Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister, That I Thought,I Knew (34)

Jean Alphin

I’m having my crazy dreams again. I seem to have them when something is going on with Autumn. I started having these dreams,way back after Autumn left home. She must have rather been with our father,then staying home with me.
I missed her so much,we used to do everything together. After she left,I was in shock, I didn’t want to do anything.

I kept thinking,what did I do wrong?

Why didn’t she tell me she was leaving?

I wouldn’t even get on a bus,because, we as sisters,went everywhere together.I didn’t really have any friends at the time.
I didn’t think about having friends,we were like,two peas in a pod.

But I learned fast,I had to learn how to do things by myself.I figured,one of these days,Autumn would come back home. Then I would feel like a whole person.
I know Autumn called Chadwick,and told him where she was going. But…

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