Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought.I Knew (46)

As I was going through the mail,I noticed a letter from the Sorta Detox Center.

“Why are they writing me? (I thought) Autumn must be in some kind of trouble again.” I said out loud.

I opened the letter and I read it.

Dear Ms.Kilisk.
I am writing concerning your sister Autumn. I found your name and address,in Autumn’s records.
As you know,your sister was staying at this center,for substance addiction.Autumn was here for about three months. She was going to her therapy group everyday. Also seeing her doctor once a week. I thought she was coming along good. But last week,she didn’t say anything to me or my staff about leaving. She just walked out of here during the wee hours,when everyone was sleeping. Autumn left all of her personally belonging here, which I thought was odd. She hasn’t come back yet. I’m concerned about her relapsing. Which would be a shame,she has come a long way. My other concern is,in her therapy group,she displayed fear for her life. Autumn tell her girlfriend was murdered,by a drug dealer,for not paying-up. She’s afraid,he’ll come after her next,because she owes him a lot of money to.
I don’t normally,write to a family member.But I felt this case is a must! She had in her records,she was living on the streets.

After I read the letter, I was in shock. “Where would Autumn go? I wouldn’t know where to start. If she is living on the streets,she could be anywhere.

I heard the front door open,it was Ben coming home from work early. I forgot he said,he only had a half day today. There was a meeting with all the bosses today.
“Hi honey! What’s for dinner?”
If you hear from Autumn,please let us know.

Mott Jones


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