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“Just Maybe”

Tuesday night Stacy called me, she ask me if I wanted to go to our favorite club,Saturday night. She said,she was supposed to meet her friend Jay there. However, he said,he may stop by.

“We might be able to meet a couple of nice guys,this time.” laughed Stacy

“It’s on for Saturday night,unless something comes up before time.” I sigh

“Darcy,what can come-up?” laughed Stacy

“I met this guy,when I went downtown to buy Timmy a gift. He saved me from falling flat on my face. As I got off the bus, my foot slipped,and their he was. 5’9″,medium brown hair,dreamy emerald eyes,just holding me in his arms. His name is Jeff,and he wrote down his number.” “Call me” he said, “before he hurried off back to work.”

“Wow! That’s Awesome!” “Do you think,he has a buddy?

“He might!” Jeff is around our age,early thirties. I just hope,he isn’t all ready taken.”

“He sounds very charming.”

“I’ll get back to you Stacy,bye!”

Afterwards,I dug-up Jeff’s number and called him.

His cell-phone rang a couple of time. He then picked it up.

“Hello Darcy!” Nice to hear from you.”

“You’re either must be a clairvoyant,or my name came up on your phone.” I chucked
“Your right on the second guess. Hows your leg? I thought you were going to split your head open.”

“I’m fine!” “The reason I called, besides to say hello. This Saturday,my girlfriend Stacy and I are going to our favorite club. We usually have a lot of fun just being social. Would you like to join us?”

“No thanks!” Darryl and I don’t go to any clubs. We enjoy sitting in the movie house,eating popcorn and watching movies together.”

“Oh!” I sighed

“I just wanted to thank you again. I’ll try to be more careful,getting off the bus.” “Thanks again Jeff,bye”

“Just my luck,he’s already taken,I better call Stacy back.”

Stacy answered her phone right away.

“Wow Stacy” “Who are you expecting a call from?”

“I called Mike up,and ask him,if he was going to be at the club Saturday.”
“He said he would call me back,which was a couple of hours ago. I guess the answer is No.”

“I called Jeff,and invited him. I’m sorry to have to say, he’s already spoken for.”

“Nevertheless,we’re going to have a good time. Like we usually do,but I thought,maybe more is better.”

“See you Saturday night Stacy. Good Night!

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