Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (50)

“Mom, Chadwick and I felt we should keep quite about Autumn. We can’t do anything about it. There for, why worry you?

“ Since when, were you, and Chadwick my boss?”

“Okay Mom,you win,I’ll tell you what I know.”

I said to myself,I can’t tell her everything. It’ll only make her,worry more,and mom doesn’t need that. Especially now at her age.

“When,Autumn ask me,if she and Tamara could come and stay with me for a while.I was surprised,but I told her,of-course.
Not long after that,she and Tamara came. Autumn told me, her and Jock were getting a divorce.
Because he lost all their savings,from playing the horses.
That meant,they were stone broke,and were in the process of losing everything,they both worked hard for.
She also told me that she had to go back to North Carolina and close her business up.
Autumn asked,if Tamara could stay with Ben and I for a while. My answer was yes.
Autumn gave me some money,to spend on Tamara, which I did.
Not long after she went back to Sorta,Autumn called me from jail. She said she went back to her house,and seen Jock in bed with another woman. Then she said,she must have lost it, because she found herself in jail.

“If it were me, I probably would have killed the bitch,then him.”said mom

“I think she tried, that’s why she was in jail.
When Autumn was in jail,she met a woman friend. Mattie was her name,after they both got out of jail. Autumn moved in with her,because she didn’t have any place to go.

“Later on Autumn got hook on drugs.”

“Oh My” Mom said.

“Do you want to hear any more?”I asked

“Of Course! Where is she now?”


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