Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Shelly and Sherman” (1)

"Jeannies Short Stories"

Shelly and Sherman

My birthday is coming up soon,and I hope,my wish comes true this time. I just want to have my brother with me. I didn’t ask,to be separated from my brother Sherman.
My mother and father,died last year in a plane crash. My only family that is left,is my brother.
Right after,our parents died,Sherman and I were put with a foster carer. Until, someone would adopt us. My foster carer,didn’t want to take care of two children at one time. That is the reason Sherman and I were separated.
My foster carers,Helen and Tom Flunet, decided to take only me,because I was a girl. I was their first placement. They already had a daughter of their own. Mindy,who was seven years old. She has long curly blond hair,with big blue eyes. Mindy and I got along well,from the beginning. I told her about my twin brother Sherman.
My brother is six…

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