Jean Alphin


“What am I Doing Now?

Well I’ll tell you for starters>>>> I just finished writing a 25,000 word, short story. If you haven’t read it yet,it’s called, “The Sister,That I thought.I Knew.” It’s about a family in the 60’s,the scene takes place, in Flint,Pennsylvania. There are four siblings, two boys and two girls in the family. The parents,separate, about a year after the last child is born.

The mother is left with taking care of the children by herself. As the siblings start to become teenagers,things happen,that upsets the mother. While one of the daughters,decides that she is going to do what she wants. Which is the oldest daughter, she feels,if she moves with her father. Who now lives in another state,then she will have a better life,to do what she wants. Little does she know,that is when all her troubles begin.

I’m starting to edit this story,maybe I’ll make it into a E-book,which would be nice.

My next short story, will be about, five-year old twins.

Their names are Shelly and Sherman. The children’s parents are killed in a plane crash. Then, they are both separated, when they are placed in different foster families. No one will tell Shelly,where her brother was placed. Shelly is going to try to find a way,to find her twin.

How can they do this to them? Sherman has always depended on her.

First she loses her parents suddenly,and then her brother just disappears in thin air.


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5 thoughts on ““What am I Doing Now?

  1. It’s a great story! The twists and turns, and the sad reality of the situation, makes it a page turner.

  2. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Jean, you should make it into a book. My first book was a kindle book. Over the year I have learned a lot and found that writing is a great de-stress activity. If you ever have any questions please let me know.

  4. What great ideas you have! I just got on to thank you for being my 200th follower, yeah!!! But after searching your website, I’ve just got to follow you to discover more about your ‘novel’ thoughts, 🙂 You are amazingly creative!

    I have written two; a novel based on how we never really outgrow our childhood: How the way we are raised and childhood beliefs about ourselves determines what we become, called “Sometimes Marriage is a Real Crime.” It was a blast to write! After years of searching for an agent and “coming in second (I’m a little cynical on that part) but good luck with your endeavors” – I decided to publish on Smashwords, an excellent e-book publisher. The other is a Sci-fi short story entitled, “The Curious Proposal for Prosperity Nevada” – yes writing is addictive!!

    Now I’m in the middle of another novel, a sequel to the first, as well as compiling my non-fiction Christian book on nutrition entitled, “Life’s Too Short to Eat Bad Cheese” and hope to find an actual Christian publishing company. It’s going to be such fun following your adventures! I do hope you’ll feel free to comment every once in a while because I love my blog followers! Thanks again, blessings

    • Hello Ellie,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I’ve been writing short stories for a while. I just keep on writing. One of these days,I would like to have one of my stories made into an e-book. I still have a lot of work to do,before I even consider which story.
      I plan on reading your novel,”Sometimes Marriage is a Crime”.
      I have heard a lot of good things about Smashwords. Thanks Again.

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