Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (40)

While I was driving home from the market. The sky was getting real dark. I thought,”maybe the rain won’t start,until after I unload the groceries.” I pulled into my drive way, there were a few drops starting. I got out of my red Buick,SUV,rushed to unlock my back door. I hurried to beat the heavy rain.By the time,I finished with all the bags,I was drenched.
I put all of the items away,then went upstairs to put on dry clothes. I was absolutely freezing,from the wet clothes.
When I came back downstairs,I made a pot of coffee. Just as I started to sit down,the phone rang. I answered the phone,on the third ring. “Hello” I said.

“Faith is that you?”

“Autumn is this you?”

“Yes it is Faith.”

“Autumn where are you at? Are you okay?”

“I’m in rehab. Mattie is dead! She was murdered.”

“I was worried sick about you. I didn’t know where you were. You haven’t called,you could care less about Tamara. What the shit is going on with you,that is so important,besides your daughter?”

“I’m so sorry Faith.”

“Your daughter is away at college. How do you think she feels? Tamara knows she has a mother,that could care two shits for her.”

“I know Faith,you just have to rub it in. I’ll make it up to her somehow.”

“So what is with this rehab shit?”

“Back when my whole world,tumbled down. First Jake died,and left me with Tamara to raise,by myself. I was doing okay for a while.. Then I met Jock,and thought everything was great, with my new life. I really thought,our little family was happy. But Faith you know the outcome of that story. Nevertheless, after everything happened with Jock and me. I started feeling sorry for myself.”

“I already know what your telling me. What’s with this rehab shit?”


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