Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (42)

“Who was murdered?”
“Autumn’s friend Mattie,that she met in jail.”
“I remember now. How does she know,Mattie was murdered?”
She said that Mattie owed her drug dealer a lot of money.
“I think, Autumn has to make her own mind up. Decide what kind of life she wants for herself.She is a grown woman,and we can’t decide for her,” said Ben.
“I know that Ben,but Autumn is my sister,and I’m really concerned. They say that drug is really hard to get off of.”
“Autumn,has to fight hard,to get rid of that demon. Otherwise,if she keeps going on with the stuff. She doesn’t have to worry about someone killing her. She will certainly kill her own self.”
“Your right Ben! So I hope she makes the right decision.”
“I better get back to work,Faith. By the way,have you decided where were going?
“No Ben,but I do want to get a way. Maybe we can spend a couple of weeks at the Outer Banks.”
“That sounds great to me. My two-week vacation,will start in October.If you want,you can call and make our reservations.Talk to you when I get done work.”
“Good by Ben,Love ya!”

For the next two weeks, I kept myself pretty busy. I made the reservations for our vacation. Ben and I agreed on going to the Outer Banks, I also took time to plan a little birthday party for mom. Mom didn’t want one, I surprised her anyway.
I took her to see a movie,and then we stopped by a restaurant that she likes. After we walked in the restaurant,she was totally surprised, when she seen Chadwick and his family.
They were sitting around a big table waiting for us.
“Let’s all order something to eat,I’m starving.”Chadwick said. After he got up from his chair,and gave mom a kiss. And helped her in her seat.

After everyone ate,and the server took the dishes away. The server came back with about five other co-workers.
Our server was holding a big cake, with the candles burning. When they were close to mom,they starting singing “Happy Birthday” to her.
She was really surprised,she had tears in her eyes. After they were finished singing, mom blew the candles out.
Everyone applauded, then after they left, mom had the first slice of cake.
When we were finished eating the dessert.Mom wanted to go back home.
Before we left,she thanked everyone,and said,”She had a wonderful night.”
I then drove her back home.


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