Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"


Max and Liza are brother and sister. Max is seven and Liza is eight, they are very close. Where-ever Max is your surly see Liza following near by. They live in a small town with about 1,200 people,  which is called Thunder, in the state of  Pennsylvania.

Max and Liza are both doing great in school. When Max has a problem with his homework,  his big sister helps him with it. The children’s parents, both work in town.

Liza makes sure their homework is done,before their parents come home from work. Because Maggie their mom,comes home and makes them dinner every night. After dinner,one of the parents always checks to see if the homework is finished. If so,then they can go out and play.

Most of the time,both children would go over to see Dottie,who is Maggie’s friend. Dottie has no kids,but she has a beautiful Shepard dog name Sharma.  She is silver and black,and loves to play with the two children. Dottie said around the same time every night,Sharma puts her nose against the back window pane. She’ll stay their until she’ s sees Liza and Max,when she sees them she’ll start barking and wagging her tail. That lets Dottie know,Sharma wants to go out and play with the kids.

Often when Max and Liza goes home,they asked why they can’t have a dog. They always  promise to take good care of it.

Maggie and Don their parents say,”Lets wait and see how your report cards are.”

One day after dinner,both Max and Liza went over to play with Sharma. Dottie came out and told them Sharma wasn’t feeling good,so she took her to the vets. The vet told Dottie they were keeping Sharma over night.

“I”ll call your mother when Sharma feels better.” said Dottie

That happened seven weeks ago.

School was out,and both Max and Liza got great grades. They were being promoted to the next grade,for the new year.

In the middle of the week,while everyone was watching T.V. the phone rang. Maggie picked up the phone.

Dottie was on the other line.  Maggie. she said, Sharma is feeling better,you all can come over and see Sharma.”

Maggie and Don knew what was up.

“Max and Liza, we all can go over and see Sharma now. She is feeling better,and must want to see her friends.”

Both of the children,jumped up and down,with their big smiles on their face. Don and Maggie smiled at each other.

“Let’s go!” said Don.

When they arrived at Dottie’s house.  Sure enough, Sharma had her nose up against the window pane. She jumped down,and was dancing and barking. Dottie knew they all were at the door,before they even knock.

When Dottie opened the door,Sharma didn’t run out in the yard.  She ran into the next room,and both kids seen three  puppies, they all looked like Sharma.   Sharma was standing next to,them and was showing them off. You could tell,she was very proud of her new babies.

Max and Liza eyes got so big.

Liza said,”Is this why Sharma was sick?”

“Yes it is Liza!”  “You both can go over and pick out your own puppy. Sharma won’t mind,she knows, you both will take good care of her babies. Also you can bring them back to see her,and their brother.”

“Mom and Dad!” Can we? Can we?

“Of course you can! Maggie and Don said.


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  2. This gives me incentive to bring home a good report card!

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