Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Simon and his Friend”… “The Possum”

When Simon was a couple of months old, Simple and George knew,they had a problem on their hands.  He tried to go off by himself.,more than once.  But Simple wouldn’t have it. She would try to show her baby,how to survive outside,like she had to learn.

But Simon had a mind of his own. He would sneak away,when his mother and father were cat-napping.

While he was out exploring one day. He wandered into a yard, and a  human was sitting outside. The person was calling him” kitty- kitty”. Simon remembered his mother and father,warning him about the humans.  “Don’t let them catch you,because you’ll never see us again.”

Then the human went inside the house,and came out with something,and laid it on the ground. The same person called again “kitty – kitty”,and Simon hid behind a bush,until the person went back inside.

When the human went back in the house,Simon waited to see if they were coming back out. After waiting for a while,Simon slowly creep-ed over,to what ever was left on the ground. The closer he got,he could smell something good. When he finally got to the food,he sniff and sniff,he thought it smell good. He didn’t know what it was,but it sure did taste good to him.

Simon continued to do this every night,until his mother caught on. One night she followed him.

Simple couldn’t believe what her son was up to. He must have been sneaking out and finding food for himself. He had a friend with him,it looks like a baby possum. The possum was black and white, with a long pointy tail, and a pointy snout. They were both eating,so Simple watched for a while,than went back home.

This went on for a while,Simon would sneak out,and Simple would follow him,in case he got into trouble.

Then one night,Simple followed him back to the same place,and she couldn’t believe her eyes. He was cautiously walking  into the house,and was nibbling on a hot-dog.

Simon was nibbling a hot-dog.

Simon was nibbling a hot-dog.

Simple jumped up on the top of the fence,to watch her son. She jumped up their very softly so Simon wouldn’t know.

Simon heard a noise,and he ran behind a bush. The human who was feeding him,brought out two bowls. The human yelled,”kitty – kitty”,come back and eat. You have your piece of hot-dog,and a bowl of cream of wheat. Then the human went back in the house.

Simon waited for a while,then went back to the food. He looked in the bowls. and thought, sure enough one had my favorite, the piece of hot-dog in it,and the other had cream of wheat in it.

He started to eat his hot-dog,when his friend the possum,came out of nowhere. He startle Simon,for a minute. The possum went straight to Simon’s hot-dog,which made him mad.

The possum didn’t care,he put it in his mouth and walked away from the bowls.

Simon was steaming,he wanted his hot-dog back. “I’m going to get it back,” he told the possum.

The next thing Simon did,was leap right on the possum’s back. Then bounced on the ground,the possum wasn’t giving it up.

Simple jumped down from the fence,and scolded Simon.

“I’ve  been watching you for a couple of weeks. You are so lucky,that your friend didn’t attack you. Now you march home,and I’m going to tell your father what you been up to.”

Simon wouldn’t  listen to his mother or father. He continued to sneak out.

Finally his parents said one day,”You’re  now  old enough to be on your own”.

Simon was so happy to hear that,and merrily said good by to his parents.

He went on his new adventure, hoping to bump into his possum friend.


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2 thoughts on ““Simon and his Friend”… “The Possum”

  1. Simon is quite adventurous. He’s too strong-willed to be domesticated!

  2. You are correct,Simon is too strong-willed,and I can’t forget…..TOO Funny!

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