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Wiber Hibbs

My name is Libby, I’m six years old.  I have long red hair that  I wear in pig-tails,sometimes.

My eyes are green,and I have a few freckles. I don’t like them,but my mom and dad told me they make me look  more beautiful. I think their both kidding me.

I do know they both love me very much.

Today is the last day of school.

I had a great time today,my teacher Miss Krista, said since everyone in the class pass. We will all go to the next grade in September. She had a party for the whole class. The teacher said we were the best class she had, since she started teaching three years ago. Miss Krista gave us all a card that said,I’ll miss you all,who will you miss?

I have to think about this……..well maybe not.   A lot of my classmates were all nice to me,but I won’t actually miss them. I was real nice to them also.

Maybe the boy that sat next to me all year, I will miss.  His name is Wiber Gibbs. He has short black hair and big green eyes. Wiber helped me  out a lot all year,he was my partner in class. He told me some of his secrets, which I can’t tell anyone,I would tell you,but I promised, I wouldn’t tell.

I can tell you one of my secrets. I think  Wiber is the best of the best. I think he likes me too. Maybe one day Wiber and I will get married.

Now that is our little secret,don’t tell Wiber,you might scare him away.


It was a nice sunny day in July. The birds were singing in the trees,and you could hear children laughing and having fun. They were at a little park behind their house,where all the children played in the summer. Schools been out for about a month,and they were all just enjoying themselves.

Sara and Jamie were buddies. They have know each other since they were toddlers. The girls could pass for sisters. They both had long black hair, but Jamie had brown eyes,and Sara had green eyes. Both were the same height and lean. The girls were both nine years old,and always played together.

One afternoon,they both went home to eat lunch,they weren’t hungry. They each knew if they didn’t go home to eat,they wouldn’t be allowed back out.  So off they went to Jamie’s house,because everyday they each took turns going to each others  house for lunch.

On this one particular afternoon, on the way home,a little dog that was black and brown with big white spots,ran up to both of them. The dog seemed happy to see them. He was just wagging his tail,like he knew them. Both girls petted him,and said to the dog,we’ll see you later,we have to go home.

The little dog followed them home,and when they came back out to play,he was still there. He was sitting in front of the door,and seen them both coming . He stood up and started wagging his tail. Jamie went back in her house and brought out a piece of meat for the dog. He gobbled it up like he didn’t eat in a while.

This went on for about a week, Sara told her mom that he must not have a home. Sara’s mom  said,” Who ever he belongs to,they seem to have taken care of him. He must be lost.”

“Can I keep him Mom?” said Sara

“I’ll put an ad in the paper,under lost animals. He can stay until his owner picks him up.”

Jamie was happy for Sara. Jamie already had a dog of her own, she name him Scotty.

“Maybe if you keep him, we can take Scotty and the lost dog with us to the park.”

“He isn’t a lost dog, I’ll name him “Ditzy”………… he really is a lost dog,but I hope I can keep him”,said Sara with tears in her eyes.

Weeks went by and no one answered  the ad.  Then  one day the phone rang. The man on the line said,”The dog you described,sounds like my dad’s dog, Mutt. My dad passed away a month ago,and Mutt disappeared. I can’t take him home with me.”

“My daughter Sara, has been taking care of him. She would love to keep him.”

“I’m glad to hear that!” My dad loved that dog,and I would hate to take him to the S.P.C.A.

Well that is settled,I hope your daughter takes good care of Mutt. Good Bye!”

After he hung up, Sara and Ditzy walked  in the door. I told her the good news.

Sara picked up Ditzy and said,”Your staying,your my dog.” Sara gave him a big hug,and he couldn’t stop kissing her face.

Afterwards,she took Ditzy over to Jamie’s house to tell her the good news.

“No Show”

Today my husband and I  were going to set up at a flea market locally. We decided at the last-minute not to. The weather report changed,from nice  to 40 mile winds. Naturally the two-week planning went down the drain.

Couple of nights ago, I baked two dozen” Ice cream cone cupcakes”. Something different  I could sell at the flea market, plus six gift baskets.

Now that we didn’t set-up,what am I going to do with two dozen cupcakes? After thinking about that for a while. I thought there are plenty of children in the neighborhood. I’ll make their day,what kid doesn’t like cupcakes? I’ll just give them away.

Since I’m blogging about the flea market,I notice since the high gas prices. People haven’t been flocking to flea markets or garage sales.  Of course you have your dealers…….. if it’s advertised,and you have the items they want,they’ll show up. But your everyday people don’t want to drive around from place to place,and waste gas.

That is probably the reason,when you look in the paper under flea markets & garage sales. There are listings for two family sales, street or block sales. The most popular are community sales.

Some people just don’t bother at all. They feel more comfortable traveling to farmers markets. Their you can find new and used items,for a reasonably price.  Not forgetting about all the produce stands,and all the bakery stands.

Most people prefer this route,because it is a one stop shop place.

The nearest one for me is Booth’s Corner Farmer Market,Garnet Valley,PA. We go out their on occasions, just to look around.  Sometimes, something catches our eye.  We don’t like to go out to the farmers  market to often. Because we seem to come home with the things we don’t need,like shoo fly pie,cinnamon buns ,etc.   I’m sure you get my drift..


Max and Liza are brother and sister. Max is seven and Liza is eight, they are very close. Where-ever Max is your surly see Liza following near by. They live in a small town with about 1,200 people,  which is called Thunder, in the state of  Pennsylvania.

Max and Liza are both doing great in school. When Max has a problem with his homework,  his big sister helps him with it. The children’s parents, both work in town.

Liza makes sure their homework is done,before their parents come home from work. Because Maggie their mom,comes home and makes them dinner every night. After dinner,one of the parents always checks to see if the homework is finished. If so,then they can go out and play.

Most of the time,both children would go over to see Dottie,who is Maggie’s friend. Dottie has no kids,but she has a beautiful Shepard dog name Sharma.  She is silver and black,and loves to play with the two children. Dottie said around the same time every night,Sharma puts her nose against the back window pane. She’ll stay their until she’ s sees Liza and Max,when she sees them she’ll start barking and wagging her tail. That lets Dottie know,Sharma wants to go out and play with the kids.

Often when Max and Liza goes home,they asked why they can’t have a dog. They always  promise to take good care of it.

Maggie and Don their parents say,”Lets wait and see how your report cards are.”

One day after dinner,both Max and Liza went over to play with Sharma. Dottie came out and told them Sharma wasn’t feeling good,so she took her to the vets. The vet told Dottie they were keeping Sharma over night.

“I”ll call your mother when Sharma feels better.” said Dottie

That happened seven weeks ago.

School was out,and both Max and Liza got great grades. They were being promoted to the next grade,for the new year.

In the middle of the week,while everyone was watching T.V. the phone rang. Maggie picked up the phone.

Dottie was on the other line.  Maggie. she said, Sharma is feeling better,you all can come over and see Sharma.”

Maggie and Don knew what was up.

“Max and Liza, we all can go over and see Sharma now. She is feeling better,and must want to see her friends.”

Both of the children,jumped up and down,with their big smiles on their face. Don and Maggie smiled at each other.

“Let’s go!” said Don.

When they arrived at Dottie’s house.  Sure enough, Sharma had her nose up against the window pane. She jumped down,and was dancing and barking. Dottie knew they all were at the door,before they even knock.

When Dottie opened the door,Sharma didn’t run out in the yard.  She ran into the next room,and both kids seen three  puppies, they all looked like Sharma.   Sharma was standing next to,them and was showing them off. You could tell,she was very proud of her new babies.

Max and Liza eyes got so big.

Liza said,”Is this why Sharma was sick?”

“Yes it is Liza!”  “You both can go over and pick out your own puppy. Sharma won’t mind,she knows, you both will take good care of her babies. Also you can bring them back to see her,and their brother.”

“Mom and Dad!” Can we? Can we?

“Of course you can! Maggie and Don said.

When You need Something

Jean Alphin

When you go grocery shopping, do you have all your coupons? You spend all Sunday morning going through the paper,.so you can clip your coupons that you can use.You don’t put your coupons in your pocketbook right away. O.K. what happens? You have to go to the grocery store, sooner than you  thought.So where is your coupons? Yes your right,still home. Their are many people that do this (including myself) and you feel so stupid..
How about when you  clean your purse out?. You dump all of it’s con tense on the kitchen table,and you try and sort everything out. Take all of your change that you have been lugging around for ages.On the bottom of your purse,in case you need the coins,but you rarely do. Than what happens? You are in a store later that day,maybe the next.,sure enough you need some change.  You dig in your pocketbook for…

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“Your Pets Can Be Funny”

Jean Alphin

We all can tell funny stories,about the pets we had or have. I remember when I was about four or five. Our family had a dog named, Skippy Girl. She was a medium size dog.

Skippy Girl,had a white body with big brown spots. Around the same time,we also had a rooster that crowed every morning.  Our dog and rooster got along well.

The house we lived in at this time, was a big single home.  Anyway, the rooster and the dog’s idea of playing was, Skippy Girl would start running around the house. The rooster would catch up and jump on her back. Skippy Girl would take the rooster for a ride around the house,and the rooster hung on. This was their idea of play. We all had a ball, because it was so funny.

When my husband Charlie and I got married. We got a  small dog named…

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