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Where Are They At?

I was just reading a post on one of my yahoo groups. The members their, had a discussion going on about friends,once you reach 50 plus. I thought they were talking about me.Once you reach midlife,your peers aren’t reaching out for you.Don’t get me wrong,I have had, and still do have a lot of friends.I had a few friends in school,and once we graduated everyone went their own way.Nobody stayed in touch,some of us got married,moved away,or left for college. We all had the world in our hands!Your to busy with your own personal life,you forget about your classmates.As they say life goes on!!!Family isn’t the same,sure you can be close,but you want a friend around your own age,to share,differant things like a pal does.Usually as family goes,you here from them,when a member has a birthday,graduations,marriages ect.I enjoy time with my husband,but he doesn’t always feel like going to yardsales,shopping,or just walking. It’s very boring going all by yourself.I have also made a lot of friends,when my husband and I were in the retail business.I’ve still have friends that are my co-workers.Lots of friends on Facebook***who doesn’t?My point is,these aren’t friends your age,that you can relate with.You have to find people your age,that likes the same things that you do. A group called,I heard is great!!!They are suppose to have a list of differant things to do as a group.I”m sure after a while you can meet friends around your own age.I can just imagine a million or more people out their right now,that just want a friend to talk to on the phone. Or go shopping.biking,walking ect.So it looks like were’re just have to go to these events and see if we can meet new friends.


Ever since I was a little girl. I loved to read,and I still love to read.When my son was a baby,I use to read him stories all the time.I believe it stuck,because to-day he is a avid reader.
No matter where I go,if I have the extra money, I will buy something to read. This is one of my vices, and I love it! I must be old -fashion,but I like the feel of a real book. Lots of people buy e-books for their kindles or nooks,and they probably love reading this way.But give me a real book to read, and I’ll be happier.

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