Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (49)

Today is a good day to go over and visit mom. It’ll be nice for mom and me.

When I left my house, the flurries stop. The wind felt like March winds. Well, it is November, (I thought) we just have to deal with it.

Mom didn’t live very far from me, maybe fifteen minutes, if that. The traffic wasn’t bad, some people were just doing their daily errands,I guess.

When I got to mom’s,I rang the door bell. She looked through the little peep-hole,and then let me in. I gave her a kiss, and she said,”Faith what a surprise!”

“I called you yesterday,but you must have been out.”Answered Faith

“Take your coat off,and come in the kitchen.I was listening to my station on the radio.
As I walked into the kitchen,I could hear Johnny Cash singing. “My name is Sue,how do you do,on the radio.

“Mom,I’m sure glad you didn’t name Chadwick,Sue.” Then we both laughed.

“What do you want to drink Faith? I made myself a cup of hot chocolate.”

“I think,I’ll make the same.” I said

As I was making my drink,Mom was just sitting at her table. I could tell something was on her mind. So I made some conversation.

“What’s been going on with you mom?”

“Nothing really”,she said.

“Well,you seem like,you are thinking about something.”

“If you must know Faith! I’ve been thinking about your sister Autumn. Every time I ask you,or Chadwick about Autumn,you both say everything is fine!
The last time I talked to her,was when we all were invited to her and Jake’s house for Christmas. How long ago was that?”

“Wow!” “That was a long time ago.”

“After that, you and Chadwick,hasn’t said a word about her. I’m her mother,and don’t you both think,I worry about her?
I can just feel,something is going on. It’s not a very good feeling. We both talk on the phone together quite often,but I don’t hear a word from you,about your sister. You just update me on Tamara.”

“Mom,I told you when Tamara came to live with me. Autumn and Jock were having problems. I also told you if she wants to tell you about it,she will. But she hasn’t called you,so,I guess she doesn’t want to worry you.”

“Now your really getting me mad,Faith! Everybody has problems! Autumn leaves her daughter with you,she doesn’t come back for her. Don’t you think that is odd for a mother?”


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