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” Things Do Come Back “

I have to tell you a story about a person named , “Trouble”   Also known as Ginger Hoot.

She  earned that name, from people that know her.

Every time she opens her mouth, she always has something nasty,to say, about anyone.

I truly believe……she enjoys…..making people, fight amongst, each other.


Ginger,is in her forties, tall and thin,like a french fry. Blue eyes,and flowing long, blonde hair.

She is divorced, after her husband, found her in bed with another man, when he came home early  from work.


Little  did, Ginger know, someone,was waiting for her to screw-up again.


Her name is Rebecca,to her friends, they call her Becca.

In her late fifties,  petite, green eyes,with brown curly hair, pulled back behind her ears.

She was married once happily, until Ginger,asked her ex., for a ride home.

They both worked at the court house, in Central  County, PA.


Afterward,  Becca got suspicious  of her ex .,  Brian.

He was all of a sudden, having meetings for work, one night a week.

On one of these  nights, Becca called out of work,where she worked as a manager,at a deli.

She waited until he left that night, for a meeting………….she followed him.

Becca’s gut feelings,  paid off.

Her ex  pulled  into the parking lot, at a  motel,  next to another car.

This motel is about five miles,from their house in the town of Slur.

Brian got out of his vehicle, when the car door open,next to him.

When he walked over to the car, a woman got out.

They then embraced and kissed .

Becca recognized the woman right away.

The blonde bitch, trouble maker, as she called her.

Becca darted out of her car,that was across the street,from the motel.

She yelled,  “You Slut”.

Both were shocked  to see her.

Once Becca got closer, she gave Ginger, a left-hook in the face.

Of course, Brian stood up for Ginger.

He put his arm around her, so Becca couldn’t hit her again.

That happened five years ago, and Becca said she would get even with the slut.


Like a small town, everybody knows your business.

Slur,was no different…….they all loved gossip!

The latest news was about Ginger.

Ginger fell in love, with a new  guy, that moved in town, about two years ago.

They were planning to get married soon.


None of this news got back to Becca, which was very unusual.

The people in Slur,thought, she already went through enough….with her divorce.

She didn’t need to hear about the woman who crushed her marriage.


Unbeknownst  to Becca, Ginger’s future husband, Tim, who frequently came into the deli where Becca worked.

They became good friends, and talked to each other like they been friends for years.

Tim and Becca, seemed to have a lot in common.

He told her he was seeing someone,but didn’t mention any name.

Tim also told her that he has been divorced,for six years.

Tim,was around her age, average height,muscular built, with black hair, combed in the back, like a D.A.

Did I forget to mention, thick eye-lashes,and sexy green eyes.


Tim was coming in more  frequently, when he figured out  her break time.

When she was on her break, he would sit down with her at a table,  they just talked and laughed about everything.

She secretly fell in love with him, because they were so much  alike .

Becca had mentioned to Tim months ago, that she had a birthday coming up in May.

Tim kept that thought in the back of his mind.


Ginger and Tim,weren’t getting along, as they were.

Always arguing about smalls things,but Ginger really loved him,and tried to make everything right.

But when they went out together,he always seemed to have his mind somewhere else.

Tim didn’t tell her, that he was having seconds thoughts about their wedding.

He knew that,when he was with Becca, everything seemed right.

She was more down to earth, than Ginger, who would put on an act, like she was better than everyone else.

Tim loved her before,but didn’t see what a selfish person she the time.

He also knew he suddenly fell out of love with her, the moment he met Becca.

Their was something about Becca,he couldn’t explain.

The more he seen her,the more he wanted to be with her.

Tim had to make up his mind soon,because the wedding was right around the corner.

It wasn’t going to be a big wedding, which Ginger wanted, just a small church wedding ,with a few friends  they  invited.


A month went by, and Tim finally got the nerve to call the wedding off.

Ginger knew it was coming, she  started, crying and screaming . “Get the hell out of my life”.

Tim never brought up the ending of the relationship to Becca.

He thought it was best, at that time.  Who knows,what’s on Ginger’s mind.


Mean while, three months has passed.


Ginger kept calling and texting Tim,and following him around.

He had to change his number,and report to the police,he was sick and tired of her following his every move.

May finally came around,…… Tim asked Becca, if  she wanted to  go out to dinner with him for her birthday.

She was stunned, but happy.

“What about the person you are seeing?”

“I’m not seeing anyone,any more.”

Becca was bursting inside with happiness.

“Okay,then the answer is sure, why not.”

Becca was inquisitive, about his relationship

Tim told Becca, that he was suppose to  marry Ginger soon.

“He loved Ginger, but not as much as he loved her.”

Becca couldn’t believe her ears.

“Ginger who?”

“Ginger Hoot, do you know her ?”

Smiling she said, “That’s not important! ”














Becca thought, now is the time,to give her a taste of her own medicine.








“Different Ways”

Clyde and Marianne was, high school sweethearts, at Strum high school, in Strum,PA.  They were always seen holding hands wherever they went. All  their friends  were envious,of their relationship.

They made a nice couple, both were of an average height,with brown hair,and green eyes,and slim.

Until Marianne decided she wanted out.

Clyde wanted to get married and start a family right after they graduated from high school.

Marianne didn’t want to be tied down, so soon.  She loved Clyde,but wanted to wait .

“I told you, I want to attend Beautician school.  There is plenty of time to get married.  You’ll be going off to college anyway.” said Marianne

Her girlfriends were out there playing the field,and were happy.She wanted to do the same,instead of being tied-down.

Marianne felt left out,so she called it quits,right after Clyde talked about getting married.

Clyde was angry at Marianne,he wanted to start a new life,with the person of his dreams.

She wouldn’t have anything to do with making  Clyde ‘s  dream come true,not now.

He really thought she wanted the same, with all the long talks they shared.

Clyde spent the summer all alone,but missing Marianne. He didn’t see or hear from her,since they left high school. It hurts him to hear different rumors,about Marianne. She is blaming him for their break-up. But at the same time,she is having the time of her life.

When the fall came,before he left for college. Clyde stopped over at Marianne see her…and tell her, they could still be friends.
Before he knocked on the front door,he heard Marianne laughing. Clyde went to the side of the house,and looked in the window. Marianne was sitting on the couch….the same one they use to sit on together.
Sitting on the couch next to my friend Paul,who told me she was having the time of her life.

Clyde turned around with his head down,and walked slowly back home.

The next morning,he left for college in Ohio. That was almost two and a half years ago.

Since then,he has met another……her name is Brenda. They both plan to get married in three years.

As far as Marianne goes…Clyde has heard from back home,that she has a little boy,but the father left right after the boy was born.

“Family Waves” (21)

(Aunt Doris)

Monday morning was busy at work,a couple of customers came in that I knew from the old place. They told me they moved away from this region,about five years ago.
The wife Marge, is from North Florida, her father died four years ago. Marge and her husband moved there to help Marge’s mother with her dad. Her mother has been sickly after he died, and they couldn’t take care of all her needs. So they had no choice but put her in a nursing home.
We’re here to take care of the loose ends of selling her house .

The rest of the week was fairly busy, it sure felt good to be working again after all this time.
I called mom on the phone, ask her if everything was okay. Mom said, ”she was okay, and ask me about my new job.” “I told her everything is good so far. It really feels good to have money in my pocket, and not just for bills.”

Have you heard from Aunt Doris?
Mom replied, ”she called me yesterday. The girls are both doing just fine! They are both going to spend Halloween night, over at Kristin’s, girlfriend house.
They both stayed before, Morgan’s parents are home at night, everything should be fine.”
Mom and I talked for awhile, we talked about most everything! She was happy when I told her Henry and Hope were getting married soon.
“Henry has a great job waiting for him in California. So they both are very happy.” Mom was happy for them both, she wished they could stay close by.” I told Mom you have to go where the jobs are.” ”Mom I’ll call you soon, Love You, and. take care of yourself.”

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