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” You Never Know ”

Foreman and Mia,have been married for ten years.

They brought a nice house in Bestrewn, Pennsylvania. Both have great jobs,

Mia is a school teacher, teaching first grade. Foreman is a manager at the local bank,in town.

They have no children,…Forman and Mia have tried for years. They both

went to a specialist,to get test after test. But after all the different

testing,the specialist’s couldn’t come up with a reason they couldn’t.

Which made them very unhappy.

Mia and Forie, which Mia called him for his pet name. Decided,they both should have a social night out alone. Him with the guys,and her with the gals.

“Mia,I think by doing this, we’ll both get a break from each other. All we been doing,is getting on each others nerves.”

“Yes Forie, your probably right. With all this drama,for no reason.”

That was a year ago.

Mia,is petite,in her early thirties. Long blonde hair,green eyes, and slender.

Her Forie, is in his late thirties,average height, and weight. Medium brown hair, which is cut short, and squared off in the back.

The next day after work, Mia went to the market,to pick a few things up

that she needed for the week. As she started to get out of her car,to go

into the market. She noticed a friend of the family ,Betty. Who was

walking out of the market with a couple of bags in her cart.

Betty was in her sixties,tall,with short grey hair. She was a close friend of Mia’s late mother.

Mia walked toward Betty. who’s hand was clasped over her mouth.

“Mia!” I haven’t seen you since your mom passed.

What’s that been six years?”

“Wow ,it’s been a long time, Betty”

“I’ve seen Foreman a couple of times, where I work part-time. I’ve seen him with a dark hair woman. They were carrying on, like two teenagers. You and Foreman are separated?”

Mia’s eyes lite up, her face was the color of a ghost. With tears racing down her face.

Betty embraced Mia.

“Oh Mia!” “I am so sorry!”

“I didn’t think, before I opened my big mouth. I feel so bad.”

When Mia finally composed herself. She wiped her face with her hand.

“No we’re not separated,nevertheless,it answers a lot of questions. He has been acting strangely, lately.”

“Furthermore, I’m not going to ask you where you work. I’ll get to the bottom of this, tonight.”

Mia then just turned around,and said goodby to Betty.

Betty stood there,and watched Mia back her car up, and speed away.

On the way home, Mia couldn’t believe, what was happening.

I know he has be moody.I blamed his work, with all his responsibilities.

But I was wrong, he isn’t happy with me.

When Mia pulled into her driveway, Foreman’s truck was already parked out
front, which was strange.

Because he wasn’t expected home, for another two hours.

Mia got out of her car,and slammed the door shut.

She ran in the house to confront her husband of ten years.

He was sitting in his big chair,in the living room. Reading a newspaper.

“Guess who I ran into today, Foreman?

“I don’t give a dam,who you ran into today. I left work early today, because, I’ve been wanting to get something off my chest.”

“Oh you have,how nice!”

“Let me speak!”

Excuse me, dam it!”

“I want a divorce, Mia.”

“Well,well, you want a divorce. By any chance, does it have to do with your dark hair hussy?

“Her name is,Josephine,and she’s not a hussy.”

“I told her,that I wasn’t married. At first, it was just a night out. I fell in love,it just happened.”

“So now you want a divorce from me. Your just tossing me away like trash, after ten years of marriage. cried Mia

“I didn’t plan this, we were slowly pulling away from each other.sighed Foreman.

“Maybe you, Forman.”

“Don’t make it any harder. Josephine told me three weeks ago,that she was carrying our baby.”

Shocked to what Forman just said to her. Mia grabbed a lamp, and threw it at him. Fragments of the lamp, was scattered all over the living room.

“Get out of this house now, you’ll get your dam divorce. Don’t come back, ever.” cried Mia

Foreman snatched his keys off the table, and flew out the door,slamming it.

Mia watched him pull away,and cried herself to sleep.


Neal Finus was in a nursing home in Pennsylvania. He had plenty of time to think. he was in his late seventies,short and stocky.He use to have a mop of hair,which was dark brown …… But now he is almost bald.

There isn’t a day that goes by,that he doesn’t think of his wife Ruby. They were married for forty-eight years,and had three children together.  Neal Jr, Nina, and Terri.     Neal Jr, was killed in the service, twenty-five years ago.  Nina travels around the world,with her husband. Her husband’s  job takes him all over the world. She keeps in touch sometime.

Terri and her three children,which are grown now. Lived with Neal and Rudy after she was divorce from her husband.

When Ruby died suddenly , about five years ago. Terri stayed and took care of her father.

Until Terri got tired of taking care of her father.  She suggested  for him to sell his house, and they would move into an apartment. Neal wouldn’t have anything to do with it,because he was staying put.

Terri threaten to leave him by himself. Because she had her own life to live.

The arguing went on for quite a while. Terri didn’t leave,  because she had no place to go.  The money she was getting from working four days a week at the corner store. Wasn’t sufficient to go out on her own.

One day as they were arguing, Neal had a hard-attack. It was pretty bad. He was in the hospital for about a month. He couldn’t go home until someone was their to take care of him.

Neal told his doctor about the crazy arguing with his live-in daughter,about selling his house.


Terri called her sister, and told her about their father. Nina said her and her husband are in Alaska.

She didn’t think she could come home any time some.

“Just do what you think is best!” sighed  Nina

Since then Neal was sent to a near-by nursing home.

Terri would come in and take her father in his wheel chair,out in the garden.  Both still fussing over about selling his house.

Neal told her,he refuses to sell the  house.

The visits got less and less with Terri.  Nina and Terri would call him….. ask if he needed anything.

His answer is  always,”I just want to go back home.”

From day to day,Neal sits in his wheelchair,and thinks about the good times…they all had.

“He thought,   “If Rudy was still here,she would take care of me in our house.”


It was a nice sunny day in July. The birds were singing in the trees,and you could hear children laughing and having fun. They were at a little park behind their house,where all the children played in the summer. Schools been out for about a month,and they were all just enjoying themselves.

Sara and Jamie were buddies. They have know each other since they were toddlers. The girls could pass for sisters. They both had long black hair, but Jamie had brown eyes,and Sara had green eyes. Both were the same height and lean. The girls were both nine years old,and always played together.

One afternoon,they both went home to eat lunch,they weren’t hungry. They each knew if they didn’t go home to eat,they wouldn’t be allowed back out.  So off they went to Jamie’s house,because everyday they each took turns going to each others  house for lunch.

On this one particular afternoon, on the way home,a little dog that was black and brown with big white spots,ran up to both of them. The dog seemed happy to see them. He was just wagging his tail,like he knew them. Both girls petted him,and said to the dog,we’ll see you later,we have to go home.

The little dog followed them home,and when they came back out to play,he was still there. He was sitting in front of the door,and seen them both coming . He stood up and started wagging his tail. Jamie went back in her house and brought out a piece of meat for the dog. He gobbled it up like he didn’t eat in a while.

This went on for about a week, Sara told her mom that he must not have a home. Sara’s mom  said,” Who ever he belongs to,they seem to have taken care of him. He must be lost.”

“Can I keep him Mom?” said Sara

“I’ll put an ad in the paper,under lost animals. He can stay until his owner picks him up.”

Jamie was happy for Sara. Jamie already had a dog of her own, she name him Scotty.

“Maybe if you keep him, we can take Scotty and the lost dog with us to the park.”

“He isn’t a lost dog, I’ll name him “Ditzy”………… he really is a lost dog,but I hope I can keep him”,said Sara with tears in her eyes.

Weeks went by and no one answered  the ad.  Then  one day the phone rang. The man on the line said,”The dog you described,sounds like my dad’s dog, Mutt. My dad passed away a month ago,and Mutt disappeared. I can’t take him home with me.”

“My daughter Sara, has been taking care of him. She would love to keep him.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” My dad loved that dog,and I would hate to take him to the S.P.C.A.

Well that is settled,I hope your daughter takes good care of Mutt. Good Bye!”

After he hung up, Sara and Ditzy walked  in the door. I told her the good news.

Sara picked up Ditzy and said,”Your staying,your my dog.” Sara gave him a big hug,and he couldn’t stop kissing her face.

Afterwards,she took Ditzy over to Jamie’s house to tell her the good news.

“I Can’t Find My Way Home”

This is a story about a lost calico kitten ,with beautiful colors,brown,orange and a hint of black.  She couldn’t be no more than eight months old.. Her name is Simple, that is what her two little friends call her anyway. She was happy living there,with the family.

Where is my friends at?

Where is my friends at?

Then one day when the two children,Larry and Susie went outside to play. Simple went out to play with them. They all were having a good time,when Simple seen another cat. She decided to go over and check this new friend out.He said his name was George,and he is new in the neighborhood.

“My name is Simple,and I was playing in the backyard with my two little friends. But I got bored after a while,and I noticed you sitting in the grass,in the next yard”.

“Do you want to play”?  Simple asked George

“Sure ” try and catch me.” said George

Then, they started having a good time together. Chasing each other up and down the sidewalks, across the grass in the park.and up and down the streets. Until they both got tired,then laid down in the grass and rested for a while.

When it started to get dark,Simple said to George, “I have to get back to my two friends.” See you tomorrow.”

Simple didn’t know how to get back home,she went up and down the streets.  But she couldn’t find her way back,she was scared. Simple already dodged a big black dog,running down the street.

“Where are my two friends”? thought Simple

What Simple didn’t know was,her family had to pack their belongings up. Because the moving truck was coming the next day. Simple’s two little friends,and their parents,were moving where their father had a new job,in another state. The parents told the children,they would get them both another kitten. Because their kitten had run away.

Just as she cross the street,she seen her friend George,and told him she couldn’t find her way back home.

“Don’t worry Simple, why don’t you come over where,I’ve been sleeping. I’ll take you their,it’s under a table in a back yard. ,and we’ll be safe.”

“Goody Goody!” said Simple. “I’ll feel safe with you George.”

“Lets get some sleep,and I’ll help you tomorrow, look for your house.”

“Okay,George!   Show me where you live.”

The next morning,when Simple woke-up,George said, “Simple you must be hungry,lets go and find something to eat.”

“Can’t we wait until we get to our house,they always leave food  out for me.”

“Okay if that is what you want to do.”

“Alright Simple!” Lets try and find your house.”

Off they went together, up and down the streets,up and down the alleys,but Simple couldn’t find her house. They both did this for a couple of weeks,and they still couldn’t find the house. Then one day,they came across where Simple lived. They both walked in the backyard,and noticed the backdoor was open. George and Simple walked in,and nobody was their. The house was empty.

“Simple,I don’t think they live here any more.”

Simple started to cry,”What am I going to do now? Why didn’t they take me with them?”

George said,”They probably thought you ran away.”

George is keeping an out-look,while Simple sleeps.

George is keeping an eye -out on Simple,while she sleeps.

“Come back with me Simple,I’ll never leave you.”said George

Simple said,”I don’t know where to go now,this is the saddest day of my life.”

“I’ll take care of you Simple,you’ll be very happy.”

Then they both strolled out of the yard. George found something for him and Simple to eat. Then Simple and George took a little cat-nap.

As the months passed,George and Simple had a good relationship. George showed Simple,all the ways to survive outside. She began to enjoy her new found freedom,in the great outdoors.

After some time,Simon was born.

Simple and George said,  ” Boy is he a hand-full.”

I hope they have food here!

I hope they have food here!

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew” (18)

About a year later, one of her normal dates,ask her to marry him. He said,she didn’t deserve,to have a life-like that.He said,you know what happened to your girlfriend Tina. Someone gave her an overdose of drugs,and she died.Do you want that to happen to you?”
“Autumn cried for days after that,when she seen Jake,her friend. She told him,that she has decided to get out of there,as soon as possible.
That week,Autumn and Jake moved to North Carolina,and got married. Jake got a great contracting job there. Autumn was now, Mrs. Jake Danni. Autumn stayed home,and took care of the house. He was making good money,so he didn’t want her to work.
Six months later,Autumn was expecting their first baby.They were both in their late twenties,and just thrilled about the new baby coming.Autumn took the guest room,and decorated it in yellow. Because neither one didn’t want to know the baby’s sex. As long as the baby was born healthy.
A week before Christmas,Tamara was born. She was 6 lb 2 oz. With a head of blond curly hair,and beautiful big blue eyes.That Christmas was a happy one for them,years to remember.
Jake and Autumn,were very proud of Tamara.They took a lot of family pictures together.She sent mom a picture of her new family together.She also wrote mom a letter,and told her she was sorry,for all the trouble she put her through. She was a young teenager,and thought she knew everything.
Mom wrote back,she said,that she was happy for her and her new family. Chadwick is married,with a baby boy,named Charles,he’s a year old. Faith is married,with no children yet.Maxwell is away at college,and doing fine.Mom sent me,all my siblings addresses. I sent them,pictures of my family. They all did the same,except for Maxwell he is busy studying,and not serious about settling down yet.
It felt good for Autumn to be in contact with her family. Jake didn’t have a family,he was brought up in a foster home.He told Autumn he didn’t want that to happen to anyone. Because having a real family is the greatest thing in life.

When Tamara was two years old. Her father went to work,and never came back home.He was hurt real bad,in an accident at work,and he died later.Autumn was in shock,her world was turning upside down.

She wrote to her family,and told them the bad news.They were all sad for her,and wanted to help. But she insisted,she and Tamara would be fine.

The Sister,That I Thought, I Knew (3)

When we notice mom and dad,started arguing. Then it seemed,like it was all the time. We over heard dad,tell mom.”Well you wanted more kids,not me!”

Not long after that,dad packed his bags. I think mom helped him.He moved out,and he didn’t come back.

Months later,we heard that he moved to Ohio,with his girlfriend. The buzz was about,she was having a baby.

My mother was left with taking care of us four children.To this day,I don’t know, how she managed to raise all four of us by herself. It really had to be hard, for her.But she managed,to do it all by herself,and I’m proud of her.

We all had a good days and our bad days.The great things that we had, was a lot of love.Also a roof over our heads.and a good hot meal,everyday.

Five years passed,and mom and dad,got a divorce.All of us kids were sad,we didn’t know what divorce meant.But we knew,all the good times,we had as a family was over.No more summer trips,no more sitting down at the kitchen table.Having a meal together,every night,as a whole family

This just left a void,in all of our hearts.Mom didn’t mention it at all,but we knew she felt it also.

Months later,she told all of us. That it wasn’t our fault, that your father left. Just always remember,that he loves you all. Mom must of felt,that we all blamed ourselves,for him leaving.

My oldest brother Chadwick,was taking it very hard.He didn’t say anything,he kept everything to himself.Him and our dad,were very close,they use to do a lot of things together.Before you knew it,Chadwick, was acting out.He gave mom a hard time,because he didn’t want to go to school. Mom threaten him,if he didn’t go to school.She was going to put him in a school,for boys that don’t listen to their parents.I knew and Chadwick knew,she wouldn’t do it. Because he was the first born,and her favorite.

“The Fifties and Sixties That I Know”

Growing up in the fifties and sixties,is quite different than today.It was a very peaceful time,a great time to grow up.When we were kids,we didn’t have a worry or care. That was for the grown-ups.I know my parents left us be children,and do what children do. Play,have fun and just be happy.But there were families out there with children such as Shirley Temple, Patty Duke,and Michael Jackson. I’m sure you can think of a lot of other children actors,and artists.their were quite a few. I use to feel sorry for all of them,what kind of childhood did they have? All work and no play isn’t good. You  can’t bring your childhood back,I don’t care how much money you have.   Like they say “Money is the root of all evils”

Things have really changed since I grew up. The schools,churches and children’s  groups don’t seem to been safe anymore. You think that you leave your children or grandchildren in there hands. Where they would be safe,not today!!

Today you walk down the street,in your neighborhood and more than half of the people you don’t know.I know people seem to move around quite a bit today.

Before you knew most of your neighbors,but today you don’t even know your next door neighbors name.

And don’t even think about saying the wrong thing,which is  Who knows!! It’s sue city today!!

What A Quote!

Their is a new site,maybe you already joined. It’s called Pinterest,and you can search the internet for anything. If you find something you like,you can repin it to your board.It’s I didn’t think I would like it at first,but I searched different pages on pinterest,and I found a lot of different boards,that had other members likes and dislikes.Their are so many categories,Children,Pets,Quotes,clothes, ect. You have to check the site out.My point of writing this post is: I can’t believe the responses I received in three days about a quote,that I liked and I repined it.In just three days,I have had 403 repins on my board of quotes. This saying actually hit a lot of people. The Quote Says: If it is important to you, You will find a way, If not, You’ll find an excuse

Things That Needs To Be Done

Today is just another day. Your trying to get things done,that needs doing. Washing, cooking,cleaning,errands, plus everything in between.I do not know,how we can manage do all these things in one day. But we do it day after day.Also if you work full time or part time, it surely is another story. You come home from work,tired and not wanting to do anything else. If you have little children you know that’s not possible. They don’t understand. They want to eat,then they need help with their homework ect.It seems like their just isn’t enough time in a day,to do everything that you would like to do.I’ll say,tomorrow is another day, it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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