Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

“Update on “Sunnie Haze”

I will be finishing  up “Sunnie Haze” soon.   I don’t have a clue,what the next short story will be about.

I’ve been so busy with so many things.

My baby sister is having another birthday soon. Each year she makes me feel older,but I love her any way. (LOL).   My husband and I are trying to arrange a little party for her.

Then in a couple of months,my other sister that is two years older,than my youngest sister. Who lives in Colorado, is coming to visit our family for two weeks.  Our  family hasn’t seen her  since the eighties. Of-course we talk to her on the phone,but you know,that just isn’t the same. Everybody is just ecstatic about her coming.

I’ll keep every one updated,when I start another short story.

I hope you are enjoying, reading  “Sunnie Haze”

Thanks to all my faithful followers.






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2 thoughts on ““Update on “Sunnie Haze”

  1. All of this is very exciting! Keep writing and sharing great stories.

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