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“Another Short Story in the Making”

I would like to take this time,to Thank, all of my followers.I hope everyone is

enjoying the stories,as much as I enjoy writing them.

My next story,is about a teenager named Sunnie,and her family. The story takes place in the nineties, where they live in Bizazz, Arkansas.

Sunnie will be graduating from high school soon,she would like to go to Veterinarian school.

First she has to find a job if she wants to attend. Because her father thinks it is a crazy idea,and if she wants to go,she has to pay her own way.

Sunnie takes a job as a babysitter,when her mother Alise,gets a call from her best friend Amy.

What is she trying to pull?

What is she trying to pull?

This is where Sunnie happens to find out something that she rather not know about. This is just the beginning,because,every family has a trouble-maker.

I will be posting this story on: Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday”s at:

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