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” Who Knows ? “

Everyday……….I wonder…………. what if, she, was still living.

How would the circle treat her? Their are a few that are in their own world.

Trying to be better, than the other person………this is not good !

Those few people, should of walked in her shoes.

Maybe………….they would of understood…what made this person tick.

I can imagine, everybody getting along.

Everyone, being happy for each other.

That isn’t so much to imagine, is it?

Sometimes when someone is angry,there is a reason behind it.

Who knows, what is going on in someones life?

They may be living far away, or just around the corner, who knows?

What is lacking here, is compassion, in our lives for everybody.

Not feeling like your better, than the next person.

Maybe someday…………. you’ll be the one….. on the outside of the circle.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (30)

Autumn told me she was in jail,that she was waiting for her public defender.Autumn told me she would keep in touch.
“I can’t believe I’m stuck in this place”,she said to herself. “Jock and I and Tamara,had a very good life. What in the hell got into Jock? The gambling,was bad enough,then another woman. I guess,I wasn’t enough for him………just like our father,he had to stray on our mother.
“I must be the black sheep of the family. Chadwick,and Faith have a great marriage.Maxwell is in college. Me, I’m sitting in this damn cell.Yes I must be the black sheep of the family.
As Autumn was daydreaming,a cop brought in an cellmate,next to hers.She said,the woman was about in her late twenties,with short auburn hair,not combed,short and thin. The woman looked at her,and said,”who the hell are you looking at?”
Autumn said,”your the only other person in here. My name is Autumn,”whats your?”
“I guess it’s nice to meet you! My name is Mattie,and them dam cops,locked me up. “Because,listen to this!!” “They said,I was selling drugs.” Just because,I was standing on the corner. Mattie smiled,”maybe I was trying to sell myself.”
“What are you in here for?”
“The cops said, two counts of attempted murder.” “I don’t remember anything.”
“Wow!” Mattie said,”Who did you try to murder?”
“My husband and his fling for the night,so they say.”
“I’ve got to keep my eyes open, grinned Mattie. I don’t want to run into your husband.You might try to kill me.”
My public defender came in,from the outer door of the jail room……with a cop. He seen Mattie,and asked,the cop “if they have a small private room,so he could talk with Autumn?”

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