Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (52)

Here we go with another holiday,without Autumn. I wish she would at least call Mom. So far it looks like this isn’t going to happen.

Thanksgiving was a very nice day. Mom cooked her famous turkey dinner. I asked mom if she needed any help, her answer was as usual, ”NO”.

Mom liked the kitchen all to herself,that is how I like it also.

Mom left me mash her potatoes,probably,to get me out of her hair.
After wards , I set the table for three.
Mom said, “Chadwick and his family,wouldn’t be here. Neither will Maxwell or Tamara”.

I believe, Mom won’t ever, get use of not seeing them around at this time,of year.

“He’ll probably stop over tomorrow.” said mom

“Ben,can you help me with the turkey,it’s finished?” mom yelled

Ben got up, off the couch and helped mom.

“Mom,please move over to the side,I don’t want to burn you.” Ben said anxiously

After everything else was in place,we all sat down to eat. Before we all grabbed for our fork, mom said grace.
When we were all finished with dinner,I told Mom and Ben to go in the living room,and watch t.v.

“I’ll help you Faith,” Mom replied.

“No Mom” you cooked dinner,go in the living room with Ben,he wants company.

“Okay” Mom said

As I was almost finished cleaning up. I could hear Mom and Ben laughing at something on the television. I walked in the living room, to see what was so funny. They were both sitting on the couch watching,”I Love Lucy Show.” I sat in the chair next to the couch,and watched rest of the show with them.
Lucy was on the televisions,working in a chocolate factory.She couldn’t pack the candy fast enough,so she was stuffing them in her mouth. Most of the time,Lucy is to funny.

After the show ended,I told Mom,everything was done in the kitchen.

“Thanks a lot Faith,that was a big help.”

Ben than stood up, he said,”Faith, if your ready to go home, I have to call my sister Mary,and my brother Joe.

You know, I have to get up early and go to work,tomorrow. So I won’t be long out of my bed.”

“Will go Ben,I forgot you want to call your family.”

Mom yawned,I won’t be long out of my bed either. It’s been a long and busy day today,but I enjoyed every minute of it.”
“I know Mom, everything was great as usual.” I than gave her a kiss on the cheek,and Ben did the same.

“Thanks Mom,everything was delicious,I feel like the stuffed turkey,laughed Ben

Mom said,”Thanks for coming,both of you,and have a good night.”

On the way home it was very icy,I’m glad Ben was driving,I hate driving in that dam stuff.

When we got home,Ben called his brother and sister. I went upstairs and took a shower,and hopped in bed, just before he came upstairs.

“Faith, they both said,”Hello,” and they would see us around the Christmas holiday.”


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