Jean Alphin

"Short Stories"

The Sister, That I Thought,I Knew (33)

Months later,Autumn wrote me,and told me that,the head doctor. Dr. Triba,had asked her a thousand question,about her,and her family. Also about, how she felt while growing up.
“Gee Sis! I don’t have to say anymore, I guess you get my drift?
A couple of weeks after that,the jury made their final decision. After Dr Triba was put on the stand, and told the jury.
“Under his findings,with all the tests,and answered questions. I believe Mrs. Teckly was temporary insane,at the time.
She said she was acquitted on basis of temporary insanity.

My sister also told me she was staying with Mattie. Mattie,stopped in to see her,while she was in jail.” She’s the best friend,that I had in a long time, said Autumn. I have found a job with Mattie,both our pockets were empty.
“Autumn said,she was trying to save money to by a car. So Mattie and I can get around more.”
Autumn wrote me several small letters after that,she was hinting for me to send her money.I did send her a little money, but after that she started asking for more.

Something was definitely wrong. That wasn’t like Autumn,she would rather give to others,than take.

I love my niece,and she is better with Ben and I. But she didn’t once mention Tamara. All she talked about was Mattie and herself. Autumn acted like she didn’t even have a daughter.

One of these days,I’m going to ask Chadwick if he wants to take a ride with me. I would like to see what is going on with Autumn. This has been going on for about four and a half years.Tamara is in Middle school,and she stopped asking for her mother.Ben and I are raising her,like she is our daughter.I can see a lot of her mother in her,but I don’t mention it to her. The last time I did, Tamara was depressed for a while. The poor girl doesn’t deserve that.Tamara is such a smart and caring person,like her mother use to be.

When ever Mom calls,she asked me,if I’ve heard from Autumn,and why she doesn’t have her daughter. I had to tell her,that Jock and Autumn got divorced. I told her,I didn’t know all the circumstances. If Autumn wants to tell mom someday,that’s her business. But right now,I just want to make sure Tamara has a good life.


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