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The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (32)

“Do want you have to do Mr. Goldwin,I just want to get the hell out of here.”
Autumn said,then the guard takes her back to the cell.
Back home,Ben and I couldn’t believe what was happening.Tamara kept asking us if her mother called. I told her that her mommy,was busy,trying to sell all the things in her store.I kept coming up with different excuses,to tell Tamara. Finally after a while,Tamara asked me less.I sure would have to come up with a dam good reason,if Autumn doesn’t come back sooner.
I didn’t say anything to mom, about Autumn and her big problem.Maybe Autumn will come back soon,if she can get away from her problem. I hope she can get a lighter sentence.
I called Chadwick up,when I first heard the news from Autumn. Chadwick told me, if I need any help with Tamara,to let him know. Tamara can come over our house,the kids would love to see her. I told Chadwick I would keep that in mind. In case,I need to go to North Carolina to see Autumn.
The next couple of months was quite here. I didn’t hear anything from Autumn. She really had me worried.

Back in North Carolina,Autumn wrote that her hearing was for today sometime.She told me she would call later,or write, if she could.
Jocks boss,Justin Matter’s caught the news about his wife and Jock in the newspaper. Autumn said,that he fired Jock right on the spot and filed for divorce with, soon to be ex.Mrs. Mather’s. This was shocking news for all of Jocks co-workers,says Autumn. He was supposed to be bragging about what a happy marriage he had. My sister says,”what a shock to her system. He didn’t give me a clue at all,not that she noticed.

Don’t Have a Clue!

I thought I would vent about a few things today. I’m sure their are a lot of people out their doing a lot of venting right now.
First of all,I don’t have a clue,why some people volunteer to do something,that they don’t want to do in the first place. But they will say yes anyway,then afterward all you hear from these people.I didn’t want or didn’t have a choice. so I said yes.Then they go and complain to their friends.My comment would be,if you don’t want to do something,don’t volunteer in the first place. Nobody wants to listen to all of your complaining.Get a Life!
Another thing is,you go into any busy food establishment.Some people want to be seated right away. So they can’t wait to be seated,so they seat their-self at a dirty table.I like to know how they expect to have the table cleaned off right?
Their are people that just go to work and their are people that work. The people that just go to work,why do they even bother to go in the first place? They are just getting in the way of all the people that want to work.

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