Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“No Show”

Today my husband and I  were going to set up at a flea market locally. We decided at the last-minute not to. The weather report changed,from nice  to 40 mile winds. Naturally the two-week planning went down the drain.

Couple of nights ago, I baked two dozen” Ice cream cone cupcakes”. Something different  I could sell at the flea market, plus six gift baskets.

Now that we didn’t set-up,what am I going to do with two dozen cupcakes? After thinking about that for a while. I thought there are plenty of children in the neighborhood. I’ll make their day,what kid doesn’t like cupcakes? I’ll just give them away.

Since I’m blogging about the flea market,I notice since the high gas prices. People haven’t been flocking to flea markets or garage sales.  Of course you have your dealers…….. if it’s advertised,and you have the items they want,they’ll show up. But your everyday people don’t want to drive around from place to place,and waste gas.

That is probably the reason,when you look in the paper under flea markets & garage sales. There are listings for two family sales, street or block sales. The most popular are community sales.

Some people just don’t bother at all. They feel more comfortable traveling to farmers markets. Their you can find new and used items,for a reasonably price.  Not forgetting about all the produce stands,and all the bakery stands.

Most people prefer this route,because it is a one stop shop place.

The nearest one for me is Booth’s Corner Farmer Market,Garnet Valley,PA. We go out their on occasions, just to look around.  Sometimes, something catches our eye.  We don’t like to go out to the farmers  market to often. Because we seem to come home with the things we don’t need,like shoo fly pie,cinnamon buns ,etc.   I’m sure you get my drift..


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