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The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (61)

The next morning,after I got Ben off to work, I called Mom.

“Good Morning Mom”

“Good Morning Faith” “What a surprise! I thought you might be working today.”

“Not today Mom! I only work two days a week,each week the days change,for right now. The reason I’m calling this early. Yesterday,I received a letter from Autumn.”

Mom got emotional,”I can’t believe it after all this time! Is she okay?”

“Yes she is,she is living in North Carolina,with her soon to be husband,Ryan. They both met at the center,fell in love.Then they decides to leave the center,in the middle of the night together. Because they thought,it would be romantic.”

“Really!” Mom said

“They then moved in with his brother and wife,until they both got jobs”. Autumn said,”When they had enough money saved for an apartment,they went out on their own. So far she said,they have been clean for almost three years.”

“That’s real good news,did you call Tamara?”

“No I didn’t! I’ll tell her later,I don’t want to get her hopes up.” You can call Chadwick if you want to.”

“I’ll call him later,when you decide to tell Tamara,I’ll call Maxwell.”

“Alright Mom, I’m going to write her back,to see if she has a phone or computer. I’ll let you know when I get an answer.”

“Okay Faith,have a good day.”

“Love you Mom,talk to you later.”

I was really glad to hear from Autumn. I hope her plans,and Ryan’s,continue to be clean,the rest of their life. I give them both credit,for coming this far,and cleaning their act up.

I’ll write back to Autumn,when I finish,doing my chores around the house. Plus,I have to decide,what I’m going to have for supper tonight.


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