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Don’t Have a Clue!

I thought I would vent about a few things today. I’m sure their are a lot of people out their doing a lot of venting right now.
First of all,I don’t have a clue,why some people volunteer to do something,that they don’t want to do in the first place. But they will say yes anyway,then afterward all you hear from these people.I didn’t want or didn’t have a choice. so I said yes.Then they go and complain to their friends.My comment would be,if you don’t want to do something,don’t volunteer in the first place. Nobody wants to listen to all of your complaining.Get a Life!
Another thing is,you go into any busy food establishment.Some people want to be seated right away. So they can’t wait to be seated,so they seat their-self at a dirty table.I like to know how they expect to have the table cleaned off right?
Their are people that just go to work and their are people that work. The people that just go to work,why do they even bother to go in the first place? They are just getting in the way of all the people that want to work.


I don’t know about you,but I enjoy going out to work. I like working with the public,their are days,when you go to work and you  meet new people.Most people are nice,a very few try to ruin your day But its up to you to let it pass you by.Their are co-workers that you work well with,and their are co-workers that  are a nightmare. .I try my best to let a lot go over my head,sometimes it is hard. Your suppose to work like a team,then everything should run smooth. I do know,I learn something new everyday.Everyday is a new adventure.

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