixie is 29 years old, 5’2″ with brown eyes,shoulder length brown straight hair. She was in a relationship,but it ended, when he wouldn’t get help for his alcoholism.

“Lawrence was another person completely,when he was drinking. When he was sober,he treated me like, I was a princess.” said Nixie

“After the third time,he tried. he fell off the wagon again. That is when Nixie, found out that she was expecting.”

“When Nixie told Lawrence the news,he wanted to get married right away.

“Lawrence,this isn’t the right way,to start a marriage. If you promise to stay away from booze,then we will get married” sigh Nixie.

He agreed,but it only lasted for two months. He was back,to his drinking again.

Nixie moved in with her mother for a while, until the baby was born. She had a lot of time to think.

“Mom” “I’ve been thinking a lot about the baby. It’s not fair to bring a baby into this world. With a alcoholic father,that doesn’t seem to care. He hasn’t stopped by,to see how I’m doing. So that proves to me,he could care less,about our baby.”

“So it looks like, you’ll raise the baby by yourself.” Mom sighed

“I’ve thought a lot about this, since I been living here. I don’t want Lawrence in my life anymore.

I don’t want to,but,to do that. I decided to put the baby up for adoption. Lawrence won’t like it,when I tell him. But he’s going to have to live with it. He is the one that chose to go back, to his old ways.

It’ll be for the baby’s best interest. The baby will have a family,that will love, and care for it. Giving the baby a chance at life.”

“Are you sure about that Nixie?” You’ll regret that decision, for the rest of your life.”

“No I won’t Mom!” “The baby and I will , have a new and better life.”

When Nixie was seven months,into her pregnancy. Lawrence called her at her mom’s.

“Hello Nix’s.”

“Look who’s calling me!” “Mr. Hotshot” sighed Nixie

“I heard, you were trying to find me.” mumbled Lawrence

“I was!” “Three months ago.” “You were no-where to be found. Time was running out. I already put the baby,up for adoption.”

“How could you do that,to our baby?” he yelled

“Your the one,that decided,that your booze,was more important—–than me, and the baby.”

“I’ll never, forgive you for this, Nixie!”

“I’m going to start a new life,completely without you.” said Nixie,with tears rolling down her face.

Lawrence than, slammed the phone down.

After the adoption was over, Nixie moved to Pennsylvania,to start a new life.

When Nixie walked out her door,it started to rain.She pulled her hood up. She didn’t feel like going back to her apartment,and getting an umbrella,the train station,was only a couple blocks away.

Nevertheless,it was a nice summer morning. Probably going to clear up later,in the day.

The day turned out pretty good for Nixie at work in the bank,as a teller. She said people were very pleasant,which made the day go by faster,then she anticipated. She was anxious to finish the day out…..she was taking the week off,to visit her mother in North Carolina.

Nixie already packed the night before. So she could go to bed sooner,than she normally did,on Friday nights. Because she wanted to awake fairly early,to start her drive home.

When Nixie arrived home,there was a message on her phone from her mother to call.

Nixie picked her phone up,and called her mother.

Nixie’s Mom, picked up the phone on the second ring

“Hi Mom!” “I’m returning your call, what’s up?”

“I received a phone call,a couple of hours ago. From Lawrence sister Kim. “She told me,she received a phone call, from the police in Normalcy Pennsylvania.”
Kim said, her brother moved their, a couple of months ago.Just to get away. She knew better, he never got over Nixie adopting the baby out.

The last time, Kim heard from her brother, was a couple of days ago. He said,he was coming back home for a while.

“When he got off the train, he ran to catch his bus home. A car from nowhere,hit him,and threw him about six foot in the air. According to a witness,sitting on the bus.”

He was pronounced dead,on the way to the hospital.

“Lawrence was probably drinking Mom.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about him no more.” sighed Mom.

“Maybe,just maybe!” “I won’t have anymore nightmares.”

“It is what it is!”

Wink,was sitting on his front porch,that he and his late wife,Rose owned. This was his last day here, which he called home.

Wink’s real name was Stetson John, his nickname came from his friends, when he was a young lad. Wick had this twitch in his left eye, ever since he was born. Everyone thought he was winking at them.

At age 85……Wink thought he was doing great.

Since his Rose, of 50 years passed suddenly 7 years ago,at age 73. They borne 2 children, one son Brent,age 60,and a daughter Valeria, age 58. They both have good jobs and spouses. Brent and his wife Karen, has 1 son, Brent Jr. Valeria and her husband Kent, has no children.

Wink was in great shape for his age. Until 2 years ago,when he started forgetting things. It started with little things,than it progressed. He would drive somewhere and forget how to get back home.
Luckily one time,a police officer noticed him pulled over the side of the road. Wink was standing outside his car and waving to everybody, that passed by.
When the officer pulled behind his car, he got out of his vehicle,he walked over to Wink.

Wink smiled at the officer.

The officer didn’t know what to think,he was smiling and winking at him.

“What’s the matter sir?”

“I have to get home, my wife Rose,has dinner waiting for me. My problem is,I don’t know which way to go.”

“So your lost sir?”

“Yes you could say that!”

“Can I see your drivers license?”

The officer took the license,that Wink gave him.

“Stand on the other side of your car,and I’ll be right back.”

The officer enter his vehicle,and did background checking. He came back out of the car after 5 minutes.

“Mr. John,you live 8 miles from here.Let me take you to the police station for your safety. Then we’ll call your wife,so she doesn’t worry.”

Once they got there,Wink gave the officer his number. The officer called his house several times,but no one answered.

“Do you have any other family that I can call?

“Let me look in my wallet.”

There he found another number.

“Here you go,this is my daughter Valeria’s number.”

The officer took the card from Wink,and called his daughter.

The phone rang, after the third ring, a woman answered.

“Hello Valeria speaking.”

“Hello,are you Mr. John’s daughter?

“Yes I am.”

“This is officer Minsky,I have your father here at the police station.”

“Oh my god!” Is he okay?”

“Yes he is, I found him parked along side the road, he was lost. I called your mother,but there was know answer. Your father said he was late for dinner.”

“Oh my!” Mom’s been dead for quite a while.”

“Sorry to here that!”

“Which station is he at? I’ll come and pick him up.”

“Hanover’s township.”

“I know where that’s at…..he really did get lost, didn’t he?” “Can I talk to my dad?”

“Sure thing.”

He handed Wick the phone.

“Hello!” Wick said

“Hi dad,I’m on my way!”

“You don’t have to pick your mother up.”

“I know dad,I know.”

After that incident,Wink stay with his daughter,and her husband Kent for a while. they knew he couldn’t go home by himself any more.

Valeria and her brother Brent sat down with their father,and talked about what he wanted.

Wink kept changing his mind about what he wanted.

Therefore,brother and sister, hoped they made the right decision for him.

Their decision was, he was going to live with Brent,and his wife Karen. Both had to work,so they hired a nurse to take care of him, while they worked.

That meant,his house that he loved,had to be sold.

“That is the reason,Wink sat on his porch for the last time. While his daughter and son, were in the house gathering all his personal belongings. The moving truck would be there soon.

“Don’t worry Rose, we’re going to be okay.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (54)

I woke-up this morning with big plans. I got Ben off to work,about an hour ago. He was in a better mood,he said he had slept fairly well. That made me feel good,it gave me the incentive to follow through,with my plans.

Before I start,I better make a Christmas list. This will give me a few ideas. Maxwell is coming home for the holiday’s. He asked Mom,if he could bring his girlfriend Mary Ann. I already know her answer,of-course.
Tamara and Ned are coming. Chadwick and Tracy,with their children are supposed to come. Ben’s brother and sister,are supposed to come. I’ll put Mom’s name down,there is only one thing she wants. She would love to talk to Autumn.

The only person that won’t be here is Autumn. She hasn’t called or anything. I really wish,she would contact me,and tell me,she’s okay.

I decided to go to the mall,this afternoon. As soon as I walked into the mall,I noticed it was decorated.
There was a huge Christmas tree in the main center of the mall. It was just glowing with blinking white lights.. The tree was dressed with green,red and blue Christmas balls. There also were loads of ornaments,snowmen,Santa’s, bells and stars.
Everyone had their business sparkling,with gorgeous decorations. In the background,I could hear Jingle Bells playing. A lot of people,some with their children, were walking by me chatting with their friends. Laughing,and carrying their purchases in their bags.
This scene,just put me in a more festive mood,I walked from store to store and made a few purchases.
After a while,I got hungry and tired.So I stopped in a place to eat at the mall,and ordered a roast beef sandwich,and a cup of coffee. After I was finished,I said to myself, ”that did the trick”. I gathered up my bags,and walked to my SUV in the parking lot.

As I was opening my side door,a young man,with sunglasses,and a black pull-over cap. Also wearing a big black coat,came running over to me,and quickly,grabbed my purse.
Then he ran off…I screamed for help, a man and woman ran over to me.

“What’s a matter lady! The man said, while the woman just stood there,and said nothing.

“Call the police!” I said trembling. “I just been robbed,did you see that man steal my purse?”

“No I didn’t, I’m sorry.” he answered

As we were talking,the woman with him ran into the mall,to get security.

When the woman came back with the security officer,he took my report. And ask for my license.
He told me,he already called the police.There was another man with him,and he was asked by the security officer,to go and check in the back of the mall. Maybe the robber dropped the purse.

The police finally came,and took my report, and asked me for my license. I took the card out of my glove compartment. He asked,the security officer,”if anyone checked the grounds for him?”

As he was talking,the other officer came back,with a small brown purse in his hands.

He said, “Is this yours?”

“Yes I said.”

He than handed it to me,”Check to see what is missing.”

I then checked inside my purse,”I said,”The only thing is missing,is my make-up bag. It has about fifty dollars,and change in it.”
“What about your wallet?” the police asked

“I don’t need a wallet,my important cards for my car,is in my glove compartment.

“Well, Ms. Kilisk, your lucky, you recovered your purse,except for your money. It could of been your life. If anything comes up with this guy you described, someone will contact you.”

“I thanked everyone,and got in my SUV and drove home,still shaking inside.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (31)

Autumn said,her Public Defender,was about 5’9”,curly short red hair,lean with black rim glasses.Hello Mrs. Teckly, my name is Berton Goldwin. I’m going to be your public defender.
He takes his glasses off,and looks at a paper in front of him.
Berton says,”I see you have been charged with, 2 counts of attempted murder here.
Did you try to murder your husband,and Mrs. Mather’s?
“Who!” “Mrs. Mather’s?” “You mean Justin Mather’s,wife?”
“Yes,I believe your right.”Says Berton
“Then she is Jock’s,bosses wife. They both have a frickin nerve.I should of killed them both.”
“Mrs. Teckly,you can’t talk like that. Your already being charged on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Mr. Goldwin,”Who gives a shit! Further more, my name is Autumn.”
“Okay Autumn,you have to watch what you say,from now on. That’s if,” you want to go back to your daughter,and not jail.”
“I’m not worried about seeing my daughter again. Tamara has a good home with my sister Faith and her husband Ben.Right now it’s better for her,instead of roaming around with me. I have no job,no place to live,and no money. The answer to your question is,at the time……………the last thing I remember. Was my husband in bed naked with another woman, she also was,bare ass. I guess,I must have flipped out.Their was a police officer,who was hand cuffing me. The cop told me,that,I was being charged,on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Well, Mrs. Teckly,I mean Autumn,I’m going to try to make a deal, with the prosecutor. If you plead guilty to attempted murder,reason for temporary insanity. You might get off easier.”
“Do want you have to do Mr. Goldwin,I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Autumn said,then the guard takes her back to the cell.

“Family Waves” (29)

Sunday morning when I woke up, Sandy was still on my mind. I called her again. But the phone just rang and rang, a recording came on. (leave a message) I left her a message this time, and ask her to call me. I even left my number for her. The day passed, there wasn’t any return call.

Monday, I didn’t see Sandy at the train station.

I called her cell again, but the answer machine came on again. I was afraid for her because I haven’t heard anything from Sandy, since Saturday night of the party.

After I got done work ,the first thing I was gone to do, when I got home. Was, do what I wanted to do Saturday night, call the police and report her missing.

When I got home, Morgan wasn’t their, she is probably over Kristin’s house.

I then called the police and reported Sandy missing. I told the police officer, what she looked like,and I didn’t know where she lived. Because we weren’t that close, Sandy never told me. I went on to explain, how we met.

The policeman on the phone said, “Maybe she took off with her boyfriend?” “No I don’t think so ! “ Joni answered”. The last time I talked to her on the phone. Sandy said she met her ex at the place where she worked before, which is called, Barrow’s. He wanted to talk to her. She did say it wasn’t far from the pizza shop, where I was suppose to meet her.Sandy really seemed scared of him, because she said,he was acting crazy.

“All right!” the police said. “You gave me a description of her. Tell me again what her full name is.” Her name is Sandy Heets.

Okay! the police officer said! “We’ll do a backup check on this Sandy Heets”.

“Officer!” “ Before I hang up,I don’t know if this will help.

“The same night I was waiting for Sandy in front of the pizza shop,she didn’t show up, so I call her on her cell phone:450-334-6616 the answer machine came on. I left a message for her.

Afterwards while walking home a man in a mid-size blue automobile— stopped me and asked me for directions. When I got closer to the car, to give him the directions, he sprayed mace in my face. I couldn’t see very good, but I ran to the nearest place of business,and they called the police. Maybe he has something to do with Sandy’s disappearance? “

“Lady!” the officer said, “Like I said we’ll check this out”.

“Family Waves” (28)

Around 11:45p.m. The police car pull up in front of Joni’s house.

All three girls were looking out the window, when they seen a car pull up. Jonie got out of the car and went into the house. The girls couldn’t wait to hear what happen to Joni. Once Joni came inside,she sat down and started to tell them all what happened.
I got a call from a friend ,her name is Sandy. She was telling me on the train where we both met. That her boyfriend was abusing her. She wanted to get away from him, but she was afraid. And I told her if she ever needed my help anytime call me, then I gave her my cell number.
Sandy called around seven-thirty tonight,and ask me to meet her in front of the pizza parlor. She asked me to wait for her,because she is trying to get rid of him.
Anyway,I went to the pizza parlor and waited quite a while for her and she never came.

So I got tired of waiting, it was getting darker and colder. I called her on her cell phone but the answer machine came on.
I left a message and told her I was walking home. Because it was too cold to wait any longer.
Then I started walking home, and this car pull in front of me while I was crossing the street. The man in the car asked me for directions . When I started to walk closer to him, he sprayed mace in my face —– I was stunned. I couldn’t see that well ,but I started running,to get away from him. I ran to the nearest business that I seen was opened, and they called the police for me.She also said the police checked the area and they didn’t see a car like she described. Which was a mid-size blue car.

“Family Waves” (26)

Joni was still waiting for Sandy , she was freezing. I’ll give her five more minutes,(she said to herself) then I’ll call her. Five minutes was up, so I called Sandy on her cell phone. But it rang and rang, then the answer machine kicked in. I left her a message and told her that I was going home.
It was really dark out here tonight,( she thought) nobody was out walking, its just creepy. She was crossing a street,when a car stopped. The guy, in the driver seat said he is going to a friends party. But he is lost, “Do you know where Burn’s street is?” She got closer to the car to give him directions,when he sprayed something in Jonie face. She could hardly see….she started running into a nearby grocery store for help. When she went in the store,and asked the cashier to call the police. Joni was scared stiff…. she couldn’t believe,she was almost abducted. By a man who asked for direction. He was driving a med-size blue car, he sprayed mace in my face.
When Linda came back in the house,she said, to Morgan “When is your sister Joni coming home”? It is really dark out ,darker than it usually is. I bet the street lights were broken out by hoodlums,that didn’t have anything better to do.”
Joni said, she would be coming home shortly. .Because she is giving Sandy a few more minutes,answered Morgan.
They all finished cleaning the mess up from the party. Afterward they went upstairs to watch a little T.v. While they were waiting for Joni to come home.They were all talking about how great the party turned out,considering this was their first party ever. The telephone rang and it startled them,it was Joni,she said, she was at the police station giving her statement to the police. Afterward when they are done, a officer said he would drive her home. “Well what in the heck are you doing their?” said Morgan
It’s a long story,I’ll let you know everything when I come home,then she hung up.

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