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The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (61)

The next morning,after I got Ben off to work, I called Mom.

“Good Morning Mom”

“Good Morning Faith” “What a surprise! I thought you might be working today.”

“Not today Mom! I only work two days a week,each week the days change,for right now. The reason I’m calling this early. Yesterday,I received a letter from Autumn.”

Mom got emotional,”I can’t believe it after all this time! Is she okay?”

“Yes she is,she is living in North Carolina,with her soon to be husband,Ryan. They both met at the center,fell in love.Then they decides to leave the center,in the middle of the night together. Because they thought,it would be romantic.”

“Really!” Mom said

“They then moved in with his brother and wife,until they both got jobs”. Autumn said,”When they had enough money saved for an apartment,they went out on their own. So far she said,they have been clean for almost three years.”

“That’s real good news,did you call Tamara?”

“No I didn’t! I’ll tell her later,I don’t want to get her hopes up.” You can call Chadwick if you want to.”

“I’ll call him later,when you decide to tell Tamara,I’ll call Maxwell.”

“Alright Mom, I’m going to write her back,to see if she has a phone or computer. I’ll let you know when I get an answer.”

“Okay Faith,have a good day.”

“Love you Mom,talk to you later.”

I was really glad to hear from Autumn. I hope her plans,and Ryan’s,continue to be clean,the rest of their life. I give them both credit,for coming this far,and cleaning their act up.

I’ll write back to Autumn,when I finish,doing my chores around the house. Plus,I have to decide,what I’m going to have for supper tonight.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (60)

I sat down and proceeded to read the rest of the letter after dinner,it continued like this :

After we moved into our apartment,we both had our ups and downs. I had to be the strong one for both of us.
I’m proud to say,we both have been clean,for almost three years. Ryan and I are going to get married soon. If it wasn’t for him,who knows where,I might be.

How is Tamara doing? I bet she has grown into a beautiful woman. I know she must hate me,for not being there while she was growing up. I can’t thank you and Ben enough,for taking care of her. Who knows how she might of grown up,if she stayed with me. I don’t even want to think of the outcome.

How is Mom,and our two brothers? They all probably hate me to,for what I have done,all these years. There is nothing,I can do about it. Just try to keep myself and Ryan straight.

If you want to, write me, when you get a chance.



Before I put the letter on my desk,I asked,Ben if he wanted me to read the letter to him.

“No Faith” “I just want to know if she knows she still has a daughter?”

“Yes Ben,she does!
Autumn thinks that everyone hates her.”

“I wouldn’t blame them if they all did,especially Tamara.”

“I’m surprised at you Ben,you don’t have it in you to hate anyone.”

“Your right Faith! Autumn just pisses me off. I feel for Tamara,her mother wasn’t around when she was growing up. When she needed her the most,we did the best we could,but we’re not her mother.”

“I know Ben,I feel the same way. Tamara,grew-up to be a beautiful and intelligent woman. I can’t believe she is married either.”
“We both have to admit it,we did a great job raising her,like our own. We tried having our own children,but it never happened. I guess it was meant to be.”

“Ben,how about if I make us some hot chocolate,and watch,a little television?”

“Okay Faith!” I don’t know how long I’ll be up,because,I’m tired.”

“I’m tired also,I thought we could unwind a little,before we did.”

“Sounds good to me,Faith.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (59)

Everything was going well,for everybody. One day,when I came home from work. I gathered my mail out of the mail box. Just a few bills,and a lot of advertisement,I thought. Stuck to an envelope,from the electric company. Their was an envelope,with a return address”9764 Linen Avenue,Liken, North Caroline. It was address to me,and I couldn’t imagine who it was from. But deep in my heart,I was hoping it was from Autumn.
I hurried to unlock my front door. Once I got in the door,I threw the rest of the mail,on the kitchen table. I sat down,and carefully opened the envelope. There was a letter in their. It read:

Dear Faith,

I guess you can’t believe,that I finally wrote to you. I guess you already heard,that I left the detox center,in the middle of the night. I’m sorry if I unset you and the rest of the family. But I had to do things my way,to end,my habit.
While I was in the center,I met a man,who’s name is Ryan Hibbson. He is a couple of years older than me. Ryan came from a dysfunctional family. He said,he had the same habit I did,drugs.
We both had the same classes,I grew to know him well. Like magic,we both fell in love,with each other.

One day we got this idea,to leave the center. We agreed, that if we both stuck together,then we could kick the habit together,if we really tried. Ryan and I had this crazy idea,to leave the center in the middle of the night. Just leave our personal things behind,and start a new life together. Which we both thought was so romantic. So we made our escape,a week later.
Ryan said,we could go over to his brother Bruce’s house. Because he wanted him to straighten himself out long time ago. So that is where we ended up. His brother and wife was glad to see him.They asked him all kinds of questions,and he told them,where he’s been.
To try to straighten himself out. Also that he brought his love of his life with him.
We both stayed with them,for about three months. We both got jobs in a Nursing Home. Ryan was hired for a cook.I was hired for an aide. We both saved our money for an apartment, while we were at his brothers.
After Ryan and I had enough money for an apartment,we moved out. Bruce and his wife,treated us real nice,we hated to leave. But we had to move on and test ourselves,alone.

I looked at the clock,and it was almost 5:00. I put the letter down,so I could make dinner for Ben and I. I’ll go back to reading Autumn’s letter,after dinner.

When Ben came home,I didn’t wait until he shut the front door.

I said,”Ben,you’ll never guess,who sent me a letter?”

“Your going to tell me,Autumn?”

“Yes” I said,with tears in my eyes.

“Did she say anything about Tamara?”

“No,not yet,it’s a long letter,I haven’t read it all yet.”

“Don’t you think a mother would asked first?”

“Your right Ben,you would think so. But she hasn’t so far,just about her and her boyfriend Ryan. Lets sit down and eat. Then I can read the rest.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (58)

The holiday is over,Tamara and Maxwell went back to their colleges. Everyone had such a good time,talking about all the good times,and some bad times. We also talked about Autumn,when things were normal with her.
Mom couldn’t comprehend,where she went wrong. She didn’t say much more,because Tamara was there. Mom said,”no more talk.” Because she didn’t want to ruin,Tamara’s great spirits.

It’s been three whole years,since that great Christmas. Maxwell and Mary Ann,got married, a year after that holiday. Tamara and Ned,got married last year. So far no babies,they have plenty of time ahead of themselves.

Nobody has heard from Autumn,it seems like she has disappeared, from the face of earth. I call the police every year,to see if they have heard anything from her. Every year,I get the same answer,

”I have your telephone number. If we get any new news,you will be the first to know”.

I just pray she is still with us. I’ll have to be patient,some day I hope to hear from her. I’ll just get on with my life,until then.

I started a new job,this week. My old place of employment, never reopened. I got a new job at Sears in the office. I’m working only two days a week,which is fine for me.
On my way home from work,it was raining hard. I’m glad that the temperature was above freezing,because the ride home would really be bad. This morning when I left for work,the ground was snow-covered. It must of snow some last night. Can’t complain,because it is the month of January,I’m sure we will have a lot more of this nasty stuff.

When I got home around 3:30, I made a meatloaf for diner. I made a big pot of Chicken noodle soup yesterday. Ben and I can have that for an appetizer tonight. It is such a bone warmer,on a night like this.

Ben came home around 5:30,and we sat down to eat.

“How did your day go Faith?

“Great Ben,I’m meeting a lot of new people,and they all seem very nice. Someone is always there to help me,if needed.”

“You’ll be okay,I’m sure of that. The drive home was bad,it started sleeting,and people were driving like idiots. Some are always in a hurry to go no-where.”

“I know Ben,when I left work earlier,it was raining hard. I thought,I might have to pull over,because I couldn’t see out of the windshield, very good. But it started to slow down a little bit, which made me happy.”

After we ate dinner,we both watched a little television,and then we went to bed. Because we both had to get up earlier,than we wanted to. Of course the month of January and February has surprises,from mother nature.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (57)

Today is Christmas day,I went over to Mom’s to help her with preparing the food for the day. She insisted she didn’t need any help,but I thought,I would be there if she did.
Around noon,Maxwell and Mary Ann arrived,Maxwell introduced us,with a gleam in his eyes. It really showed,he was in love. Mary Ann was a petite girl,with blond hair,which she wore back in a pony-tail. She had the biggest blue eyes,that just sparkled. As far as weight,she might of weigh 100 lbs.

Mom liked her right away, Mary Ann asked if she could help her with dinner.

“No thank you Mary Ann,you and Maxwell go in the living room,and watch the parade on t.v. Faith and I have everything covered.

Next Ben,Tamara and Ned came walking in the door.

Tamara came out in the kitchen and gave Mom and I a kiss. “Merry Christmas”,she said. “I stopped over at the house,and Ben told us,you left early this morning,to help grand mom. I know everything smell awesome!”

“We’re eating around 1:00,so it won’t be long.”said Mom.
Just as Mom asked about what time,Chadwick and his family is supposed to be here. We all heard,Chadwick yelling “Merry Christmas” in the living room. Him and his wife Tracy,walked in the kitchen,and gave all of us a kiss.

“Mom said,where are the kids?”

Chadwick said,Tracy’s brother took them to Philadelphia to see the Christmas parade.His children,wanted them to go with them.”

“That’s very nice of him,they all should enjoy themselves,it’s better in-person.”

“Mom,I thought the same thing,said Chadwick.”

“Dinner will be ready soon,so both of you go in the living room,and chat with the others,said Mom

Half hour later,I set the table for everyone,and Mom said to me.

“Faith make sure you set an extra,place setting.”

“For who Mom?”

“You never know,we might have another guest.”

“Oh!” I said, (I thought),I wonder who that might be?”

Mom walked into the living room and said,”Dinner is ready.”

Everybody gathered around the table,and found a seat. Before they started eating,Mom said grace.

While everyone was eating and chatting,the phone rang. Mom jumped up to answer it. But when she did,who ever was on the other line hung up.

“I wonder who that was? Mom said

“Probably the wrong number,I said

“I guess your right Faith”

After we all ate,we went into the living room and exchanged gifts. Later Mom and I cleaned the kitchen up. She didn’t have very much to say,after that phone call. I suppose,she thought,it might have been Autumn.

After everyone left,”I asked Mom why she didn’t have much to say.”

“I’m just tired,after you and Ben leave,I’m going to bed.”

“We’re getting ready to leave,Ben and I gave her a kiss,and we drove home.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (56)

The next afternoon, I went down in the basement,to dig my decorations out. I put all my electric candles in my windows. On the front door,I hung my wreath,it was decorated with gold and silver bells,and tiny candy canes. I’ve brought that,when Tamara first moved in. Matter of fact,she seen it in the store,and fell in love with it. I also decorated the banister,with gold and green garland. I put my all ready decorated three-foot tree,on my side table,next to the front door. I plug the tree in,and the lights were changing all different colors. The tree was the finishing touch,I didn’t need to do any more decorations,because everything looked perfect.

Mom called and asked,if I was coming over and help her with her Christmas cookies. I went over there the next day,because it was only three days until Christmas.

Mom and I both had a great time,making the cookies. She baked six dozen types of cookies,and I did all the decorating. It was an all day job,but it was worth it. Mom was very pleased with the results.

While,we were making all the cookies, I asked Mom when she wanted to go Christmas shopping..

Mom said,”I don’t know what to get everyone for Christmas. I’ll probably just give everyone money in an envelope.”

“I told Mom,I’m sure not going back out and shop,if you’re not going.”

“I don’t need anything,I already went to the market,to get what I needed for Christmas dinner. I’m all set,as you can see,even my Christmas tree is up and decorated.”said Mom

“I know,you got a big jump on me for the holiday’s. Your tree is beautiful,everything is red and white this year.”

“Well Faith,you know I like to change around every year. You can just call me,”Designer Momma”, Mom said, with a laugh.”

“Mom, I’m going to go home,maybe, I’ll stop at Di’Lora’s,and pick-up a couple of cheese steaks for dinner. Because I’m to tired to cook. Ben will be surprised,we haven’t had a cheese steak,in a while. Do you want one?”

“No thanks!” I’m going to heat up some soup for dinner.”

“Okay Mom” Let me go,and get done. Tomorrow I’m going to make my chocolate candies,and taffies. This will be everyone’s Christmas present. I know they all will be happy,because they all hint for it.”

Faith,you better make sure,I get some. I like to put some of it away for later. I don’t eat it all at once. I love to enjoy them slowly.”

“Don’t worry Mom,I’m not going to forget you. You’ll be the first one,I give it to.”

“Good by Mom,Love you,and I gave her a kiss on her cheek. Call me if you get a chance.”

When I left,I ordered the sandwiches,and took it home for Ben and I for supper.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (55)

When I got home,I was happy to be there. I would call Ben, but I don’t want to bother him at work. I’ll just wait until he comes home tonight.
Instead,I called Mom,she answered it on the first ring.

“What were you waiting for Mom a call? Your phone only rang once.”

“I was just talking to Maxwell,he said,he can’t wait to bring Mary Ann home.So that everyone can meet her.”
“That was nice Mom. The reason I’m calling is,if you want to go Christmas shopping let me know. I just came from the mall,and when I got out into the parking lot. Some young guy,snatched my purse. The police came,and I gave him my report. The security guard,went in back of the mall,and found my purse. My money was missing,and the police said,I’m lucky it wasn’t my life.”
“He’s right Faith!” “Did you have anything else important in your purse?”

“No” “That’s why I don’t use a wallet,because of something happening like this.”

“What did Ben say?”

“Mom, I didn’t tell him yet,I’ll wait until he comes home from work.”

“Okay Faith!” I’ll let you know if I want to go shopping, talk to you later.”

I hung the phone up,and looked at the clock. I thought I better start dinner. Ben will be home in about an hour.

When dinner was almost done,Ben walked in the door

“Hi Faith! I can smell your meatloaf, I’m starving. Really busy today,I didn’t even get a chance to eat lunch.”

Ben grabbed two plates,from the cupboard. “He said,”I better wash my hands,then I’ll take the meat loaf,out of the oven,if it’s done.”
“It’s finished,I shut the oven off,just before you walked in. You do that,and I’ll finish mashing the potatoes.”

When we both sat down to eat,I told Ben what happened at the mall.

“You were lucky Faith,the money can be replaced, your life is more important. Do want you want,but this time of the year. You should have someone with you,when you go shopping.”

“I called mom and told her what happened. I also told her,if she wants to go Christmas shopping,let me know.”

“That was very smart to say. She shouldn’t be out shopping by herself either ,with those bums out their.”

“I was in the Christmas spirit when I was shopping in the mall. Until that idiot,stole my handbag. But I’m not going to let him ruin my holiday. Tomorrow,I’m going down in the basement,and dig out all my decorations. Maybe,I’ll even play some Christmas music.”

“That’s a great attitude,but just think of me,while I’m working hard.” Said Ben, laughing

“Talking about working Ben,I’m going to see what’s going on at my old job. If their not going to open soon,after the holiday’s. I’m going to look for another job. They must be having money problems,because they have, been shut down for a while.”
“You might be right Faith,things aren’t that great out there.”

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (54)

I woke-up this morning with big plans. I got Ben off to work,about an hour ago. He was in a better mood,he said he had slept fairly well. That made me feel good,it gave me the incentive to follow through,with my plans.

Before I start,I better make a Christmas list. This will give me a few ideas. Maxwell is coming home for the holiday’s. He asked Mom,if he could bring his girlfriend Mary Ann. I already know her answer,of-course.
Tamara and Ned are coming. Chadwick and Tracy,with their children are supposed to come. Ben’s brother and sister,are supposed to come. I’ll put Mom’s name down,there is only one thing she wants. She would love to talk to Autumn.

The only person that won’t be here is Autumn. She hasn’t called or anything. I really wish,she would contact me,and tell me,she’s okay.

I decided to go to the mall,this afternoon. As soon as I walked into the mall,I noticed it was decorated.
There was a huge Christmas tree in the main center of the mall. It was just glowing with blinking white lights.. The tree was dressed with green,red and blue Christmas balls. There also were loads of ornaments,snowmen,Santa’s, bells and stars.
Everyone had their business sparkling,with gorgeous decorations. In the background,I could hear Jingle Bells playing. A lot of people,some with their children, were walking by me chatting with their friends. Laughing,and carrying their purchases in their bags.
This scene,just put me in a more festive mood,I walked from store to store and made a few purchases.
After a while,I got hungry and tired.So I stopped in a place to eat at the mall,and ordered a roast beef sandwich,and a cup of coffee. After I was finished,I said to myself, ”that did the trick”. I gathered up my bags,and walked to my SUV in the parking lot.

As I was opening my side door,a young man,with sunglasses,and a black pull-over cap. Also wearing a big black coat,came running over to me,and quickly,grabbed my purse.
Then he ran off…I screamed for help, a man and woman ran over to me.

“What’s a matter lady! The man said, while the woman just stood there,and said nothing.

“Call the police!” I said trembling. “I just been robbed,did you see that man steal my purse?”

“No I didn’t, I’m sorry.” he answered

As we were talking,the woman with him ran into the mall,to get security.

When the woman came back with the security officer,he took my report. And ask for my license.
He told me,he already called the police.There was another man with him,and he was asked by the security officer,to go and check in the back of the mall. Maybe the robber dropped the purse.

The police finally came,and took my report, and asked me for my license. I took the card out of my glove compartment. He asked,the security officer,”if anyone checked the grounds for him?”

As he was talking,the other officer came back,with a small brown purse in his hands.

He said, “Is this yours?”

“Yes I said.”

He than handed it to me,”Check to see what is missing.”

I then checked inside my purse,”I said,”The only thing is missing,is my make-up bag. It has about fifty dollars,and change in it.”
“What about your wallet?” the police asked

“I don’t need a wallet,my important cards for my car,is in my glove compartment.

“Well, Ms. Kilisk, your lucky, you recovered your purse,except for your money. It could of been your life. If anything comes up with this guy you described, someone will contact you.”

“I thanked everyone,and got in my SUV and drove home,still shaking inside.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (53)

The next morning,when I got up and made Ben breakfast,we were both still tired.

Ben said,”I enjoyed myself yesterday,with your mother. But I’m going to pay for it today.”

“You’ll be okay, once you wake-up, and eat something.”

“I know honey, I’ll probably feel better after I finish drinking this cup of coffee.

After Ben left for work,I cleaned the kitchen.Then I sat down on my kitchen chair,and looked out my window. The leaves on the trees were blowing,and the wind was howling.
I want to go and do a little shopping today. Because it is, “Black Friday”. Maybe later this afternoon, after I do a little straightening up.(I thought)

The phone rang,I picked it up,the voice on the other line said.

“Hi Sis!”

“Hello Chadwick, this is a surprise.”

“I just called mom,and asked her how everything turned out yesterday. She told me,you and Ben were their. That you all ate and watched some t.v., and had a good time.
I told her,after we left Tracy’s parents house. It was to late,to stop over.So I told her,that is why,I called her today.”

“That was nice of you brother.”

“You don’t seem to be to happy about,what I just said.”growled Chadwick

“Not at all!” I thought you would at least give her a call yesterday.Were your fingers broken?”

“Real funny Faith!” “I told you, I’d called her today.”

“Mom knew,you wouldn’t show-up. But she kept looking at the phone,while Ben and I were there. You know, you, are her favorite?”

“I don’t feel like arguing,you know I have a family now.”grumbled Chadwick

“Good By Chadwick,I’ll talk to you later, when I cool down.”

“Good By Faith!”

When Ben came home from work,I could tell he was tired.

“What a day,I am so glad to be out of that place today.”says Ben

“I bet you are Ben! After yesterday,I think eating more than usual,which we both did. Just makes you more tired. I was going to the mall today,to do a little shopping. But after talking to Chadwick this morning,I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I just did a few things around the house,and then took a nap.”

“Weren’t you lucky?” “How’s Chadwick?”

“He’s okay! We both had a disagreement about yesterday. I thought,he should of least called Mom. If you noticed Mom yesterday,she kept looking at the phone.”

“Now that you mention it, she did. Because I did see her look a couple of times.”

While we were talking,I put our dinner on the table. I made spaghetti and meatballs,one of Ben’s favorites. We sat down,and continued talking about yesterday’s event.

The Sister,That I Thought,I Knew (52)

Here we go with another holiday,without Autumn. I wish she would at least call Mom. So far it looks like this isn’t going to happen.

Thanksgiving was a very nice day. Mom cooked her famous turkey dinner. I asked mom if she needed any help, her answer was as usual, ”NO”.

Mom liked the kitchen all to herself,that is how I like it also.

Mom left me mash her potatoes,probably,to get me out of her hair.
After wards , I set the table for three.
Mom said, “Chadwick and his family,wouldn’t be here. Neither will Maxwell or Tamara”.

I believe, Mom won’t ever, get use of not seeing them around at this time,of year.

“He’ll probably stop over tomorrow.” said mom

“Ben,can you help me with the turkey,it’s finished?” mom yelled

Ben got up, off the couch and helped mom.

“Mom,please move over to the side,I don’t want to burn you.” Ben said anxiously

After everything else was in place,we all sat down to eat. Before we all grabbed for our fork, mom said grace.
When we were all finished with dinner,I told Mom and Ben to go in the living room,and watch t.v.

“I’ll help you Faith,” Mom replied.

“No Mom” you cooked dinner,go in the living room with Ben,he wants company.

“Okay” Mom said

As I was almost finished cleaning up. I could hear Mom and Ben laughing at something on the television. I walked in the living room, to see what was so funny. They were both sitting on the couch watching,”I Love Lucy Show.” I sat in the chair next to the couch,and watched rest of the show with them.
Lucy was on the televisions,working in a chocolate factory.She couldn’t pack the candy fast enough,so she was stuffing them in her mouth. Most of the time,Lucy is to funny.

After the show ended,I told Mom,everything was done in the kitchen.

“Thanks a lot Faith,that was a big help.”

Ben than stood up, he said,”Faith, if your ready to go home, I have to call my sister Mary,and my brother Joe.

You know, I have to get up early and go to work,tomorrow. So I won’t be long out of my bed.”

“Will go Ben,I forgot you want to call your family.”

Mom yawned,I won’t be long out of my bed either. It’s been a long and busy day today,but I enjoyed every minute of it.”
“I know Mom, everything was great as usual.” I than gave her a kiss on the cheek,and Ben did the same.

“Thanks Mom,everything was delicious,I feel like the stuffed turkey,laughed Ben

Mom said,”Thanks for coming,both of you,and have a good night.”

On the way home it was very icy,I’m glad Ben was driving,I hate driving in that dam stuff.

When we got home,Ben called his brother and sister. I went upstairs and took a shower,and hopped in bed, just before he came upstairs.

“Faith, they both said,”Hello,” and they would see us around the Christmas holiday.”

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