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I’m sitting in my living room with my husband.I have my laptop on a small table.Antique Roadshow is on the t.v.,they usually have some great antiques on that show.Usually we see a item that we owned,or used to owed at one time,I bet you did also.How about some of the great prices?My husband and I used to go to different antique shows, to buy for our antique store.This was in the late sixties, you could buy some pieces very cheaply at auctions.We than started to set up at flea markets on the weekends,because we had a huge inventory.Business was very good to us,we did well.But my point is! It seems when Antique Roadshow first show came on,things changed big time.Some people would price their item,or items to high,because they may have seen it on the A.R show.This made some businesses go under,because the things weren’t selling like it was before.If you went to an auction most of the people would try and buy cheap,so they could make a big profit.Your saying to yourself,that isn’t anything new.Well it as gotten a lot deeper,than that.With the economy the way it is.I went to a Auction about three weeks ago.It’s been maybe two years since I went last.I was very surprise,their wasn’t very many people there.I looked around to see if I could use anything before the auction started.Their were a couple of things I could use. But if it didn’t go off in a hour,no big lost for me.While I was their the bids were low,and a lot of the things didn’t even sell.You have to feel bad for the people that brought things to sell.I was talking to one of the fellows working their at the auction.I asked him if it was always like this?” He said” you never know what kind of crowd you get here. But I know when we advertise with one of our estate sales,we get crowded big time. People are lookingfor jewelry,gold and silver things.Looked at the time,and said “I better get moving,I have an appointment in ten minutes.

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