Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (35)

Tamara will be graduating this year. She told me,”as far as she is concerned she doesn’t have a mother”.
Tamara can’t thank me enough,for me and Ben raising her. “I don’t know what would have become of myself,if it wasn’t for both of you”,Tamara sighed.

Tamara has kept good grades,all through school. She will be going to college,after she graduates this June.
Tamara dates a boy named Tim,they have been dating for the past year. Tamara said,that they are great friends.
Tamara has been working part-time, at Hubbard department store.Saving her money for college,Ben and I are very proud of her. Tamara knows,Ben and I love her very much. She shows her love,by the cards that she gives us around all the holiday’s. We don’t ask for anything else.

It was a beautiful morning in August,it wasn’t as humid as it was all last week.There was a cool breeze blowing.
Tamara was in Maryland,she had been excepted at,”The University of Maryland.” She was so happy,she just wished that Tim was there with her.
He was excepted,at “The University of Boston.” Tim told Tamara that he had dreamed his whole life, of going their. That is where his father graduated from,and became a “Professor of Medicine,at the “University of Ohio.”
After his dad was offered a job their,before he was even finished college. Tim’s mom and dad met at ”The University of Boston.” They both happened to be from the state of Florida,but from different counties.

Everything was looking up,even Ben and I were planning to take a two-week vacation. We haven’t decided where we wanted to go yet.


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