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Spring Begins

Tomorrow will be the first day of Spring ! I am sooo! happy,this means I can open the windows and get lots of fresh air. When I breathe in spring air,its gives me lots of energy. I will start my spring cleaning:: cleaning windows,take the curtains down,wash them and put fresh ones up. Plus a lot of things, I should of done this pass winter. Like trying to get my basement in order,what a job I have in front of me.I can’t wait to start my garden,their is nothing better than fresh tomatoes,peppers of all kinds,egg plant etc.I have to go down to Lowes or Home Depot,to see if they have the tomato holders in yet. Last year we had so many tomatoes growing all over.We had about 5 tomatoes plants,but we got sooo! many tomatoes,they were every where. So if I get the holders,the plants will be better organized.

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