Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (36)

The phone rang,Chadwick said,”I just left mom’s house. Mom told me that she had made an appointment with her family doctor.She asked me,if I could drive her there this afternoon.”
“When I picked mom up”,she said, “she had a head cold,and didn’t feel like driving.
“I told her, it wasn’t a problem. Afterward I took her to the drug store to get her medicine. She is back home,laying down. Faith I just thought you would like to know. Mom said, “she didn’t want to bother you”.
“Thanks for telling me,Chadwick.I’ll make her a pot of chicken noodle soup,and take it over later.There isn’t anything worse than having a cold in the heat.I told mom,the air-conditioner,could give her a cold. If you sleep in front of it,all night.”
Later that early evening,I went over to mom’s and took her some soup. She said,she was feeling a little better. Mom ate some soup,and went back to sleep. I left,and went back home.

The next morning mom called,she thanked me for the soup.
”The soup did wonders for me,”she said.
“I’m glad mom, that is want you gave us kids, when we got a cold.”
Mom said,”yes I did,I’ll talk to you later.”

Not long after mom hung up. The phone rang,and it was Tamara. She called to tell me,she is almost settled in her room.Tamara said,that she is sharing the room,with her room-mate,Rosie. Rosie’s mother stopped by and brought Rosie,the things she had forgotten. Her parents house,is only about thirty minutes away. Rosie’s mom, Susie said,”if I should need anything,just let Rosie know.”
I thanked her,it should be a nice year here. So don’t go worrying about me,I’m doing great.”
“Okay Tamara,love you”
“Love you to,Aunt Faith.”

I hung the phone up,and thought.I might as well go to the mall. See if there is any clothes,that I might like to buy for our vacation. There are a lot of sales going on. Now is the time to buy.


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2 thoughts on “The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (36)

  1. This gets more intriguing with each post!

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