Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I knew (37)

I enjoyed myself shopping,I was finally thinking of myself for a change.While I was shopping,I was thinking about Tamara. With all the shopping and fun we had together. I’ll miss her a lot. But at the same time,she has her life to live now. I just have to accept it,and get on with Ben and our lives.
After I finish shopping,I started to get hungry.It was still early,and Ben wouldn’t be home until around nine o’clock. So I stopped at Wendy’s and got my favorite. Chili and a baked potato,with lots of hot sauce.
When I got home,I checked out,all the things that I had brought.A beautiful powder blue evening dress,with a low-cut neck. Just like Ben, likes on me,he says it makes me look real sexy.I also brought a couple different color dress slacks. Black to match up with any color,and a pair of beige.I didn’t need to any new shoes. Because I still have a couple of pairs,that I haven’t wore yet.
I called mom,she said that she was busy all day. Mom said,that she was putting some things off,that she’s been meaning to do. So she decided to get it all done today. Later she said,she was going to go and relax on the back porch for a while and read.
“Have you heard from your brother?” mom asked.
“No” Maybe I’ll give him a call before Ben comes home.”
“Well tell them all I said hi.”
“I will mom, love you and talk to you later.”
I hung up and called Chadwick.
Hi Chad!
“Hello Faith! How’s everything gone?”
“Just find! I did a little shopping today. A few minutes ago,I was talking to mom. She told me to tell everyone hi.”
“I have to call mom,maybe tomorrow. We just back from spending the day at the beach. Everybody is tired out,I think,I’m going to go to bed early tonight. Because it has been a long day.”
“ I’ll let you go then,tell everyone hi for me and Ben.”
“Okay Faith,love you.”
“Love you to Chadwick.”


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