Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (56)

The next afternoon, I went down in the basement,to dig my decorations out. I put all my electric candles in my windows. On the front door,I hung my wreath,it was decorated with gold and silver bells,and tiny candy canes. I’ve brought that,when Tamara first moved in. Matter of fact,she seen it in the store,and fell in love with it. I also decorated the banister,with gold and green garland. I put my all ready decorated three-foot tree,on my side table,next to the front door. I plug the tree in,and the lights were changing all different colors. The tree was the finishing touch,I didn’t need to do any more decorations,because everything looked perfect.

Mom called and asked,if I was coming over and help her with her Christmas cookies. I went over there the next day,because it was only three days until Christmas.

Mom and I both had a great time,making the cookies. She baked six dozen types of cookies,and I did all the decorating. It was an all day job,but it was worth it. Mom was very pleased with the results.

While,we were making all the cookies, I asked Mom when she wanted to go Christmas shopping..

Mom said,”I don’t know what to get everyone for Christmas. I’ll probably just give everyone money in an envelope.”

“I told Mom,I’m sure not going back out and shop,if you’re not going.”

“I don’t need anything,I already went to the market,to get what I needed for Christmas dinner. I’m all set,as you can see,even my Christmas tree is up and decorated.”said Mom

“I know,you got a big jump on me for the holiday’s. Your tree is beautiful,everything is red and white this year.”

“Well Faith,you know I like to change around every year. You can just call me,”Designer Momma”, Mom said, with a laugh.”

“Mom, I’m going to go home,maybe, I’ll stop at Di’Lora’s,and pick-up a couple of cheese steaks for dinner. Because I’m to tired to cook. Ben will be surprised,we haven’t had a cheese steak,in a while. Do you want one?”

“No thanks!” I’m going to heat up some soup for dinner.”

“Okay Mom” Let me go,and get done. Tomorrow I’m going to make my chocolate candies,and taffies. This will be everyone’s Christmas present. I know they all will be happy,because they all hint for it.”

Faith,you better make sure,I get some. I like to put some of it away for later. I don’t eat it all at once. I love to enjoy them slowly.”

“Don’t worry Mom,I’m not going to forget you. You’ll be the first one,I give it to.”

“Good by Mom,Love you,and I gave her a kiss on her cheek. Call me if you get a chance.”

When I left,I ordered the sandwiches,and took it home for Ben and I for supper.


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