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Pork Chop and Axel

‘ I was walking through the park, on my way to work. I heard whimpering coming from behind a big round bush. “Who left these puppies here, behind these bushes”? sighed Myrtle, just as she said that out loud, the people that were in the park with their children, ran over to see for themselves. ” Awe”! They gazed at the puppies in a big pen. ” Who could leave these puppies here”? said one of the lookers. Myrtle replied, ” I was just thinking, maybe
someone figured, they would all get a good home because this park is well known for families.” ” That’s a heck of a way to do it—–if this is true, mumbled a young man.” ” Yes that is true, I replied . At least the person or persons who dropped these cute puppies off—- Left them a few toys , also food and water, that’s all over this big pen.” I looked down at my watch , “Oh Gosh”. ” I’m going to be late for work, I’ll be back in a while. “Everyone went back to what they were doing, several children were crying , they wanted a puppy. It sounded like the parent wasn’t haven’t it. Two of the puppies were curled up sleeping, the other two were whimpering and wagging their little tails. ” How Cute” ? I said to the young man still standing , ” Okay let me go, before my boss fires me .” Only kidding .” ” My name is Stan, and yours?” “Myrtle” ” Nice to meet you Stan.” ” I’m going home and see if my grandmother is alright. Will be back to check on these puppies. My grandmother might know who is behind this. Maybe she wants one, have to ask her. ” “Okay” “Like I said before gotta go ! “Hope to be able to come back later, bye !” Stan went back home to his grandmothers house. He told her about the puppies. She said, “they probably belong to the man down the street. He loved his dogs. Joe passed away three weeks ago. Shirley, my next door neighbor, told me the daughter took her fathers two grown dogs home with her. Couldn’t take care of the puppies. She didn’t want to just leave them in the house. Joe didn’t like the kennels for some reason. Joe’s daughter must of left them at the park , knowing some good person would take care of them. Stan ate lunch then went back to the park. The puppies were all sleeping. He waited on the bench close to the puppies for Myrtle. It seemed like hours passed , no Myrtle. Just as he stood up, to stretch. Stan saw the puppies playing with each other, trying to pull on the toy. Later they all ate what was left in their bowl and fell back to sleep, all cuddled up to each other. After a while, Myrtle showed up. Stan told her what his grandmother said. “Oh My” she sighed….” We have to find them homes today. How old do you think they are ?” “My guess , around seven or eight weeks” ” How about you, take two home to your grandmothers house, until you find them homes. I’ll take the other two home to my apartment . I’ve been wanting to adopt
a puppy, but not finding time. Maybe this was meant to be.” Stan was quite, and looked like he was doing some serious thinking. “Well ” “I know my grandmother can’t take care of them, she has trouble getting around. Your taking two home. So I believe, when I go back home. I’ll take them with me, maybe I’ll give one to my nephew, and the other to my daughter.” “Sounds like a plan to me. Your not going to believe this, but I’ve given them names already. The chubby one on the left is Pork Chop, the other one is going to be named Axel.” Myrtle proudly announced. “Nice” Stan replied. As he was taking two of the puppies out of their pen. Let’s take the puppies to their new home.” “Okay Stan, it was nice meeting you, hope to run into you again. You take care of your babies, bye.” Myrtle was carrying Pork Chop, and Axel home talking baby-talk to them.

The Sister, That I Thought,I Knew (33)

Months later,Autumn wrote me,and told me that,the head doctor. Dr. Triba,had asked her a thousand question,about her,and her family. Also about, how she felt while growing up.
“Gee Sis! I don’t have to say anymore, I guess you get my drift?
A couple of weeks after that,the jury made their final decision. After Dr Triba was put on the stand, and told the jury.
“Under his findings,with all the tests,and answered questions. I believe Mrs. Teckly was temporary insane,at the time.
She said she was acquitted on basis of temporary insanity.

My sister also told me she was staying with Mattie. Mattie,stopped in to see her,while she was in jail.” She’s the best friend,that I had in a long time, said Autumn. I have found a job with Mattie,both our pockets were empty.
“Autumn said,she was trying to save money to by a car. So Mattie and I can get around more.”
Autumn wrote me several small letters after that,she was hinting for me to send her money.I did send her a little money, but after that she started asking for more.

Something was definitely wrong. That wasn’t like Autumn,she would rather give to others,than take.

I love my niece,and she is better with Ben and I. But she didn’t once mention Tamara. All she talked about was Mattie and herself. Autumn acted like she didn’t even have a daughter.

One of these days,I’m going to ask Chadwick if he wants to take a ride with me. I would like to see what is going on with Autumn. This has been going on for about four and a half years.Tamara is in Middle school,and she stopped asking for her mother.Ben and I are raising her,like she is our daughter.I can see a lot of her mother in her,but I don’t mention it to her. The last time I did, Tamara was depressed for a while. The poor girl doesn’t deserve that.Tamara is such a smart and caring person,like her mother use to be.

When ever Mom calls,she asked me,if I’ve heard from Autumn,and why she doesn’t have her daughter. I had to tell her,that Jock and Autumn got divorced. I told her,I didn’t know all the circumstances. If Autumn wants to tell mom someday,that’s her business. But right now,I just want to make sure Tamara has a good life.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (31)

Autumn said,her Public Defender,was about 5’9”,curly short red hair,lean with black rim glasses.Hello Mrs. Teckly, my name is Berton Goldwin. I’m going to be your public defender.
He takes his glasses off,and looks at a paper in front of him.
Berton says,”I see you have been charged with, 2 counts of attempted murder here.
Did you try to murder your husband,and Mrs. Mather’s?
“Who!” “Mrs. Mather’s?” “You mean Justin Mather’s,wife?”
“Yes,I believe your right.”Says Berton
“Then she is Jock’s,bosses wife. They both have a frickin nerve.I should of killed them both.”
“Mrs. Teckly,you can’t talk like that. Your already being charged on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Mr. Goldwin,”Who gives a shit! Further more, my name is Autumn.”
“Okay Autumn,you have to watch what you say,from now on. That’s if,” you want to go back to your daughter,and not jail.”
“I’m not worried about seeing my daughter again. Tamara has a good home with my sister Faith and her husband Ben.Right now it’s better for her,instead of roaming around with me. I have no job,no place to live,and no money. The answer to your question is,at the time……………the last thing I remember. Was my husband in bed naked with another woman, she also was,bare ass. I guess,I must have flipped out.Their was a police officer,who was hand cuffing me. The cop told me,that,I was being charged,on 2 counts of attempted murder.”
“Well, Mrs. Teckly,I mean Autumn,I’m going to try to make a deal, with the prosecutor. If you plead guilty to attempted murder,reason for temporary insanity. You might get off easier.”
“Do want you have to do Mr. Goldwin,I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Autumn said,then the guard takes her back to the cell.

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