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“A Big Surprise “

“Lets go home boy……..the sun is back out. We won’t have to take a bus after all.”

“That was so stupid of me, I wasn’t thinking. The bus driver wouldn’t of left you and your toy on the bus anyway.” ” Daa!” laughed Missy

The sun was shining, the street was wet,the line of trees along the road, there was rain dripping off of the leaves.

Just as they started walking down the street. A car was driving slowly toward them.

The man in the car yelled out at Missy.

“What the hell are you doing with my dog?”

Bernie recognized the voice,snatched Buttons up, and ran up the alley.

“See what you did mister? You scared the hell out of that dog.”yelled Missy

“Don’t worry about my dog. Just mind your own business.”

Missy kept on walking home,she turned around,and seen the nitwit,turn up the alley.

“I hope he doesn’t find him, he seems very mean.” said Missy out loud

Bernie and Buttons heard the car coming up the alley.

Bernie was shaking, he whispered to Buttons, “keep quite, I don’t think, he’ll stop his car,and look behind this dumpster.”

“At least,I hope not! ” sighed Bernie

Just after he said that, a car stopped in front of the dumpster. Someone got out of the car, went over to the dumpster,and threw something in it. Then got back in the car and drove off.

“Darn that was close, Buttons. Come on, let’s make a run to the park, before he comes back.”

After Missy got home, she took a shower,and ate a snack. Her cell phone rang.

She found her phone,in her handbag. It was Lucy. “Yes Lucy!”

“Hello!” “I love you to!” answered Lucy

“Did you have a nice nap?” asked Missy

“No I didn’t.” Bruce used his key to get in. We both had a long talk. He just went down to pick a pizza up.

“Why don’t you come over and have a piece?”

“No thanks!” “Not today!” sighed Missy

She processed to tell her about the ordeal on her way back from her walk.

“Well the man probably found his dog,and that’s the end of the story.” laughed Lucy

“I just hope the little dog is okay.” sighed Missy

Weeks passed, Bernie and Buttons were lucky. One day at the park,a mother and her little son,took a liking to Bernie and Buttons.

The mother said to her young son, burnieandbuttons“we’ve been coming here for two weeks. No one seems to own this poor little dog. Let’s take him home with us,and you can have him,as your own pet.”

“Yes mommy,for my own!” he jumped for joy

Bernie and Buttons were elated.

“Let’s go Buttons! Let’s go!”

Kaden Matthens

Kaden couldn’t believe that he was finally graduating. He always was a problem in school. He only had a hand-full of  friends,and they always made fun of him. That is the reason why he became the class clown, other wise he kept to himself. He had this dream of finishing school,and just disappearing.  

Kaden was seventeen, 5’5″,slim with dark brown hair,that he wore two inches above his shoulders combed back. When he wasn’t in school,he was a loner.  Kaden  didn’t have a close-knit family….His mother and father were hardly around,his two sister were married. Mostly he was home by himself,on the computer playing games,or watching the television.

Kaden had gotten a job several  months after he graduated.

Maybe a couple of times a week,  he’d  find himself going down to the restaurant around the corner. There is this new waitress,who seems very friendly,and Kaden likes her. Her name is Cindy,she is around his age, pretty and petite,with long blonde hair,and big green eyes.  They both clicked the first time they met. When she wasn’t busy,she would come over and talk to Kaden. Both seemed to have the same family environment.

Cindy’s mother and father worked all the time. Her sister Mary ,who was a couple of years older than her,moved in with her boyfriend. That left her  alone,when she wasn’t in school or working part-time.

After a while Kaden got up the guts to ask Cindy out. Cindy didn’t hesitate,she said yes right away. She was having the same feelings about Baden, as Kaden was having for her.

Sometimes Kaden would take Cindy to the movies,or they would walk to a Wendy’s and get something to eat. They mostly liked to walk to the park  nearby and stay for hours just talking. On one occasion when it was raining so hard,Kaden took Cindy to his house. He knew no one would be home,which he really didn’t care.

They both started making out and one thing lead to another. Afterward,Kaden told Cindy he was so sorry,that it happened. Cindy told Kaden,I wanted to do it as much as you did.

The next day, Kaden talked about his dream,just to disappear someday. Cindy found that exciting,just to be with Kaden. She told Kaden that she would go anywhere  in the world with him.

Not long after that,Kaden and Cindy made plans to disappear together, after she graduated. He would have to wait  several months until Cindy graduated,which was important to her,which he agreed.

The months passed quickly,the day finally  came when Cindy graduated.   Kaden told her he was very proud of her. Lets continue with our plans now.

Cindy said she had something to tell him,she kept it a secret until tonight. “I’m going to have our baby.”

Kaden couldn’t believe his ears,he was so happy.

That doesn’t change anything,I brought the tickets for the train,which is one way. Where ever it takes us. When we both decide which state,it will be our new home,to start our new family.

Off they went to the train station,arm in arm.

“The Little Journey”

As they were both walking down the street,they both heard a dog barking in a front yard. Simon and Fuzzy  stopped,to see what he wanted.

“Where are you both headed to?” asked the dog

Fuzzy answered,  “I’m taking my friend to the park,so that he can find his friend the possum.”

“Well ,do be careful,there is a lot of traffic here.”said the dog

“We will”, said Fuzzy and then they both hurried a long.

“Who was that Fuzzy?” asked Simon

“That was Tara, she is new in the neighborhood, I like her.”

“Look over there Simon!” “Can you see the park?”

“Yes I can!” said Simon happily

“You go on, and I’ll get back home before my mother misses me.”

“Thanks a lot Fuzzy!  Maybe I’ll see you later goodby.”

Simon continued on his journey to the park. When he got there ,a boy on a bike was coming from the park. He was going fast,and yelled  to Simon as he passed. “Get out of the way cat,I have to get home.”

The boy scared Simon,he almost missed him.

“I better be more careful.” he thought

Simon then started walking in the park,he looked all around. But he didn’t see his friend the possum, he was sad.

“Maybe if I sit under this tree for a while, I can watch for him, but boy am I getting hungry.

Simon stayed there for quite some time, he was watching all the birds that the humans were feeding. Still he didn’t see his friend the possum.

It was starting to get dark. He thought,”maybe if I go over there,they’ll feed me,and I can find a place to sleep.”

As he was walking over to the humans,one of them had a huge dog laying next to her. The dog seen Simon and started chasing him. He heard the human hollering at the dog to come back. But the stupid dog kept chasing Simon until he reach a lot of big bushes. Simon was shaking,he hid behind one of the bushes.

The human ran over and brought the dog back, “You bad dog!” Simon heard the human say,as they were walking away.

Simon was relieved, then out of no-where,he heard this voice coming from behind of one of the bushes.

“What are you doing here?” “You better get over here before that mean dog comes back.”

He recognized that voice, so he slowing crept over to where the sound was coming from.

Sure enough he couldn’t believe his eyes,their was his friend the possum. He was hiding like he was just doing.

“It’s getting dark,why aren’t you home with your parents?”

Simon told him all about his parents,and them letting him out on his own. Also about meeting Fuzzy after getting lost , trying to find him.

“Is your name Fredi?” “That is what Fuzzy told me.”

“Yes it is!” ‘ You never asked me my name,you were just worried about that darn hotdog.

“Nevertheless, after watching you Simon,I think your going to need my help. Not everyone is nice like I am. I bet you haven’t eaten anything all day.”

“Nope!”  “I haven’t!”  “I just wanted to find my friend first.”

“Alright, you found me, now lets go find something to eat. Be careful,it’s dark out, stay close to me.”

“Let’s go Fredi,I’m very hungry.”

“I know Simon,I know.”

Simon and his Friends

Simon was free to do and go where he wanted. He was very happy,his parents gave him his freedom. The first thing he wanted to do,was look for his possum friend. Simon didn’t know where to start looking,because his friend usually came out of no-where.

Simon thought,”I’ll go to the park,maybe my friend will be there.”

Simon had a hard time finding the little park,he thought he knew where it was,but he got lost. He thought to himself,maybe I should go back to that house where my friend showed up.

To do that Simon had to find the way back to his old home. It took him a while,but he finally was in  the area where he was familiar with.  He found the backyard where they both ate at.

Simon entered the backyard,there wasn’t anyone around. He sat there for a while,wondering what he could do next.

“This isn’t any fun!” Simon thought

Just as he started to leave,something jumped down from the big tree in the yard.

Simon heard a voice,that said,”We’re you going?”

The scare kitten started to run away,but when he looked back. He seen a baby squirrel sitting on the top of the fence.

“I’m looking for my friend, the possum.” said Simon “I thought he might be here. I started going to the park to find him,but I got lost.”

“You must be talking about Fredi,he talks to my mother sometimes. He told her,he lives in the little park down the street. My mom and I go there,sometimes. We did see Fredi sitting under the bushes one time”

“Goodie!”  “Can you show me where it’s at?”   By the way my name is Simon,what’s yours?”

“Nice to meet you Simon,my name is Fussy.”

Simon laughed,”That’s a funny name.”

“My mother said when I was born,all I did was fuss,fuss.!”  “So she named me the perfect name Fussy.”  laughed Fussy

“Okay Fussy, can you show me where the park is?”

“I’ll probably get in trouble,because I’m not suppose to leave the yard.  You’re my friend, so I’ll help you, it’s not far,but I have to make it fast.”

“Thanks Fussy! I’ll remember your kindness.”

“Come on Simon,lets go,so I can get back before my mother finds out.”

Off they went.

“I Can’t Find My Way Home”

This is a story about a lost calico kitten ,with beautiful colors,brown,orange and a hint of black.  She couldn’t be no more than eight months old.. Her name is Simple, that is what her two little friends call her anyway. She was happy living there,with the family.

Where is my friends at?

Where is my friends at?

Then one day when the two children,Larry and Susie went outside to play. Simple went out to play with them. They all were having a good time,when Simple seen another cat. She decided to go over and check this new friend out.He said his name was George,and he is new in the neighborhood.

“My name is Simple,and I was playing in the backyard with my two little friends. But I got bored after a while,and I noticed you sitting in the grass,in the next yard”.

“Do you want to play”?  Simple asked George

“Sure ” try and catch me.” said George

Then, they started having a good time together. Chasing each other up and down the sidewalks, across the grass in the park.and up and down the streets. Until they both got tired,then laid down in the grass and rested for a while.

When it started to get dark,Simple said to George, “I have to get back to my two friends.” See you tomorrow.”

Simple didn’t know how to get back home,she went up and down the streets.  But she couldn’t find her way back,she was scared. Simple already dodged a big black dog,running down the street.

“Where are my two friends”? thought Simple

What Simple didn’t know was,her family had to pack their belongings up. Because the moving truck was coming the next day. Simple’s two little friends,and their parents,were moving where their father had a new job,in another state. The parents told the children,they would get them both another kitten. Because their kitten had run away.

Just as she cross the street,she seen her friend George,and told him she couldn’t find her way back home.

“Don’t worry Simple, why don’t you come over where,I’ve been sleeping. I’ll take you their,it’s under a table in a back yard. ,and we’ll be safe.”

“Goody Goody!” said Simple. “I’ll feel safe with you George.”

“Lets get some sleep,and I’ll help you tomorrow, look for your house.”

“Okay,George!   Show me where you live.”

The next morning,when Simple woke-up,George said, “Simple you must be hungry,lets go and find something to eat.”

“Can’t we wait until we get to our house,they always leave food  out for me.”

“Okay if that is what you want to do.”

“Alright Simple!” Lets try and find your house.”

Off they went together, up and down the streets,up and down the alleys,but Simple couldn’t find her house. They both did this for a couple of weeks,and they still couldn’t find the house. Then one day,they came across where Simple lived. They both walked in the backyard,and noticed the backdoor was open. George and Simple walked in,and nobody was their. The house was empty.

“Simple,I don’t think they live here any more.”

Simple started to cry,”What am I going to do now? Why didn’t they take me with them?”

George said,”They probably thought you ran away.”

George is keeping an out-look,while Simple sleeps.

George is keeping an eye -out on Simple,while she sleeps.

“Come back with me Simple,I’ll never leave you.”said George

Simple said,”I don’t know where to go now,this is the saddest day of my life.”

“I’ll take care of you Simple,you’ll be very happy.”

Then they both strolled out of the yard. George found something for him and Simple to eat. Then Simple and George took a little cat-nap.

As the months passed,George and Simple had a good relationship. George showed Simple,all the ways to survive outside. She began to enjoy her new found freedom,in the great outdoors.

After some time,Simon was born.

Simple and George said,  ” Boy is he a hand-full.”

I hope they have food here!

I hope they have food here!

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (63)

It’s getting near the end of March,it definitely feels like spring in the air. I’m so glad that the winter is over, with the daylight savings time in effect, Easter has just passed us. I know,I feel a lot better,and more time to do things that I want to do.

Like I’m going to take a walk in the park,and then sit on the bench,and watch the children play.

There is a small playground here, where I used to take Tamara a lot. I would sit on the bench,and talk to other parents,that were there with there children. We all had such a good time,and enjoyed each others company.

But now the children are all grown-up, sometime, I see a few of the same parents here. We chat about what is going on with our lives.

On the way home from the park,their was a little boy around four, standing on the side-walk,with tears in his eyes.

“What’s a matter honey,why are you crying?”

The little boy said,”My ball rolled down the street again,and my mother said,if it happened again. She would make me come in the house,and I don’t want to.”

“What is your name,and where do you live?”

“My name is Charlie”, and he pointed to the house behind him.

“Okay Charlie, where is your ball,I don’t see it?”

“It’s across the street,in front of that truck.”

So I walked over their,and picked up the ball,and handed it back to him. He was smiling ear-to-ear.

“Thanks lady!”

As I was leaving,a lady standing at the front door of Charlies house. Opened it and hollered,Thank You.”

I felt good,because I did a good deed today.

When I got home,I went in the back yard. I noticed, my hyacinths and roses were blooming,they both have a great smell.
After roaming in the yard,I looked at my watch,and said to myself. I better go inside and take a shower,and get dressed. Because when Ben comes home from work today. He’s taking me out to dinner,and then to see a movie. We are celebrating our thirty-fifth anniversary. I can’t believe that it has been that long. We have been fortunate,to have been married that long. Of course we have,had our ups and downs,and our blessings.

Ben walked in the door, with something he was holding behind him. He gave me a big hug and kiss.

He said,”Happy Anniversary Honey,” you still look as beautiful,as the day I married you.”

“Thanks Ben!

He then took a bouquet of roses,from behind him,and handed them to me.

“This is for the love of my life!

We both kissed for a long time, while the heat from both of our bodies yearn for more.

Ben pulled away and said,”I’m not going to ruin this night. I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower,and get dress. Then I going to take my gal out on the town.”

Before he walks up the stairs,he smack’s me on my butt.

Ben smiles,with that naughty look, and says,”I’m going upstairs,you better not go anywhere.”

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