Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

Summer Days

Train tracksThe sunny days of summer is very inspiring. It seems to give you a bright outlook on the day to come.

That is exactly want June was thinking, as she was getting ready to board the train  to go to work. She has been doing this, since she was hired three years ago .  Straight after graduating from Union Community college in Idaho,where she lives.

For the pass two weeks,June notice this good-looking guy,who boarded the same train.  He was medium height,slim and had short black hair,and big green eyes. When he smiled at her, she just melted.

This sunny morning, June looked for him,their he was standing in back of the line. With a big smile on his face…she wondered if he was smiling at her.

“I feel great enough today,to get the nerve to try to make a conversation with him…… I hope he sits near me, like he did yesterday.”smiled June

Gradually people were getting on,as she was looking for him. This middle age fellow sat next to her,he didn’t say anything as he sat…he seemed to be in his own world.

Then she seen the gorgeous guy  looking all around,and found a seat.

Before the train continued it’s journey,he jumped back up and walked over to the fellow sitting next to her.

He said,”Sir do you mind if I can sit next to my cousin,we have a family reunion to discuss?”

“Where am  I   gonna to sit,  on the floor?”     yelled  the man

“Over there where I just got up.”

The older man gets up ,and yells back,   “up yours!”

The conductor was going around the train, punching holes in everyone’s tickets.

After the young fellow sits down and smiles at June, he says,”Hello! My name is Kerry.

“I can’t believe you lied to that man,where did that come from?” asked June

“Sorry, I just wanted to talk to you, I’m new around here, and I noticed you have been by yourself.  Plus who could miss you,with your long blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes.

You don’t mind,I hope!”

“Not at all!” My name is June….where are you from?”

“I’m from  a little town in Pennsylvania, called Shads Creek.  Last month, I was offered a great job at Tilly’s on second street,in the city.”

“I know where that’s located at…. three blocks from where I work at, Sheffield’s.

Before they knew it, the train stopped at their destination.

After getting off the train,Kerry walked along side June . They both continued to talk, like they knew each other for a while.

When they both got near to their workplace. June seen one of her co-workers Nina.

Nina hollered from across the street to June. “No time to play,we have to get to work.”

“I’ll be right over,Nina”

Kerry said,   “June, would you like to continue this conversation,after work?  I get done around five o’clock,and we can have dinner at Flack’s on the corner here. I heard they have good food.”

June thought for a minute,then she answered,  “Yes, I would love to.”  ” I’m finished at four-thirty….I’ll meet you there.”

“That’s settled,” Kerry smiled.

June said good-by to Kerry and ran across the street to loud mouth Nina.

June said to Nina, “I knew I was going to have a good  day  today!”

“The day just started, let’s go before we’re  late.” sighed Nina


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