Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Different Ways”

Clyde and Marianne was, high school sweethearts, at Strum high school, in Strum,PA.  They were always seen holding hands wherever they went. All  their friends  were envious,of their relationship.

They made a nice couple, both were of an average height,with brown hair,and green eyes,and slim.

Until Marianne decided she wanted out.

Clyde wanted to get married and start a family right after they graduated from high school.

Marianne didn’t want to be tied down, so soon.  She loved Clyde,but wanted to wait .

“I told you, I want to attend Beautician school.  There is plenty of time to get married.  You’ll be going off to college anyway.” said Marianne

Her girlfriends were out there playing the field,and were happy.She wanted to do the same,instead of being tied-down.

Marianne felt left out,so she called it quits,right after Clyde talked about getting married.

Clyde was angry at Marianne,he wanted to start a new life,with the person of his dreams.

She wouldn’t have anything to do with making  Clyde ‘s  dream come true,not now.

He really thought she wanted the same, with all the long talks they shared.

Clyde spent the summer all alone,but missing Marianne. He didn’t see or hear from her,since they left high school. It hurts him to hear different rumors,about Marianne. She is blaming him for their break-up. But at the same time,she is having the time of her life.

When the fall came,before he left for college. Clyde stopped over at Marianne see her…and tell her, they could still be friends.
Before he knocked on the front door,he heard Marianne laughing. Clyde went to the side of the house,and looked in the window. Marianne was sitting on the couch….the same one they use to sit on together.
Sitting on the couch next to my friend Paul,who told me she was having the time of her life.

Clyde turned around with his head down,and walked slowly back home.

The next morning,he left for college in Ohio. That was almost two and a half years ago.

Since then,he has met another……her name is Brenda. They both plan to get married in three years.

As far as Marianne goes…Clyde has heard from back home,that she has a little boy,but the father left right after the boy was born.


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