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“Bad Choices We Make”

Lita didn’t have a choice, but to do what she had to do. Little Mark, age six months,and his brother Marty,who is two, isn’t being taken care of properly.

Lita was only nineteen, without a family nearby. When she was sixteen, she ran-away from home which, was in North Carolina. She found herself in Delaware, after taking free rides from truck-drivers.

“Well, I shouldn’t say free rides….that is when my problem started. Sex and food in exchange for rides in different trucks. I didn’t know where I was headed, and at the time,I didn’t care.”

“Until about a month later,I got tired of living that way.”

While I was walking along interstate 95. A tracker trailer pulled over.The driver ask me if I wanted a lift.

I excepted his offer… little did I know what would happen next.

We talked for a while,and he asked me where I was from. I told him my story.

“I’m sorry to hear your sad story.” he said.

Next he pulled in at a truck-stop. When he was parked,he got out….came over to my side and opened the door. I got out, as I turned around,to shut the door. I noticed next to that door,their was a second door.along side of it.

The trucker said,”Let’s get in the back and eat,you must be hungry.”

“Which I was.”

He then opened the second door,and ask me to get in, which I did.

“Before the door was completely shut….he was all over me.”

“I yelled at him to stop.”

“The truck-driver just smiled at me.”

“He said,”what did you expect, a party?”

“After he raped me, he threw me out of his truck.

“The last words I heard from him was,”Go home to your mama!”

I stayed hid for a whole day, until I seen this young guy…. somewhere around my age. He got out of his truck,and got a drink from the water foundation. He seen me,and ask me what I was doing their.

“I told him I was lost.”

That was the beginning of our relationship. He lived in Stater,Pennsylvania,that is where he took me.

His name is Marty,and he loved to party..the nickname his friends gave him.
One thing led to another…I partied with him. “why not!”

Before I knew it,I was pregnant.

When Marty found out……he said,”Don’t tell my mom,she doesn’t like you anyway.”

“What did I get myself into? What does your mother have to do with the baby?” sighed Lita

“You know I haven’t worked in a while,and she has been giving me money.”

“Well!” “Looks like your going to have to find a job,and stop getting high everyday.”

“Who do you think your talking to?” “I took you off the streets,why don’t you get a job?” Further more,you get high with me,you seem to like it.”

This argument about Marty getting a job,went on for quite a while. I finally found a job,I wanted to saved enough money. So that we could find a little apartment, before the baby was born. I hated living here in his mothers house.

When “Little Marty” was born, we were still living with his mother. It seemed the money I was trying to save,went mostly on getting high,with Marty. Marty was right about me enjoying to get high with him.

I have to get myself straighten out for the babies sake at least. Marty, I can’t depend on. I hate to leave “Little Marty” with his dad, when I work…..who knows what’s going on then. Sometimes,I leave the baby with Shirley, a older lady down the street, when I go to work.

Months went by,and I got the shock of my life. Yes, your right,I was pregnant again.

“When I found out, I cried for weeks. This isn’t fair,for the children we’re having. I thought about,having an abortion, but I couldn’t do it…’s a human being…my baby!”

“I started putting money away,and didn’t tell Marty. By the time the baby comes,I should have enough,to get an apartment for all of us. Maybe things will change,if Marty’s away from his mother.

No matter what he does,it’s fine with her.”

A month after Mark was born,I told Marty,I found us a little apartment.

“You crazy woman!” I’m not going anywhere. This is my home,if you want to move out,take the kids with you.”

“These two children belong to both of us. Their your responsibly too. Just as much as mine.”

“Take the kids and get the hell out of here.” “Don’t come back!” “I’m sure you can be replaced.”

After I gathered some of the children’s belonging. I went over to Shirley’s house. “I ask her if she would watch them until I got myself together.”

“Take as long as you need,they will be safe with me.”said Shirley

Lita left her two children their with Shirley. She was on her way to pay the rent for the apartment. But instead,she found herself back at Marty house.Lita needed a fix…..Marty was glad to see her.

“I knew you would come back….they always come back.

“This went on for a couple of weeks. Lita didn’t know sometimes, where she was at.

When Lita came back to reality,she couldn’t believe what she had done. All the money she saved was going. She didn’t even know how her children were.

“That’s it Marty!” .”How low,I’ve become. You brought me down to your level.” “Good by!” “You won’t see me or the babies anymore.”

As she walk out the door and slammed it. Lita heard Marty yelling out the window,”you’ll be back.”

“That was when,I made my mind up,to get help for myself,and then be a mother to my children.”

“I stopped over to Shirley’s house to see my children. I told Shirley what I was going to do. She was tickled pink,”take as long as you need.”

“What a Surprise!”

Several hours have pass, and no word from Nick. Something must be going on, or else he is really mad.

It was unusual to Tammy, whenever she was going for very long, he would call at least three times.   She couldn’t figure out why, last night, he didn’t call her, while she was sitting in the park….planning this escape.

Tammy looked at her gas gauge,as she was driving to her hometown.

“Oh Shit!” “I’m about to run out of gas.”” “Shit!” “Just my luck!”

“Oh Great!”  “I really plan this right, almost ready to run out of gas, with little money.  she sigh out loud.

I’m near mom’s house, which I didn’t plan on stopping by.   I don’t feel like listening to her. “I told you so!”

Instead,she pulled into the nearest gas station, took the last seven dollars out of her purse.  Got out of her car,and paid the man, put the gas in her empty tank.

Afterward, she knew what she had to do.

Tammy drove in town not far from where she was born. The town was called Minx, in PA. She didn’t think she would be back so soon.

On the corner was Minx Deli,where she worked at, right after she graduated from high school.  She was their until she started dating Nick.  He talked her into leaving their, and moving in with him.

When Tammy walked into the deli, Judy, her friend from back in school,was behind the counter.

“What’s up Tammy!”

“I came in to see Ms. Minx.. I need a job today!”

“She’s in the back, just knock at her door.”

“Thanks Judy!”

Tammy went into the back,and knocked on her door.

“Come on in Tammy.” “Shut the door behind you.”

“You don’t have to say a word Tammy,I heard you tell Judy you need a job. I wouldn’t hire you again,if I didn’t need help. I’m going to give you a second chance.”

“Thank you,thank you, Ms. Minx.”

“This is your lucky day. Don’t even think of walking out again. If you do,you better not step your foot in my Deli again. Now go out their with Judy, and help her.”

As Tammy walked back out in the Deli,she said to Judy, I’m your new co-worker.”

“Great!” “Because I need the help. I’m tired of yelling for Ms. Minx to come out and help me.”

“I have to find a place to stay. I don’t want to go back to my mom’s house. She hasn’t talked to me,since I moved in with my boyfriend.”

“You can sleep on my couch, until you get your own place.”

After Judy and Tammy closed up the Deli. Tammy got in her vehicle and followed Judy to her condo. When they both arrived at their destination. Judy showed Tammy around her condo.
While Tammy was unpacking some of her things. Judy told Tammy she would be back in a couple of hours.

“Make yourself at home, I’m going over to my boyfriend’s house for a while. He called me this afternoon, asked me to come over. He said his room-mate moved out.”

I’ll be fine Judy, go and enjoy yourself.”

As Tammy was going through her things,she couldn’t fine her good watch,that her late grandmother gave her. She didn’t have the nerve to call Nick. At the same time, she knew if she wanted it back,she would have to.

“I’ll just wait until I get enough nerve up.” sigh Tammy

Two months later, she started looking for an apartment. There were days, that Judy didn’t come to work, and nights, she didn’t come home.

One day,Judy came home and asked Tammy,if she wanted to take the condo over.

“I’m moving out of here, and moving in with my boyfriend.”

“Tammy answered, “I can stop looking for a place. Their wasn’t any that I really liked.”

A week later Judy moved out. Before she said good-by to Tammy. She stopped in her tracks.

“I almost forgot,I have something for you. Let me go out in my car and get it for you.”

When Judy came back in,she handed her a little box.

Tammy opened it,and her eyes lit up.

“How did you get my watch!”

“My boyfriend gave it to me last night for you. He said to tell you hi!”


“Life is Too Short”

Tammy sat on a bench, at a park , that was  nearby to her little apartment . Which she shared with her boyfriend Nick.

This seems  to have become a habit, for the last three weeks. Tammy would just sit there for hours, with tears in her eyes, and just think.

“Nick and I get into a argument about stupid little things.  We must watch,what he wants on television.  He doesn’t like the way I do things,he can always do something better than myself. When he attempts doing anything,and it doesn’t turn out right…..,it’s my fault, always, never his.”

“I’m just sick of getting stressed-out,  about little things….life is too short!”  she thought to herself

“Nevertheless, here I am again”.

“Sitting in the park,crying my eyes out. Nobody deserves a life like this.”

“I should of seen it coming!” cried Tammy

“When Nick and I first met,about a year ago. Things were very nice. We both fell in love, and he treated me like a queen.”

“I was blind to his……… all about him scenes.”

We moved in together, after six months of dating. (Big Mistake!)

She thought he would change, she said,”That never happened.”

As Tammy was watching the children,having fun  playing in the park.  She thought,”I deserve to be happy too.”

“I can’t go on like this everyday.”   mumbled Tammy

“Tomorrow morning when Nick goes to work,I’ll pack my things,and leave before he comes home.”

Tammy stood-up,her thoughts were lifted,after thinking of this plan.  She walked home in better spirits.

When she arrived back at the apartment,Nick was waiting for her at the door.

“Where the hell have you been?” “I’ve been waiting for you, I  was  starving!”  “It’s all your fault that I almost burned my hamburger up.”

“You are good for nothing ,get out of my way. I’m going to bed..I need my sleep,for work tomorrow. You don’t know what work is.”

After Nick went upstairs,Tammy started to cry…but she thought about her plan tomorrow morning,and calmed herself down.

The next morning when she woke-up….. Nick was already up.

He was in the bathroom yelling,    “Tammy get the hell up.”

“Why didn’t you throw out that hamburg in the refrigerator?”  “I’ve been on this toilet all night,and can’t get off.” Call my work and tell them , I won’t be in today.”      “Now!”

He didn’t have to tell her twice. Tammy said, ” she hurried to get dressed,  grabbed most of her important belongings.  Slammed the door behind her,and never looked back,as she drove away.


“Shelly and Sherman” (1)

"Jeannies Short Stories"

Shelly and Sherman

My birthday is coming up soon,and I hope,my wish comes true this time. I just want to have my brother with me. I didn’t ask,to be separated from my brother Sherman.
My mother and father,died last year in a plane crash. My only family that is left,is my brother.
Right after,our parents died,Sherman and I were put with a foster carer. Until, someone would adopt us. My foster carer,didn’t want to take care of two children at one time. That is the reason Sherman and I were separated.
My foster carers,Helen and Tom Flunet, decided to take only me,because I was a girl. I was their first placement. They already had a daughter of their own. Mindy,who was seven years old. She has long curly blond hair,with big blue eyes. Mindy and I got along well,from the beginning. I told her about my twin brother Sherman.
My brother is six…

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“Different Ways”

Clyde and Marianne was, high school sweethearts, at Strum high school, in Strum,PA.  They were always seen holding hands wherever they went. All  their friends  were envious,of their relationship.

They made a nice couple, both were of an average height,with brown hair,and green eyes,and slim.

Until Marianne decided she wanted out.

Clyde wanted to get married and start a family right after they graduated from high school.

Marianne didn’t want to be tied down, so soon.  She loved Clyde,but wanted to wait .

“I told you, I want to attend Beautician school.  There is plenty of time to get married.  You’ll be going off to college anyway.” said Marianne

Her girlfriends were out there playing the field,and were happy.She wanted to do the same,instead of being tied-down.

Marianne felt left out,so she called it quits,right after Clyde talked about getting married.

Clyde was angry at Marianne,he wanted to start a new life,with the person of his dreams.

She wouldn’t have anything to do with making  Clyde ‘s  dream come true,not now.

He really thought she wanted the same, with all the long talks they shared.

Clyde spent the summer all alone,but missing Marianne. He didn’t see or hear from her,since they left high school. It hurts him to hear different rumors,about Marianne. She is blaming him for their break-up. But at the same time,she is having the time of her life.

When the fall came,before he left for college. Clyde stopped over at Marianne see her…and tell her, they could still be friends.
Before he knocked on the front door,he heard Marianne laughing. Clyde went to the side of the house,and looked in the window. Marianne was sitting on the couch….the same one they use to sit on together.
Sitting on the couch next to my friend Paul,who told me she was having the time of her life.

Clyde turned around with his head down,and walked slowly back home.

The next morning,he left for college in Ohio. That was almost two and a half years ago.

Since then,he has met another……her name is Brenda. They both plan to get married in three years.

As far as Marianne goes…Clyde has heard from back home,that she has a little boy,but the father left right after the boy was born.

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