Jean Alphin


“Bernie and Buttons”


I’m lost! I’m hungry! I shouldn’t of jumped out that car window.

Although, I thought, I could find a friend, that loves me.

My master,was mean to me, always yelling and kicking at me.

The meanie didn’t even pull over and see if I was hurt.

I guess, if your going to read this. I better tell you my name.

Meanie, called me Bernie, sometimes, he would call me, “Get Out of my Way.”

He said, he found me wandering the streets in the pouring rain, all by

So he took me home to his house, because, I looked like a wet,little mutt.

He was nice to me at first. He would play with me……then all of a sudden, after he stepped,on my paw. (Ouch!) I growled at him.

That was it for him….then he got mean with me.

I once was happy,but he made me very sad.

That is the reason, I jumped out the car window.

I didn’t care, if I got hurt, I just wanted to be rid of him.

Nevertheless, here I am, walking down this big road.

All by myself…cars passing me by, and probably wanting me to dart across the street.

I’m to smart for them.

I’m going to keep moving along side of the road carefully.

Maybe the sun will go away soon.

Goody! I’m finally off that big road.

Looky! There’s a big trash can, and a smaller one next to it.

Maybe I can look in one of them, for something to eat.

Just as I started to check – out the big can.

I heard something moving in the little can.

I walked over to the little can, and I heard a low voice coming from under the trash.

“Somebody help me, please!” “I’m stuck in this can.”

Startled, I moved my nose over to the can, and pushed the trash away.

“Help me up big guy!” “Somebody threw me in here.”

“Well, look what we have here!”

“A talking little Teddy Bear.” said Bernie, with a smile.

“So what’s wrong with that? Your a funny looking talking dog.”

“Let me get you out of this trash can,before you start smelling.”

I grabbed the Teddy out, with my mouth, by his arm.

“Don’t hurt me!” “Don’t hurt me!” The Teddy cried.

“Your silly!” “I wouldn’t hurt a little guy like you.”

“What are you, about four inches tall, with your brown self?”

“Your just to funny!” Sigh the Teddy Bear.

“Well if you want to hang with me, laughed Bernie. That is how I’m going to have to carry you.”

“What are you crazy?” “I might be small, however, I know how to walk.”

“Great news little fellow. What is your name?”

“Ahhh!” “I don’t have a name. I just came out of the toy store.”

“My little friend, just bought me. He lost me before he got me home.”

“Then someone came along, and dump me in the trash.”

” All right then!” “I’m just going to have to give you a name.” nodded Bernie.

“I hope your good in that department.” sighed Teddy

“Let me see…How about Sherman or Howard? Maybe Reed or Reds?”

“Apparently, your in the wrong department.” laughed Teddy

“I could just call you plain Teddy.”

“I know!” “I know!” yelled Bernie.

“Your name is going to be…… “Buttons”.

“How do you like that name? Bubbled Bernie

“I like it!” “I like it!” “Now we’re best friends.

“I don’t know about that, we just met.”

“Okay!” “I’ll settle for plain friends than.” sighed Buttons.

“That’s settled!”

‘Let’s see if we can find something to eat. I’m starving!” said Bernie

“Can’t we go to your house to eat?”

“That’s another story, Buttons”…”I’ll fill you in later.”

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