Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

Simon and his Friends

Simon was free to do and go where he wanted. He was very happy,his parents gave him his freedom. The first thing he wanted to do,was look for his possum friend. Simon didn’t know where to start looking,because his friend usually came out of no-where.

Simon thought,”I’ll go to the park,maybe my friend will be there.”

Simon had a hard time finding the little park,he thought he knew where it was,but he got lost. He thought to himself,maybe I should go back to that house where my friend showed up.

To do that Simon had to find the way back to his old home. It took him a while,but he finally was in  the area where he was familiar with.  He found the backyard where they both ate at.

Simon entered the backyard,there wasn’t anyone around. He sat there for a while,wondering what he could do next.

“This isn’t any fun!” Simon thought

Just as he started to leave,something jumped down from the big tree in the yard.

Simon heard a voice,that said,”We’re you going?”

The scare kitten started to run away,but when he looked back. He seen a baby squirrel sitting on the top of the fence.

“I’m looking for my friend, the possum.” said Simon “I thought he might be here. I started going to the park to find him,but I got lost.”

“You must be talking about Fredi,he talks to my mother sometimes. He told her,he lives in the little park down the street. My mom and I go there,sometimes. We did see Fredi sitting under the bushes one time”

“Goodie!”  “Can you show me where it’s at?”   By the way my name is Simon,what’s yours?”

“Nice to meet you Simon,my name is Fussy.”

Simon laughed,”That’s a funny name.”

“My mother said when I was born,all I did was fuss,fuss.!”  “So she named me the perfect name Fussy.”  laughed Fussy

“Okay Fussy, can you show me where the park is?”

“I’ll probably get in trouble,because I’m not suppose to leave the yard.  You’re my friend, so I’ll help you, it’s not far,but I have to make it fast.”

“Thanks Fussy! I’ll remember your kindness.”

“Come on Simon,lets go,so I can get back before my mother finds out.”

Off they went.


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