Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (44)

Ben replied,”This place looks fine to me.Besides,we’re not going to stay inside all the time. We’re going to go out and enjoy ourselves.
Remember,this is our vacation time.”

“Your right Ben!” “Can you remember the last time we went,on a vacation by ourselves?”

It’s been quite a while,but you have to admit. When Tamara was with us,we all had a great time.”

“Actually your right!” They were really great times with Tamara,we all enjoyed ourselves. Do you want to get ourselves a bike,and ride around the town?”

“I don’t think,I’m up to that today. How about tomorrow morning?
We can get something to eat, after we’re finished unpacking. Then we can take a walk on the boardwalk.”

“That sounds like a plan to me, I didn’t realize,it’s almost six o’clock.”

After Ben and I ate dinner, at one of the eateries there. We both strolled down to the boardwalk. Their were a lot of people, doing the same thing, as us.
Just enjoying the sights and the nice cool breeze.

Ben and I couldn’t believe that our vacation was almost over. We already went to see, the “Wild horses”,in their natural habitat.
We climb the “Currituck Beach Lighthouse.”
Most days we played miniature golf,we both enjoyed playing.
We also rode the bikes,and of-course,Ben wanted to race me. I did beat him once,but it was fun.
We also had a romantic,candle light dinner,mostly every night,that we will remember for a long time.

We’re leaving to go back home tomorrow. The packing is almost done.
Before we leave,we’re going to stop by, “The Corella Wild Horse Museum”,and then, have a last candlelight dinner together.

Ben and I, woke early on the day of departure. We already had everything packed. After breakfast,we walked to the end of the hotel’s pier.

Ben said,”This is another beautiful morning,to take some pictures.”

So that is what we did,then we went back to our hotel room. Called a taxi,to take us to the airport.
Within a few hours,we were back home.
But I know,we both wished we were still at “The Outer Banks” because it was so peaceful for us both.


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One thought on “The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (44)

  1. It really sounds as though they had a nice escape. I can picture it!

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