Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (51)

Autumn admitted herself into a detox center,for a couple of months. Then according to a supervisor their,she left in the middle of the night. She just disappeared.

“How come you and Chadwick,didn’t go to Sorta and look for her?”

“Chadwick doesn’t know it yet. I just found out.I called the police there,to see if she was in jail. The police said,she didn’t break the law. I just have to wait until she contacts me.”

“You better let me know,if she calls.”

“Are you and Ben coming for dinner, Thanksgiving Day? You know it’s only about ten days away?”

“Wow! I didn’t realize,it was that close.

“As far as I know yes,do you want me to pick-up some pies?”

“If you want to, one pumpkin,and pick out a pie that you and Ben like.

Chadwick isn’t coming,they’re going over to Tracy’s parents house.

He said,if they leave early,they might stop here.”

““Well I hope they can make it. What about Maxwell? Is he coming?”

“No,he called last week,he is going over a friend’s house. The friends parents,invited him.”

“Okay Mom,” I have a few errands to do yet. Do you need anything?”

“No Thanks Faith,I’m going in the early of the week. To the market,I should be fine.”
I gave mom a kiss and told her,I would talk to her later.

After I left mom’s house,I finished the errands,that I had to do. Then I went home.

This seems to be getting very boring,I said to myself. I think,after the holidays,I’m going to try to call my place of employment. To see when,the place is reopening.

I haven’t worked full-time,since Tamara came to live with us. So there will be a lot of catching-up to do. If the place isn’t going to reopen, anytime soon. I’ll just have to look for another job.
No big deal!


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