Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (45)

The next day,Ben had to go to work. I washed all the clothes from our trip. The next thing on my agenda, was going to the market. I know we need milk,bread and eggs. I better check to see what else I need.

While I was driving to the market,the traffic was almost bumper to bumper. I thought,”what’s going on now?” As I got closer to the intersection,there were utility trucks parted in the center of the street. A worker was directing the traffic.
“Doesn’t it always seem,when someone is directing traffic,it’s always backed up?”
When I arrived at the market,and got my cart. I entered the market,I looked around,it didn’t look like it was too busy. That’s great I thought,I’ll grab when I need,and be done with it.
After I got home from the market,I put all the groceries away,and made myself lunch.
I guess I better walk across the street to the post office. (I thought)
We probably have a lot of mail,after being gone for two weeks.
When I walked into the post office,Max the teller was behind the counter.

“Hello Mrs. Kilisk! How was your get-a-way?”

“Ben and I had a very nice time. We didn’t want to come back yet. There were a lot of things that we didn’t see.”

“Where did you both go?”

“To the, Outer Banks.”

“Very nice! Maybe Sue and I will go their someday. Here is all your mail,you have lots to go through.”

“Thanks Max! Have a good day!”

I walked back across the street,and took the mail in the house. I said to myself,after putting the mail on the kitchen table.

“I don’t feel like going through all this right now.

I then thought,I’ll called mom and see how she’s doing. When I called mom,she must have not been home,because she didn’t pick the phone up. I left her a message on her answering machine.
No-sense of calling Chadwick,he’s working. He’ll probably call,when he gets a chance,he seems so busy.
After I made a cup of tea,I thought,”I better tackle the mail.”


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