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Mary Lou

Mary Lou Gibbs age twenty,and her boyfriend Ned Tuft age 20,both graduated from the same high school.  Which was  called Mallow high school in the city of Theron,in Pennsylvania.

They have grown up together as kids. They  started going together in Middle school,wherever Mary Lou was, Ned wasn’t far behind. Ned and his gal could pass for brother and sister. They both had black hair,medium height and pleasantry plump. Their features were almost a like. The only differences was  Ned had brown eyes,and Mary Lou’s eyes were bluest of the sea.

They both talked often about getting marry after high school. Ned told Mary Lou if we both go to college,then they would both marry afterwards……………which they both agreed.

Marylou went to the local community college,majoring in economics. Ned major in electrical engineering, at Penn State.

Ned would come back to  Theron on the week-ends.

During the week Mary Lou and Ned would keep up on each others accomplishments.

On one special occasion, Ned didn’t come home for the week-end. There was a huge birthday party for Ned’s room mate, Jim.

Ned ask Mary Lou if she wanted to go,and she replied. “No thank you! I don’t even know your friends at Penn State.”

“Okay Mary Lou,  don’t say later I didn’t ask.”

Little did Mary Lou know, that weekend, Ned got drunk at that party. He was dancing with the ladies and having a good time. Later that night, Ned left the party with a friend.

As they were leaving ,Ned said to Jim, Sandy and I are going to finish the party  else where.

Of course,  Ned never mention to Mary Lou the next week-end about him getting drunk at the party and leaving.

Everything was going fine for about four months until Sandy called him on his cell phone.  Ned was in  the state of shock after hanging up.

When Jim walked into the dorm, he said,”What’s a matter with you? You look like you just seen a ghost.”

“Jim, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Sandy just called me and told me she was expecting. What am I’m going to tell Mary Lou? We are suppose to be getting married after graduation.”

“Just tell her the truth!”sighed Jim

Several week-ends went by and Ned didn’t go home. Mary Lou kept calling,but Ned didn’t answer.

Finally in the middle of the week,when Ned decided to call Mary Lou. After him having a couple of drinks,he felt braving.

When he called her,he slowly told her what happen the night of the party,and the results,when Sandy called him months later.

Mary Lou was stun……

“Everything is off Ned!   Don’t you ever talk to me again.” then she slammed the phone down .


The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (57)

Today is Christmas day,I went over to Mom’s to help her with preparing the food for the day. She insisted she didn’t need any help,but I thought,I would be there if she did.
Around noon,Maxwell and Mary Ann arrived,Maxwell introduced us,with a gleam in his eyes. It really showed,he was in love. Mary Ann was a petite girl,with blond hair,which she wore back in a pony-tail. She had the biggest blue eyes,that just sparkled. As far as weight,she might of weigh 100 lbs.

Mom liked her right away, Mary Ann asked if she could help her with dinner.

“No thank you Mary Ann,you and Maxwell go in the living room,and watch the parade on t.v. Faith and I have everything covered.

Next Ben,Tamara and Ned came walking in the door.

Tamara came out in the kitchen and gave Mom and I a kiss. “Merry Christmas”,she said. “I stopped over at the house,and Ben told us,you left early this morning,to help grand mom. I know everything smell awesome!”

“We’re eating around 1:00,so it won’t be long.”said Mom.
Just as Mom asked about what time,Chadwick and his family is supposed to be here. We all heard,Chadwick yelling “Merry Christmas” in the living room. Him and his wife Tracy,walked in the kitchen,and gave all of us a kiss.

“Mom said,where are the kids?”

Chadwick said,Tracy’s brother took them to Philadelphia to see the Christmas parade.His children,wanted them to go with them.”

“That’s very nice of him,they all should enjoy themselves,it’s better in-person.”

“Mom,I thought the same thing,said Chadwick.”

“Dinner will be ready soon,so both of you go in the living room,and chat with the others,said Mom

Half hour later,I set the table for everyone,and Mom said to me.

“Faith make sure you set an extra,place setting.”

“For who Mom?”

“You never know,we might have another guest.”

“Oh!” I said, (I thought),I wonder who that might be?”

Mom walked into the living room and said,”Dinner is ready.”

Everybody gathered around the table,and found a seat. Before they started eating,Mom said grace.

While everyone was eating and chatting,the phone rang. Mom jumped up to answer it. But when she did,who ever was on the other line hung up.

“I wonder who that was? Mom said

“Probably the wrong number,I said

“I guess your right Faith”

After we all ate,we went into the living room and exchanged gifts. Later Mom and I cleaned the kitchen up. She didn’t have very much to say,after that phone call. I suppose,she thought,it might have been Autumn.

After everyone left,”I asked Mom why she didn’t have much to say.”

“I’m just tired,after you and Ben leave,I’m going to bed.”

“We’re getting ready to leave,Ben and I gave her a kiss,and we drove home.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (9)

I left the house,to search for Autumn. There were only two places,that I thought she might be.The first place was at Ned’s house. I knocked at their door,and Ned answered it. I asked him if he seen Autumn. Ned said,”This morning before school,she was yelling at me. She called me a jerk!” I haven’t seen her since.”
“Okay Thanks Ned,if you see her,tell her she better come home.”
“I doubt very much,if she’ll stop here,because she’s really mad at me.” Then he shut his door.
The next place was grand moms,and I hated to go their by myself.But I went anyway,to see if she was their. Before,I even knocked,grand mom was looking out her door.When I went up to her door,she opened it.
She said, “what do you want?”

“Grand mom,did you see Autumn today?”
“No I haven’t! She growled.
“Mom sent me to look for her,because she didn’t come home from school yet.”
“I can’t help you Faith,because,she isn’t here.” Then she slammed the door shut.
I was sadden,I didn’t know where else to look for her.When I get home,mom will probably beat me with the belt,because she’s no-where to be found.
When I arrived home,mom was waiting in the kitchen. I told her,”I looked all over for her,and I can’t find her.”
Mom said,”you have to know where’s she at. Because you both stuck real close to each other.”
“I know!” I cried,”but I don’t know where’s she’s at.”
Chadwick walked in the door,mom asked,him “if he seen Autumn?”
“No I haven’t mom,what’s gone on?”
“Your sister went to school this morning,and she hasn’t come home yet. Faith went to look for her,but she came home empty handed.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (8)

The next morning Autumn and I got up for school.While we got dressed,Autumn was singing away. She was still in a very good mood.I told her that I wish,I could be as happy as she is,right now.
Autumn laughed,”You’ll be happy,in a couple of years.”
I said.”What do you mean by that?”
Autumn laughed again.”You’ll find out,what I’m talking about later.
We finished getting ready for school.Looked at the clock,and it was time to leave.
On the way to school,we caught up with a friend of ours Karen.We all were talking about the crazy things,that happened in school.We were all laughing so hard,that we had tears in our eyes.
When we arrived at school,I went inside. I left Karen out front,they were still talking about all the crazy things,that happened in school,this year. As I was opening the door,I noticed Ned walking up to Autumn.Karen started to walk into the building. When I closed the door,I could see Ned and Autumn talking.It looked like she was yelling at him.
After school,I walked out in front of the school.I waited for Autumn,but she didn’t show. Maybe she had to stay after class.I went back in the building to her home room. Mrs. Blink was their,so I asked her if Autumn had to stay after school. Mrs. Blink looked at me in surprise.Autumn didn’t come to school today. Yes she did,We walked together here. I left her out front talking to Ned Brisk.Well I’m sorry Faith,she wasn’t in home room this morning. Thank you, Mrs. Blink,she’s probably home already.
So I walked home by myself,I couldn’t figure this out. Where would she go? I just hope she beat me home.
When I got home,I walked in. My mother was in the kitchen.” Where’s your sister?”my mother asked. I was going to ask you the same question. I didn’t see her after school. I thought she beat me home,which was odd.
“Well you better go back out and find her. If anyone know where she’s at,it would be you.”
I’ll go look at a couple of places,but I wouldn’t know why she didn’t come home.
My mother said,”Just go,” find her, and bring her back.”

“Family Waves” (25)

Joni waited for a half hour and Sandy was no-show yet .She called Morgan on her cell and told her where she was.

Morgan said, ”I thought you were upstairs…..actually thought you were coming down in the basement to meet my friends. They are ready to leave, we all had a good time. A few dressed up for Halloween.

Joni said, “I’m going to wait ten more minutes, if Sandy doesn’t show up I’ll be home.
Make sure Kristin and Linda stay in the house. Tell your friends also to be careful going home because it is really dark outside, some of the street lights are out. “I will” Morgan answered,” after everyone leaves,we’ll going to clean up.”

Linda had already started to clean up. She had a big trash bag filled with empty soda bottles and other trash. Kristin and Morgan were talking about the guy in their math class, his name is Ned. “He is really cute” Kristin said, “I’m surprise he came to our party because he seems very shy in class.”
“I know” answered Morgan, “He didn’t seem very shy tonight, he was asking all the girls to dance with him.
Yes! “He asked me to dance with him ,“answered Kristin. “ Me also” said Morgan.
“He is such a good dancer, he sure fooled me.” “ Me also! “ Kristin said.

Linda was listening to their conversations, she said, “Well he didn’t ask me!.
“I can’t wait to have my own party. I had a good time,but I would have felt better with my own friends.”

Morgan and Kristin continued talking about the party.They were yakking about who Rocks and who doesn’t, while they both were cleaning up. They didn’t notice Linda when she went out the basement door with a trash bag that was filled.

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