Jean Alphin


Wiber Hibbs

My name is Libby, I’m six years old.  I have long red hair that  I wear in pig-tails,sometimes.

My eyes are green,and I have a few freckles. I don’t like them,but my mom and dad told me they make me look  more beautiful. I think their both kidding me.

I do know they both love me very much.

Today is the last day of school.

I had a great time today,my teacher Miss Krista, said since everyone in the class pass. We will all go to the next grade in September. She had a party for the whole class. The teacher said we were the best class she had, since she started teaching three years ago. Miss Krista gave us all a card that said,I’ll miss you all,who will you miss?

I have to think about this……..well maybe not.   A lot of my classmates were all nice to me,but I won’t actually miss them. I was real nice to them also.

Maybe the boy that sat next to me all year, I will miss.  His name is Wiber Gibbs. He has short black hair and big green eyes. Wiber helped me  out a lot all year,he was my partner in class. He told me some of his secrets, which I can’t tell anyone,I would tell you,but I promised, I wouldn’t tell.

I can tell you one of my secrets. I think  Wiber is the best of the best. I think he likes me too. Maybe one day Wiber and I will get married.

Now that is our little secret,don’t tell Wiber,you might scare him away.

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