Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (47)

“I’m sorry Ben! I forgot you only had a half of day today. I went to the market today,and got groceries. I was going through the mail,and here is a letter,from the supervisor. Where Autumn was going for detox therapy. According to the letter she was also living at the center.
Ben sighed,and took the letter,I handed him. While he was reading it,he was just shaking his head.

Then he said,”what in the hell, do they expect us to do? Autumn is a grown woman,she has no respect for herself,or her daughter.”

“Maybe Mr. Jones thought,we might know where she would go.He said that she was living on the streets,when she brought herself in.
I think,she only did that,to go in hiding from that drug dealer.
After the three months she stayed there,Autumn probably thought she was safe now. For her sake,I hope she is right.
She would be crazy to go back to the same place. That she was at, before she went into the detox center.

“We just have to wait and see,” said Ben

“Maybe tomorrow,I’ll call the police in Sorta. To see if she is in jail their.”

“Good Luck Faith!” I know she is your sister,but she is a completely different person.

The next day,I was sitting in my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. While I was looking outside of my kitchen window.
The big tree in the backyard was swaying,and I noticed a few snow flurries. (I thought) What a very beautiful sight.
My mind was back on Autumn. (I thought) When will she get her act together?
Autumn isn’t a child,she is a grown woman. With all the upsets in her life,that is no excuse,for want she is doing to herself and Tamara.
I really don’t know,what to do. If I go to North Carolina,with Chadwick. We wouldn’t know where to look for her. She could be anywhere,if she is still living on the streets.
I believe,my best bet is to call, the Sorta police. Maybe it’ll be a start.
Let me go on the Internet, and see if I can find the number.

I found the site,now where is the police number? There it is……… 790-505-1007. Let me call now,or I might not get the nerve later.


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